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Ths Services Overview V1

  2. 2. Contents:<br />About TRIDENT HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS <br /> Owner / Operator / Asset Management Relationship process <br />Ownership Services include:<br /> - Pre-opening/opening Assistance & Support <br /> - Asset Pre-acquisition Feasibility study & Due Diligence<br /> - Hotel Asset Management Business Oversight <br /> - Investment Optimization <br />Work Methodology<br />Leisure Asset/Business Brokerage <br />Strategic Partners<br />Statement of Experience <br />TRIDENT HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS Team <br />Contact details <br />
  3. 3. About Us<br />TRIDENT HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS functions as the channel between OWNER and OPERATOR to ensure maximization of the asset value and OWNER investment objectives, through interpretation and understanding of essential operational information. <br />This requires a particular skill set, knowledge, experience and expertise that spans all arenas of hotel operational platforms, to ensure that management is improving performance of the financial, operational, risk-, value- and physical status of the hospitality asset as a foremost priority at all times. <br />TRIDENT HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS is perfectly positioned to provide the focus and quality services required to communicate and realize the OWNER investment objectives. <br />
  4. 4. The Owner / Operator / Asset Manager Relationship Process:<br />Process<br />
  5. 5. Service Offering:<br />Pre-opening/opening Assistance & Support<br />TRIDENT HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS has considerable knowledge and expertise in the coordination of development planning and consultation with respect to new hotel and resort projects coupled with implementation of major capital improvement programs – from initial design and pricing through renovation and/or opening. <br />Pre-opening and opening budgets analyzed and confirmed with cross-check consensus.<br /> Ensure adequate insurances are in place<br /> Compile owner information binder (property information, market & competition , title documents, design and construction, operational data) <br /> Source / recommend suitable Operator<br /> Assist appointed Operator with all requests<br /> Monitor Management Agreement Compliance<br /> Participation management process in transition of fixed asset registry into general ledger<br /> Brand planning and process management<br />
  6. 6. Service Offering:<br />Asset Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence & Feasibility services:<br />TRIDENT HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS professionals have extensive experience to draw from as hoteliers, thoroughly familiar with the due diligence processes associated with the potential acquisition of hospitality and leisure-related asset investments. Critical asset management decisions that influence long-term investment management and ultimately potential returns are made prior to the purchase decision. <br />TRIDENT HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS utilizes proven calculations and methods to prepare financial models and feasibilities, and performs competitor analysis on a case-by-case basis, utilizing extensive ‘in-house’ historical performance data and customized trend reports from global data sources.<br />
  7. 7. Service Offering:<br />Hotel Asset Management Oversight<br />Financial and Operational performance monitoring and control<br />Benchmark performance and analysis<br />Daily Operational oversight<br />Debtors / Creditors Aging Analysis<br />Analysis of Operator Performance<br />Sales & Marketing Productivity Analysis and Market-share Segmentation<br />Property Inspections<br />Data By Measure of Key numbers and cost ratios<br />Operating Budget Reviews <br />Capital Development Control<br />Renovations and expansion reviews<br />Monitoring of statutory legal and HR compliance<br />Leasing and tenancy relations<br />RevPAR Analysis<br />F&B Performance<br />Mystery Guest Exercises/Guest Satisfaction Monitoring<br />Interim Hotel Operator Solutions and/or Locum management support services.<br />Asset Audit Services<br />
  8. 8. Service Offering:<br />Optimizing the Investment<br />Assisting owners with consistent and transparent operational reporting.<br />To advise ownership as to Optimum Investment Strategies<br /> - perform quarterly, bi-annual and annual strategic reviews comparing expected performance to ownership’s investment objectives.<br /> - Determine market value and project future increments in market value from holding, renovating, expansion or other strategic alternatives.<br />Negotiate and Administer Contracts<br /> - Ensure management contract compliance<br /> - Negotiate outside contracts (leases, licenses) for optimal returns to ownership<br />Approve / monitor Capital Expenditure<br />- Create long term capital expenditure plan<br /> - Review annual budget proposals for consistency with capital plan <br />
  9. 9. Work Methodology:<br />8: Strategic Management Actions<br /><ul><li>Owner’s Report
  10. 10. Assist Owner’s decision making</li></li></ul><li>Work Methodology:<br />1.Environment and Competing Market<br />TRIDENT HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS has access to the largest hotel performance database in the world, allowing for analysis of the performance of a unit with respect to its competing market.<br />2. Achievement of Established Goals<br />Comparison of the results obtained with the expected results, for the purpose of verifying that the established strategies are in accordance with the needs of the market.<br />3. Financial Result X Budget <br />Analysis and eventual request of alteration of the annual budget elaborated by the hotel operators, based on performance potential of the unit in the market. <br />4. Operating Expenses<br />Assessment of the overall monthly expenses connected to the hotel, based on its performance and on the cost structure of similar units.<br />
  11. 11. Work Methodology:<br />5. Quality of the Product<br />Analysis done by way of regular visits, inspection of installations, and verification of the effective application of training to the hotel’s collaborators by the hotel operator.<br />6. Maintenance Level <br />Systematic observation of the state of maintenance and conservation of the unit, as well as the implementation of renovations and scheduled improvements.<br />7. Reinvestment Program <br />Assessment of the reinvestment programs and of the use of the asset replacement fund based on the establishment of investment priorities.<br />8. Sustained Observation of Strategic Actions<br />TRIDENT HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS accompanies – in a transparent manner, in partnership with the hotel operator – the execution of a strategic plan of action to guarantee the plan’s success and continuity.<br />
  12. 12. Specialist Leisure Business Brokerage<br />Trident Hospitality Solutions is proud to announce the acquisition of the Western Cape Franchise for BC Franchising Consultants - a specialist restaurant- and business brokerage. BC Franchising Consultants has an in-depth understanding of the restaurant, general business and franchising industries and is therefore able to offer clients a comprehensive set of services aimed at the establishment, development and future success of restaurant brands, food outlets and businesses.<br />Combined with THS expertise in the accommodation sector we are now able to offer a comprehensive service overview that will include accommodation establishment sales utilizing the full force of the national network that BC Franchising Consultants is able to offer. <br />We are now perfectly positioned to expand our brokering services in the very distinct and defined field of Hotels (private & commercial) / Lodges/ Guest Houses/B&B's.<br />
  13. 13. Our Professionals<br />
  14. 14. Our Professionals<br />Talent Management Solutions (TMS) unleashes human potential and is committed to excellence in human dynamics. TMS fosters integrity in the workplace and has noteworthy experience serving major corporations and business leaders in Africa. <br />BC Franchising Consultants is a specialist restaurant brokerage that fulfills a need in the restaurant and hospitality industry. With vast experience in restaurants, from franchisor to franchisee to independent restaurateur, their advice is based on experience and knowledge of the restaurant industry. <br />Dei Gratia's sound marketing and communications expertise combined with their strong media relations allow them to integrate with your in-house departments or external agencies, to conceptualise a unified communication strategy.<br />
  15. 15. Our Professionals<br />TopNotch Property Services empower trustees with knowledge of the Sectional Title Act to manage their Body Corporate. TopNotch strives to create a pleasant environment for the members of a Body Corporate, and to enhance the values of their properties through sound management and effective maintenance. Their mission is satisfy the needs and wants of property owners, and to supply them with managerial and maintenance skills, which services include: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, PHYSICAL MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATIVE AND SECRETARIAL FUNCTIONS.<br />The QUANTUM wellness concept was developed by managing director Rob Cowling, who brings with him more than 25 years of experience in the Health & Fitness industry. He was part of the launch team of the Sport Science Institute of South Africa, and was scientific advisor to Health & Racquet/Virgin Active for ten years.<br />
  16. 16. Our Professionals<br />Otten & Louw Architects’ collective know-how together with their passion, design reputation and capable approach has placed them in the position of being a significant player in the building industry in Cape Town. <br />Sunspot Investments is determined to enforce the “eco real deal” with a target of a 50% energy saving on projects. Inverter air conditioners, low energy lighting, and double glazing that boosts insulation and reduces noise are some of the technologies incorporated. Sunspot Investments uses the Australian Green Building Council model as a guideline until the South African Green Building Council star rating, which is currently being revised to encompass hotels, is available.<br />
  17. 17. Our Professionals<br />Adverb is an integrated marketing agency that creatively incorporates branding, creative, communication and technology to ensure a consistent message about who and what you are! They are a marketing agency that loves to get up in the morning, create stand out campaigns, develop poignant branding, build stunning websites and promote their clients in the best way possible! They connect brands and people with turnkey solutions that combine all aspects of marketing. <br />Risk Business Solutions’ uncompromising integrity, reliability and specialist knowledge has secured them a solid reputation in the marketplace. Fundamental to the ethos of the company is their approach to the Financial Services Industry, which stands out as refreshingly different from their competitors. RBS has an individual relationship with each and every one of their clients, offering a personalised and efficient service. Their integrity in the insurance industry is such that they are able to cater for all insurance requirements, no matter how obscure.<br />
  18. 18. Our Professionals<br />Hospitality Hub was founded to develop a niche market and offer a unique range of services, for the hotel, leisure, refurbishment and allied industries. Hospitality Hub is aimed as an independent service to developers, architects, interior designers and operators to offer an unbiased service for both front and back of house in the area of design, planning and procurement. The team collectively has over 40 years experience in developing food service concepts in Southern Africa.<br />Integrated Labour Solutions advises organisations on the management of individual and collective employment relationships. They provide a range of integrated products, services and solutions customized to specific client needs and working environments. Their products, services and solutions are divided into four broad areas of competency: Employment Relations Consulting, Provision of Employment Contracts, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures, Employment Relations Training, Employment Equity Consulting.<br />
  19. 19. Our Professionals<br />Cape Sauna & Decks, Cape Town, specializes in customized designs and installations for saunas, decks, steam showers and a variety of other health and leisure products. <br />RJ Construction is a proactive company committed to staying current on building trends through interaction with architects, professional associations, industry events and publications. Instead of spending money on advertising and promotion, they go the extra mile to make sure their clients are satisfied with their work and team.<br />Devaro Properties provides a turnkey Development Service to clients from the initiation of a business case, project concept through to operational handover. Our preliminary study will include but not be limited to the following: demographics & demand analysis, benchmarking of the product, Design Framework, Financial Parameters, Land/Property Ownership, Overall Planning Aspects relative to financial risks and Client Structure. The Development Management Service covers all aspects of the Development from Builders Works through to installation of FF&E and OS&E.<br />
  20. 20. Our Professionals<br />Absolute Computer Solutions is an IT company whose single focus is to provide the most effective IT solutions that best align with a client's short and long term business requirements and objectives. <br />Ankerdata (Pty) Ltd, is a quality POS and Solutions provider focusing on the development, marketing and maintenance of inventory control and interactive POS solutions. Their primary goal is to provide their customers with the latest affordable technologies to ensure that they gain and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets. <br /> With over 25 years experience in the leisure, hospitality, retail and casino markets Xn Corporation Africa (XNA) opened their local office in Johannesburg in 2000 and has rapidly become a leading supplier to South Africa’s major blue chip companies. The XN product range includes Digital Display Solutions (X-Stream), Casino Display Solutions (CDS), point of sale products, a very successful hotel In-room Entertainment System (IES) and (IPTV).<br />
  21. 21. Our Professionals<br />Chakela Hotels provide global and national sales, marketing and reservations systems, to Independent Hotels and Groups throughout Africa, thereby creating a strategic network of affiliated hotels, which compete nationally and internationally. Through an exclusive partnership with Supranational hotels they provide and administer the platform for entry into channel/s that deliver in excess of R2 Billion in revenues to the South African hospitality industry annually.<br />
  22. 22. Statement of Experience<br />
  23. 23. Our Team<br />More than 25 years local and international experience in the Hospitality related Business Development and Operations structure; various Degrees in Hospitality and Hotel Management from Middleham University and an uncompromising dedication to ameliorate structures within the Hospitality Industry has equipped Richard to occupy the driver’s seat of THS. His experience in strategic planning and forecasting, his financial acumen and his long-standing relationships within the Industry, has seen Richard recruited for various Executive and Non-Executive Directorships. Richard’s holistic approach to business is evident in the team he has recruited to assist in building and managing your efforts, to grow a profitable-, employer of choice- and successful organization.<br />
  24. 24. Our Team<br />Mark Holland<br />Mark brings with him a rich background of experience in the Financial Management function within various industries. He acquired a Degree from UNISA and completed his articles in 2001 with a leading Auditing firm in South Africa. With over 8 years experience on various functional and strategic levels within companies, Mark has an extensive grasp of the complete Financial Structure and Function as well as the implications of non-compliance and inferior systems. His knowledge and skill in the sphere of financial management has allowed him to assist many companies in correcting their systems, financial forecasting based on strategic objectives and execution and ensure legal compliance.<br />
  25. 25. Our Team<br />Peter Stewart<br />It is often said in the Hospitality Industry, that if service is average, but the food is a masterpiece visually and physically your customers will return, but not for Peter. He has over 25 years operational experience in setting up and managing restaurants in Hotels and as businesses on their own. He is uncompromising when it comes to guest experience, which starts when the guest walks through the door and ends when he has left the car park – everything in between evolves around excellence. He has a remarkable ability to build rapport with all staff, to train them on technical and soft skills and to guide them in service delivery. Peter is a qualified Trainer and Facilitator (ETDP) and believes in continuous, on the job training in the Food and Beverage Operations.<br />
  26. 26. Our Team<br />Leon Snyman<br />The key to understanding the mechanics of any business is to embark on Due Diligence – analyzing business systems, researching business trends, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – these are but a few areas of expertise which Leon manages for clients of THS. While each member of the THS team is responsible for Due Diligence of their specialized fields, Leon’s expertise lies in analyzing all the information gathered by the team and compiling a workable, timeous plan which is structured for attainable, smart and successful execution. <br />
  27. 27. Our Contact Details<br />Tel: +27 (0) 83 277 0527 Richard<br /> +27 (0) 84 459 3690 Mark<br /> +27 (0) 72 359 9288 Peter<br /> +27 (0) 79 495 9815 Leon<br />Email:<br /><br /><br /><br />