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On Campus Interview (OCI) program orientation, Cal State LA


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Cal State LA student orientation to the On Campus Interview (OCI) program coordinated by the Career Development Center.

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On Campus Interview (OCI) program orientation, Cal State LA

  2. 2.  What is it? The On-Campus Interview (OCI) program is designed to connect Cal State LA students and alumni with employers from a variety of fields who come to campus to conduct interviews for full-time, wage based, entry-level to mid-level positions.  When is it? OCI interviews are held throughout the year. For upcoming OCI schedules log into your Golden Eagle CareerLink account.  Who is eligible to participate? The OCI program is exclusively for fully matriculated and currently enrolled Cal State LA students and Cal State LA alumni.  What is the selection process? Selection for an interview is based on the requirements of each employer, and may also be limited by space availability. On-Campus Interview program Description
  3. 3. Applying for an interview schedule Instructions In order to apply to On-Campus Interview schedules you must have a Golden Eagle CareerLink account. Once you’ve logged into CareerLink … Step 1: From your home page of CareerLink, choose from the top menu bar ‘On Campus Interview Sign Up’. Step 2: Then from the drop down menu choose ‘Sign Up for Interviews I Qualify For’. Step 3: Scroll to desired interview schedule and click on the interview. Step 4: Then click Apply.
  4. 4. Types of interview schedules Instructions What happens next for applicants depends on the type of interview …  Résumé Collection Upload your résumé to this schedule. If you are selected, employers will connect you about further steps.  Open Schedule sign up is on a first come, first served basis for all applicants. If a schedule time slot is full, a message will inform you once you’ve chosen your desired time.  Pre-Select Once you’ve applied, your application materials are reviewed by the employer. If the employer selects you, you will receive notification that you may schedule an interview time. You will then need to log back into CareerLink and select a time slot.
  5. 5. How to prepare Advice Participation in the OCI program does not guarantee an interview or job offer. It is important to note that a carefully prepared résumé and proper preparation for the interview can improve your success.  Career Spots, available on the CareerExpress, an online suite of tools provided by the Career Center. No login required. Career Spots provides straightforward videos that illustrate what you need to know BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the job interview. Topics include internships, the job search, professional networking, résumés and cover letters, interviewing, salary and negotiation.  Optimal Résumé This is first come first serve for all applicants. If a schedule is full, a message will inform you once you’ve chosen your desired schedule.  Interview Stream & Perfect Interview, create your account via the CareerExpress. Practice interviewing in real time with video of yourself, custom questions, special tools to evaluate yourself, and the ability to share your video with others. Custom questions include those specific to various industries.  Career Center Workshops & Counseling, calendar on Golden Eagle CareerLink. Each semester career counselors and special guests teach skills for effectively planning a career and navigating the job search. Topics include job search strategies, LinkedIn, professional résumés and cover letters, and interviewing. For counseling call (323) 343-3237.
  6. 6. FAQs Quick questions Q: How can I find out which employers are participating in the OCI Program this academic term? A: The list of OCI participating employers is updated as employers enroll in the program. Because this list is constantly changing, please refer to your CareerLink account for an updated list of OCI schedules. Q: With the pre-select interview method, once I submit my résumé when can I sign-up? A: With the pre-select interview method there are specific dates when résumés may be submitted for a position. If selected by the employer for an interview, you will be notified and allowed to sign-up for a time slot online via CareerLink. Q: I qualified for a position that’s “open interview method” but can’t choose a time slot. Why can’t I sign-up? A: The open interview method (if you qualify) has a limited number of interview slots which are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you cannot sign-up, this may be because all interview slots have been taken. Q: Why can’t I see a particular employer on the OCI schedule on CareerLink? A: Some employers require candidates to meet specific criteria, such as graduation date, GPA, etc. If information on your CareerLink profile does not match the criteria, you may have difficulties viewing those employers and positions. Check that your profile on CareerLink is up-to-date and accurate, and if you continue to have trouble please contact Lucas Cuny, Campus and Community Relations Coordinator.
  7. 7. Please note … Disclaimers  Communications and selection All communication with applicants about interviews or hiring decisions are at the discretion of the employer. The Career Center has no influence on the employer’s hiring process.  Qualifying for interview schedules If you feel you qualify for a job but are unable to apply on CareerLink, you may need to update your CareerLink profile. This may require updating your résumé, graduation date, or major.  Job search strategies Keep in mind that this program is not meant to be your single source of employment opportunities. It is one resource among many that you should utilize in your search for jobs.
  8. 8. Contact Us Career Development Center CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LOS ANGELES 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032 Phone 323.343.3237 Email Web