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  • It is important to understand that bullying has been going on for a long time but over recent years, it has increased to the extent that there are organizations that have been formed just for the purpose of putting an end to the bullying that many children and teens are experiencing on a regular basis.. As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who find it quite hard to manage time, I found this great application which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. Check it here: http://www.SafeKidZone.com/
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  1. 1. Bullying
  2. 2. What is Bullying? What is Bullying?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRZz2eU9LHg&feature= related “the act of intentionally causing harm to others, through verbal harassment, physical assault, or other more subtle methods of coercion”
  3. 3. Bullying FactsA study on bullying by the University of BritishColumbia based on 490 students (half female, halfmale) in Grades 8-10 in 1999 showed: 64% of students have been bullied at school 12% were regularly bullied (once or more a week) 13% bullied other students regularly (once or more a week) 72% observed bullying at school 25-33% said bullying is sometimes OK and/or it’s OK to pick on losers 282,000 are physically attacked in secondary schools each month
  4. 4. Bullying in the Media Billy Talent “Nothing to Lose”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGUw0und0HM
  5. 5. Nothing To LoseNeed more friends with wings Teachers said "its just a phase"All the angels I knowPut concrete in my veins When I grow up my childrenI’d always walk home alone Will probably do the sameSo I became lifeless Kids just love to teaseJust like my telephone Whod know it put me underground at seventeenThere’s nothing to loseWhen no one knows your nameThere’s nothing to gain There’s nothing to loseBut the days don’t seem to change When no one knows your name There’s nothing to gainNever played truth or dare But the days don’t seem to changeI’d have to check my mirror There’s nothing to loseTo see if I’m still hereMy parents had no clue My notebook will explainThat I ate all my lunches There’s nothing to gainAlone in the bathroom And I can’t fight the pain There’s nothing to loseThere’s nothing to lose When no one knows your nameWhen no one knows your name There’s nothing to gainThere’s nothing to gain My notebook will explainBut the days don’t seem to change There’s nothing to loseThere’s nothing to loseMy notebook will explain When no one knows your nameThere’s nothing to gain There’s nothing to gainAnd I can’t fight the pain And I just died today
  6. 6. Nothing To Lose Do you believe bullying of this nature happens at Chinook? Why or why not? Once you have read the lyrics to “Nothing to Lose” answer the following two questions. What do you think a typical day of high school might have looked like for the character in the song? If you see or know someone at Chinook whose day looks and sounds like this on the regular basis, what are some things you might do as an individual to help this person?
  7. 7. Discussions1. People are born bullies.2. Bullies are usually the top dog of the classroom or school.3. Bullies are usually not happy themselves.4. The majority of bullies have been bullied themselves.5. Bullying is just a stage, a normal part of life that every child should go through.
  8. 8. Are you a Bully?1. Do you make mean faces or bad hand signals to others?2. Do you spread rumours or say mean things about others behind their back?3. Do you make fun of or tease other teens often?4. Do you whisper secrets to a friend in front of another person and then not share the secret with him or her on purpose?5. Have you purposely not invited someone to hang out with you and your friends?
  9. 9. Are you a Bully? Cont…6. Have you been or are you currently part of a clique that is exclusive about whom you can and cannot be friends with and has not let others join?7. Do you often make fun of others because they are “different” from you or your friends? (Example: they have glasses, ugly clothes, bad hair, or a different race/ethnicity or religion)8. Have you hazed another member of your sports team?9. Have you ever threatened to hurt someone?
  10. 10.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T549VoLca_Q