WATERWhy is water a major concern in the Calgary Region?                                          45% of population•   Wat...
Where does the Calgary Metropolitan Planfit long-term?                                                                    ...
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Presentation notes - Calgary Caucus


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Notes for the Calgary Regional Partnership's presentation to the Province of Alberta's Calgary Caucus.

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Presentation notes - Calgary Caucus

  1. 1. WATERWhy is water a major concern in the Calgary Region? 45% of population• Water is our region’s most compelling issue and a major catalyst for change. 18% of water Approximately 45% of Alberta’s population lives in the South Saskatchewan River Basin, which has only 13% of Alberta’s water. 1.3 million people - The Bow River system supports the majority of irrigated agricultural lands in 1 in 3 Albertans the province. Most densely Populated• Over 1.3 million people, almost 1 in 3 Albertans, live here in the greater Calgary metro area metropolitan area. That makes the Bow River basin the most densely populated river basin in Alberta 3 million in 60 yrs• The Calgary region is forecasted to grow from 1.3 million people today to as many How will we meet our as 3 million over the next 60 years. How will our current water sources accommo- date that growth? water needs?What is impacting the Region’s water supply? Growth impacting water• Rapid urban and rural growth as well as resource development (oil & gas, forestry) quality & supply has impacted water quality and supply in our region.• Provincial moratorium’s are being put on water sources (i.e. Bow River, Sheep River, Moratoriums because Highwood sub-basins) because water capacity on these sources have been reached. capacity reached• The ability of the Bow River to support continued growth in the region is a key concern. The Province of Alberta and all water stakeholders must understand and address the Bow River’s capacity and management if long-term plans for regional Key concern: water and wastewater systems are to succeed. Supporting growth• Need to implement a long-term growth management plan for our region that accommodates growth while protecting the watershed and water resource. The Long-term plan needed: Calgary Metropolitan Plan does this and more. CMP deliversHow can the Calgary Metropolitan Plan help protect and CMP Identifiessteward our watershed/water resources? Sustanable land uses• The Metropolitan Plan makes it very explicit that regional water is available only for sustainable land uses identified in the plan’s Land Use Concept and policies Water for everyone• There is water for everyone in the Calgary Metropolitan Plan. While the Plan promotes compact development patterns to support walkability, mixed-use, transit, and the efficient delivery of regional water and waste-water services, other forms Promotes Compact Dev. of development like rural country-residential are not prohibited. However, country mixed use, transit... residential development is not supported with regional services in the Plan. BUT...Not prohibitive• The Plan provides a decision-making model to ensure water is shared between for rurals municipalities that have a secure a long-term water supply and those that do not. Ensures water is shared
  2. 2. Where does the Calgary Metropolitan Planfit long-term? SSRP & CMP play pivotal rolesThe South Saskatchewan Regional Plan and the Calgary Metropolitan Plan canplay pivotal roles in the development and delivery a regional framework that canimprove our understanding of water, and our mechanisms for managing and Improve understanding,sharing it over time. management, sharingMost importantly – The thoughtful policies of the CMP ensure water for everyone,because water is linked to land use and priority growth areas which exist in both the Water for everyone:urban and rural municipalities in the Region. rural and urbanHow does the Calgary Regional Partnership/Calgary Regional systemsMetropolitan Plan help the Province of Alberta? make senseRegional systems just make sense• Implements provincial strategies and policies Provincial strategies• Municipal collaboration on the Region’s growth and policies• Coordinates regional priorities for infrastructure and funding in areas such as transportation and water Collaborative approach• Delivers more prudent and efficient use of land and resources CoordinateWater and Regional Servicing infrastructure priorities• Significantly, the CMP delivers an estimated $400 million dollars in water and sewer infrastructure savings through a better-coordinated approach to regional growth, a more compact urban footprint, and a commitment to water conserva- Efficient use of land tion. and resourcesEconomic Development $400 million in• Enterprise and Advanced Education Ministry goal: Alberta has a stronger and more competitive economy. infrastructure savings• Supporting the Calgary Metropolitan Plan, the Economic Development Strategy engages in business retention, business growth and business attraction strategies, Stronger, more that will result in jobs created, facilitated and otherwise enabled where people live. competetive economyIn our region’s experience, we have found that it is voluntary collaboration betweenmunicipalities that creates the more innovative solutions to our most complex andcomplicated challenges. Regional systems help to manage water health and security Voluntary collaborationrisks, increase access to skilled water facility operators and maximize economies of for innovative solutionsscale. Economies of scale