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Ronni E


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Ronnies promotional distribution plan

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Ronni E

  1. 1. Ronni-E Lapse of Time Lapse of Time created by: CA
  2. 2. Ronnie is an electronic session beat maker in the New York area. At 22 years old she has worked in studios such as Smash, Treehouse, Monster Island and Skyline Studios. Ronnie is a native of Long Island and attended Juilliard school of Music for classical piano in which she obtained a Bachelor of Music Degree.
  3. 3. Strengths Musical background Strong market Collaboration Weaknesses Very Specific Genre Relying on other industry’s Rarely Performs
  4. 4. Awareness Plan Webisodes through social net working sites Free Download and Secret Show Posters
  5. 5. TruStatement .com
  6. 6. Sales MP3 Format via Vinyl Ronni-E Last Second $0.99 single track $22.00 Doubble sided t wo disc package
  7. 7. Distribution Scratch the Vinyl Stretch the Skies Ronni-E STS distribution increases to conventional store placement through FYE, Coconuts, Strawberries, Last Second Wherehouse Music, and others $42.00 Doubble sided t wo disc package
  8. 8. SUPPLY CHAIN Ronni-E Lapse of Time Album Record Explosion CD baby Music Store New York City
  9. 9. Partnerships
  10. 10. Follow Ronni-E Subscribe: Twitter: Ronni-E
  11. 11. Direct to Fan Small Business Cards with Free Dowload Wristbands with promo code