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Caleb Laieski - Environment and Civil Rights Activist


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Caleb Michael Laieski also known as Caleb Laieski is popularly known as a civil rights and Environment activist and a Champaign to the LGBT movement. Caleb Laeski has a dedication at an anti bullying campaign via Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. Caleb Laeski is acknowledged by US president Barack Obama. Not all individuals have the courage to lead a group towards a goal.

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Caleb Laieski - Environment and Civil Rights Activist

  1. 1. Caleb Laieski - Environment and Civil Rights Activist
  2. 2. • 911 dispatcher and emergency communication technician – Arlington county police may 2013-january 2015 • Advisor on youth and diversity issues – phoenix mayor Greg Stanton march 2012-september 2012 • Office assistant - bullied to silence film June 2012-july 2013 • Director of Response and Rescue – Fallen Whiskers Animal Rescue May 2010-January 2012
  3. 3. ● Quickly determine the location and chief complaint of every phone call ● Articulate and communicate collected information promptly to the dispatcher and patrol ● Review priors, hazards and conduct background searching to protect citizens and responding personnel
  4. 4. ● Appointed to serve as the point of contact for all issues affecting youth and communities of diversity. ● Drafted dozens of constituent letters related to education, youth, LGBT and diversity. ● Coordinated logistics for Mrs. Stanton’s anti-bullying summit and anti-bullying initiative.
  5. 5. ● Served as the personal assistant to the Producer and Director. ● Persuaded school administrators, government officials, film festivals and parents to host screenings. ● Formulated communication strategies and messaging tactics to get the film distributed and viewed across the nation.
  6. 6. ● Directed the Rescue Unit of 15 volunteers. ● Responded to calls where animals were in-danger, missing or left in vacant homes. ● Generated reports for the organization’s records and for use by law enforcement agencies.
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