Calgary Regional Partnership presentation: Canadian Water and Wastewater Association


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Presentation by the Calgary Regional Partnership to the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association in Ottawa.

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Calgary Regional Partnership presentation: Canadian Water and Wastewater Association

  1. 1. Presentation overview:Our regional context – the Calgary region as a place
  2. 2. Presentation overview:The Calgary Metropolitan Plan and climate change
  3. 3. Research in our region to understand climate change
  4. 4. Calgary Metropolitan Plan areawithin the South SaskatchewanRiver Basin (Regional Planningarea)
  5. 5. Mean Annual Flow (m3 sec-1), Bow River at Calgary 1911-2010
  6. 6. Bow River Project: Reaching Agreement Mike Kelly, WaterSMART David Hill, AIEES May 17, 2012
  7. 7. The Bow is a Managed River It can be managed to mitigate climate effects on supply, demand, environmental and economic factors Source: BRBC State of Watershed Plan 19
  8. 8. History Demonstrates Extreme Climate Variability South Saskatchewan River Basin Flows (Bow + Oldman) Historic and tree ring data indicate future flood/drought events could be far more severe than recent record Source: David Sauchyn, University of Regina 20
  9. 9. The SSRB Adaptation Project at a GlanceA collaborative project of southern Albertans to explore practical options for adapting to climate variability and change. Water is fundamental to community sustainability and growth How water is managed in the SSRB will become even more important in the face of changing weather patterns and climateThis project will build on and integrate existing data, tools, capacity andknowledge to: Improve our shared understanding Explore how to manage for the range of potential impacts Support collaborative testing of adaptation responses Increase capacity for water resource management throughout the SSRB Work will be conducted with Stakeholders, by Stakeholders
  10. 10. The SSRB Basin is Extensive and Diverse 22
  11. 11. Climate Variability Scenarios for the Bow River BasinDave Sauchyn, Ph.D., P. Geo.Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative, University of ReginaAdjunct Professor, University of Lethbridge Source: Water Survey of Canada SSRB Adaptation Project meeting, Calgary, 11 June 2012
  12. 12. Key Research Questions
  13. 13.