How to have a green living home


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For More Information Visit Our Page:- The living room is where family members spend most of their time while at home. This is where the television is set, the video consoles are found, magazines are placed and other recreational stuffs are accessed. To have more comfort, greening your living room is certainly a great idea.

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How to have a green living home

  1. 1. The living room is where familymembers spend most of their time whileat home. This is where the television isset, the video consoles arefound, magazines are placed and otherrecreational stuffs are accessed. To havemore comfort, greening your livingroom is certainly a great idea.Click Here for More Details
  2. 2. Start off by the most basic which isdesigning (or probably redesigning) theinterior of the living room from wall to walland ceiling to flooring. The products to usefor a green living room must be eco-friendlyand low-emission materials. There areenvironmentally-friendly paints that youcan use to coat the walls, posts and ceiling.For the flooring, you can still choose eithertiles or hardwood.Click Here for More Details
  3. 3. Indoor pollution is possible when yourhome do not have good ventilation.So, to have a green home, make sureyour living room has windows where aircan enter in while fumes inside thehouse are released. Even if you haveHVAC (heating, ventilation and air-condition) system, windows that can beopened have to be still present in theroom.Click Here for More Details
  4. 4. You need a few pieces of furnitureand decorations to complete the livingroom. Keep in mind you are creating agreen environment in this particularcozy area. With that said, choosefurniture that is made of eco-friendlymaterials. This means that you put upcouches that are manufactured fromcotton, wool or other fabric that is goodfor the skin, feel and smell too.Click Here for More Details
  5. 5. Other than furniture, decoration itemslike flower vase, picture frames andashtray can be considered. Just chooseitems that do not only accentuate theinterior design of the whole room, butalso add warm or green feel. Ifpossible, display recycled décors such asa flower vase or pot for small plantsthat is made of paper material(newspapers or magazines).Click Here for More Details
  6. 6. The living room does need some lightsduring the night and at times wherein lowlight conditions occur. Since you are aimingfor a green room, choose lightings that donot consume a large amount of energy. Itmeans the lights you put up must be a goodconductor of energy so you can reduce yourregular utility bills. Plus, they need to bepractical and safe in a way that they cannoteasily get broken.Click Here for More Details
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