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Nava j o                               2 0 1 1                       NaTIoN                       I N au g u r a T I o N  ...
Ta bl e o f C o n t e n t sPage One .............................. Welcome MessagePage Two ............................. I...
N A V A J O   N A T I O N   I N A U G U R A T I O N           Welcome     Navajo Nation InaugurationW          e enter an ...
N A V A J O   N A T I O N   I N A U G U R A T I O N                    PROGRAM • JANuARy 11, 2011                  Masters...
W I N D O W   R O C K ,        A R I Z O N A12:15 P.M.      Inaugural Address            The Honorable                    ...
N A V A J O   N A T I O N   I N A U G U R A T I O N                       BEN SHELLy                         Navajo Nation...
N A V A J O   N A T I O N   I N A U G U R A T I O N                           Rex Lee Jim                         Navajo N...
CHAIRMEN/PRESIDENtS                                         22ND Navajo NaTIoN CouNCILChee Dodge1923-1928 / 1942-1946Deshn...
22ND Navajo NaTIoN CouNCIL                                                                                           JUDIC...
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  • I would like to download this to use in our 5-6 grade classroom for information on the new leadership on the Nation. Can you email it to me for school use only. Thank you Esther
    Concordia Charter School Navajo Mission
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  1. 1. Nava j o 2 0 1 1 NaTIoN I N au g u r a T I o N The Prosperity of the Nation for the Growth of Tomorrow Window Rock, Arizona — January 11, 2011C o m m e m o r a t i v e P r o g r a m
  2. 2. Ta bl e o f C o n t e n t sPage One .............................. Welcome MessagePage Two ............................. Inauguration ProgramPage Three .......................... Comm ittees & EventsPage Four & Five ............. Navajo Nation President Ben ShellyPage Six & Seven .............. Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee JimPage Eight .......................... 22nd Navajo Nation Council................................................... Chairmen & Presidents................................................... Navajo Nation Board of Election SupervisorsInside Back Cover ......... 22nd Navajo Nation Council................................................... Navajo Nation Judicial Branch................................................... Navajo Nation Board of Education “There is no greater place than the land we know as Dinétah. Our heritage is written in our clans, our ceremonies, a collection of history that tells our past, yet our future in the bounty of prosperity.” —Ben Shelly
  3. 3. N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A T I O N Welcome Navajo Nation InaugurationW e enter an era of wealth in a time of re- newal. Our story speaks of emergence. From four worlds have we come to amodern age of advancement where progress andabundance is our way of life. We have faced many trials, each grantingus a higher strength than the one before. No timeof our past is out of place or without purpose. “Each has Each has made us into who we are, a people ofendurance and a nation of nobility. made us Today, we are ready for greater challengesas we confront new hardships. We will build for into who the future. We will protect our homeland. Wewill use innovation to create newer and greater we are, a opportunities for growth. people of We will govern with high standardsand work to bring balance in our leadership. endurance Representation will be our call as we put forth themandates of the people. A new page will we write and a together as we venture to solve the differencesthat have divided our nation. The crisis is over. nation of With prayer and gratitude we will standsolidly before the Holy people as we commit to nobility.”the sacred oath and the offices we hold, andpledge to give our unswerving faithfulness tothe Navajo Nation. We will do so together.—Ben Shelly J A N U A R Y 1 1 , 2 0 1 1 P a 1 g E
  4. 4. N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A T I O N PROGRAM • JANuARy 11, 2011 Masters of Ceremony: robert Carr, Winslow, aZ & roy j. Tso, jr., Shiprock, NM 8:30 a.M. Commencement Navajo Nation Band of Program 9:00 a.M. Pre-Ceremonial Levi & The Plateros Program 10:00 a.M. Musical Performance Navajo Nation Band 10:15 a.M. Posting of Colors Tohatchi veterans organization 10:30 a.M Inaugural Procession“Our story Musical Performance The Davis Boys 10:45 a.M. Musical Performance jakey Skye, Flutistspeaks of 11:00 a.M. Invocation Irving Tso, Tuba City, aZemergence. 11:10 a.M. Recognition of DignitariesFrom four 11:15 a.M. National Anthem Nanabah Sam, Coyote Canyon, NM worlds 11:20 a.M. Musical Performance Winifred B. jumbo, Miss Navajo Nation have we 11:25 a.M. Prayer David j. Tsosie, Dine’ azeé Bee Nahaghá come to a 11:35 a.M. Welcome Address Dr. Patricia Nez Henderson,modern age M.D., MPH, Seba Dalkai, aZ of ad- 11:45 a.M. Song for the Nation Ciarra Brook Shay, Whiteclay, aZvancement 12:00 P.M. Oath of Office administered by Honorable Ben Shelly Chief justicewhere prog- Emeritus Tom Tso Honorable Rex Lee Jim Chief justice ress and Herb Yazzie Navajo Nation Council Chief justiceabundance Emeritus Tom Tsois our way Navajo Board of Chief justice Election Supervisors Herb Yazzie of life.” Navajo Board Chief justice 2 of Education Herb Yazzie P a g E J A N U A R Y 1 1 , 2 0 1 1
  5. 5. W I N D O W R O C K , A R I Z O N A12:15 P.M. Inaugural Address The Honorable Ben Shelly12:25 P.M. Musical Performance Elizabeth Bryant & virginia greymountain12:35 P.M. Vice Presidential The Honorable Address rex Lee jim12:40 P.M. Legislative Address Katherine Benally, Council Delegate12:45 P.M. Cultural Performance joe Tohannie, jr., White Mountain apache Crown Dancers1:15 P.M. Retrieval of Colors Tohatchi veterans organization “We will Navajo Nation Band1:25 P.M. Benediction rev. robert Tso, govern Pastor, victory Life Church, Shiprock, NM with high Inauguration Luncheon - Nakai Hall standards 2 0 1 1 N AvA J o N AT i o N i N A u G u R AT i o N C o m m i T T e e and work Senior Director Deswood Tome to bring Inaugural Director Frederick H. WhiteProgram Director judie Willeto balance Finance Director Hope Wilson in our VIP Director alberta LaughingMedia & Public Relations Director Kathy Curley leadership.”Inaugural Ball Director armanda ortegaEntertainment Director gloria West- WatchmanVenue & Facilities Director virgil Brown, jr.Law Enforcement Mike CamarilloInaugural Reception Irma roanhorseInaugural Powwow Wanda NelsonInaugural Shoe Game Manny Wheeler J A N U A R Y 1 1 , 2 0 1 1 P a 3 g E
  6. 6. N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A T I O N BEN SHELLy Navajo Nation President Thoreau, New Mexico I n an unprecedented rise to Navajo leadership Ben Shelly is the first Vice President to be elected as President. Mr. Shelly was born in Thoreau, New Mexico. He is Tó’aheedlíinii clan born for Ts’ah yísk’ídnii. His maternal grandfather is Ashiihi and his pater- “We enter nal grandfather is Totinii. His wife of 46 years, Mar- tha Shelly, is originally from Coyote Canyon. She an era of is Tábaahí and born for Tódích’ii’nii. Together they have five children and 10 grandchildren. wealth in Ben Shelly first began his service to the Nava- a time of jo people in 1991 when he was inaugurated as a Navajo Nation Council Delegate. He served on the Transpor- renewal.” tation and Intergovernmental Relations Committees, and chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee. As budget chairman, Mr. Shelly established a perma- nent fund for Navajo veterans. He also served for 12 years as a McKinley County Commissioner. President Shelly, an advocate for healthcare needs, served on the u.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Tribal Technical Advisory Group. He has led efforts to amend existing Medicaid laws to ensure that a Certificate of Indian Blood could be used to verify u.S. citizenship. Before returning to Navajo in 1976, Mr. Shelly lived in Chicago, Ill for 16 years. Mr. Shelly owned and operated a fleet maintenance and mechanic shop in Thoreau, before being elected to office. President Shelly is a registeredMartha Shelly Democrat, remains active in state poli-FirSt lady tics, and often works with the states in a 4 government-to-government relationship. P a g E J A N U A R Y 1 1 , 2 0 1 1
  7. 7. N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A T I O N Rex Lee Jim Navajo Nation Vice President Rock Point, Arizona y a’at’eeh Navajo Nation, shik’e’i doo shidine’e. I humbly accept the trust, confidence and hope you have bestowed on me as your Vice President. The Shelly/Jim team looks forward to working with you to build a strong, healthy, educated, economi- cally self-sufficient Navajo Nation. To achieve pros- perity first we need to raise our own personal stan- “Our dards and then as a nation apply a united, focused administra- and disciplined approach. We must actively participate in the global tion will community, engaging in meaningful dialogue with other nations to solve world problems which impact vigorously us all. As a people with an enduring history we have support the much to offer from our understanding of spiritual- ity and the natural world. We know the meaning celebration of survival, endurance, resilience and life. The best way to exercise our sovereignty as a member of theof our Dine’ world community is to speak our language, practice our culture, govern ourselves, and operate our own language businesses. through a Our administration will vigorously support the celebration of our Dine’ language through a va- variety of riety of personal and public expression. We will ac- tively support an educational system that will bringpersonal and out the best in all of our people and one that lifts public each person and our nation to the highest level. We will exercise care in the preservation of our landexpression.” and the use of our natural resources so that all Na- vajo people will benefit. Together we must strive to excel at all that we do with hope, trust, and confidence in the spirit of t’aa ho 6 ajit’eego and k’e. P a g E J A N U A R Y 1 1 , 2 0 1 1
  8. 8. CHAIRMEN/PRESIDENtS 22ND Navajo NaTIoN CouNCILChee Dodge1923-1928 / 1942-1946Deshna ClahChischillege1928-1932Thomas Henry Dodge1932-1936Thomas Henry Dodge1932-1936Henry Taliman 1936-1938Jacob C. Morgan NELSON S. BEGAyE JOHNNy NAIzE LEONARD H. PEtE1938-1942 Lukachukai, Round Rock, Tachee/Blue Gap, Many Farms, Chinle Chapter Tsaile/Wheatfields, Tse Ch’izhi, Nazlini, Tselani/Cottonwood, Low Chinle AgencySam Ahkeah Rockpoint Chapters Mountain Chapters1946-1950 / 1950-1954 Chinle Agency Chinle AgencyPaul Jones1954-1959 / 1959-1963Raymond Nakai1963-1967 / 1967-1971Peter MacDonald1971-1983 / 1987-1989Peterson Zah1983-1987 / 1991-1995Leonard Haskie1989-1991 DwIGHt wItHERSPOON CHARLES DAMON, II DANNy SIMPSONAlbert Hale 1995-1998 Hard Rock, Forest Lake, Pinon, Baahaali, Chilchiltah, Manuelito, Becenti, Lake Valley, Nahodishgish, Black Mesa, Whippoorwill Red Rock, Rocksprings, Tsayatoh Standing Rock, Whiterock, Huerfano,Thomas Atcitty - 1998 Chapters Chapters Nageezi, Crownpoint Chapters Chinle Agency Eastern Agency Eastern AgencyMilton Bluehouse1998-1999Kelsey A. Begaye1999-2003Dr. Joe Shirley, Jr.2003-2007 / 2007-2011NAVAJO NAtIONBOARD OF ELECtIONSUPERVISORS:Bessie Yellowhair-SimpsonFort Defiance Agency LEONARD tSOSIE EDMUND E. yAzzIE ELMER P. BEGAyLenora Johnson Littlewater, Pueblo Pintado, Torreon, Churchrock, Iyanbito, Mariano Dilcon, Indian Wells, Teesto,Fort Defiance Agency Whitehorse Lake, Baca/Prewitt, Casamero Lake, Pinedale, Smith Lake, Whitecone, Greasewood Springs Lake, Ono Encino, Counselor Chapters Thoreau Chapters ChaptersJonathan Tso Eastern Agency Eastern Agency Fort Defiance AgencyShiprock AgencyAlfred L. JimShiprock AgencyRuth WatsonWestern Navajo AgencyJoe DayzieWestern Navajo AgencyLarry BiltahChinle AgencyNorman L. Begay MEL R. BEGAy LORENzO CURLEy JONAtHAN L. HALEChinle Agency Coyote Canyon, Mexican Springs, Klagetoh, Wide Ruins, Houck, Oaksprings, St. Michaels ChaptersLeslie Chavez Naschitti, Tohatchi, Bahastl’a’a’ Lupton, Nahata Dziil Chapters Fort Defiance AgencyEastern Navajo Agency Chapters Fort Defiance Agency Fort Defiance AgencyMichael CoanEastern Navajo Agency N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A T I O N
  9. 9. 22ND Navajo NaTIoN CouNCIL JUDICIAL BRANCH Herb Yazzie, Chief Justice Supreme Court of the Navajo Nation Eleanor Shirley, Assoc. Justice Supreme Court of the Navajo Nation Allen Sloan, Judge Tuba City Judicial District Jennifer D. Benally, Judge Kayenta Judicial District ALtON JOE SHEPHERD ROSCOE D. SMItH LORENzO BAtES Irene S. Black, Judge Jeddito, Cornfields, Ganado, Crystal, Fort Defiance, Red Lake, T’iistoh Sikaad, Nenahnezad, Upper Aneth Judicial District Kinlichee, Steamboat Chapters Sawmill Chapters Fruitland, Tse’ Daa’Kaan, Newcomb, Leroy S. Bedonie, Judge Fort Defiance Agency Fort Defiance Agency San Juan Chapters Chinle Judicial District Northern Agency Cynthia Thompson, Judge Chinle Judicial District Rudy I. Bedonie, Judge Dilkon Judicial District Thomas J. Holgate, Judge Window Rock Judicial District Carol K. Perry, Judge Window Rock Judicial District Geraldine V. Benally, Judge Shiprock Judicial District RUSSELL BEGAyE KENNEtH MARyBOy DAVID L. tOM Genevieve Woody, Judge Shiprock Chapter Mexican Water, To’likan, Toadlena/Two Grey Hills, Red Valley, Shiprock Judicial District Northern Agency Teecnospos, Aneth, Red Mesa Tse’ alnaozt’i’i’, Sheepsprings, Beclabito, Gadii, Chapters Ahi/To’Koi Chapters Irene M. Toledo, Judge Northern Agency Northern Agency Crownpoint Judicial District LaVerne A. Johnson, Judge Crownpoint Judicial District Wilson Yellowhair, Judge Ramah Judicial District William J.J. Platero, Judge Alamo/To’hajiilee Judicial District NAVAJO NAtION BOARD OF EDUCAtION: Jimmie C. Begay, President KAtHERINE BENALLy JOSHUA LAVAR BUtLER JONAtHAN NEz Chinle Agency (Elected)Chilchinbeto, Dennehotso, Kayenta To’Nanees Dizi Chapter Tsah Bii Kin, Navajo Mountain, Timothy Bitsilly, Vice- Chapters Western Agency Shonto, Oljato Chapters President Western Agency Western Agency (Parent Representative) Dolly C. Begay, Secretary Eastern Navajo Agency (Elected) Rebecca M. Benally, Member (School Admin. Rep.) Juanita K. Benally, Member (Navajo Traditional Culture Representative) Katherine D. Arviso, Mem- ber, Fort Defiance Agency (Elected) Vee F. Browne, Member wALtER PHELPS DUANE tSINIGINE GEORGE APACHItO (Parent Representative) Cameron, Coalmine Canyon, Coppermine, K’aii’to, LeChee, Alamo, Ramah, Tohajiilee Chapters Bernadette Todachinie, Birdsprings, Leupp, Tolani Lake Tonalea/Red Lake, Bodaway/Gap Eastern Agency Member Chapters Chapters Northern Navajo Agency Western Agency Western Agency (Elected) Rose J. Yazzie, Member J A N U A R Y 1 1 , 2 0 1 1 Western Navajo Agency (Elected)