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Navajo Nation Presidential Inauguration Program


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Navajo Nation Presidential Inauguration Program

  1. 1. 2 ▲ 0 ▲ 0 ▲ 7NAVAJO NATIONINAUGURAL January 9, 2007 Window Rock, Navajo Nation, Arizona
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1 ­ Welcome Message — 2 Dr. Joe Shirley, Jr., President — 6 Vice-President Ben Shelly — 8 Events & Participants — 9 Agenda — 10 21st Navajo Nation Council — 21 Past Charimans & Presidents
  3. 3. 2 0 0 7 N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A L P R O G R A M Welcome to the Navajo NationEYa’at’eeh!Enter the Navajo Nation from any direction, on any road, and you will experienceits most striking quality -- space, openness, unbounded landscape.No other land in the Southwest quite compares in scale or beauty. Throughoutour 17-million-acre Nation are dramatic views of distant, angular mesas,expansive plateaus and wide, pale green valleys, all protected by our Four SacredMountains.This is our beloved homeland, sacred ground, bestowed upon the Diné by theHoly People.Navajos are a prayerful people. Everything we do, we do with prayer and reverence,from the first glow of dawn to the twinkling dusk. Our prayers, sacred songs,ceremonies, and teachings have been handed down from grandparents in everyfamily and touch each aspect of our individual lives.Nothing is as important to Navajos as family. From one end of our Nation to theother, we are connected through our clans, through relationships, through whatis known as Ké. Through this, our families are expansive. Not a day passes thatwe don’t greet many people as Grandma and Grandpa, as Auntie and Uncle. As aNavajo, our relations are many.Our land, our family and our way of life is what has made the Navajo peopleso strong and so enduring. Our long history is one of great challenge andperseverance, ultimately followed by success and triumph.So please feel welcomed here today, and return home knowing why our peoplesay, “I am proud to be a Navajo!”Dr. Joe Shirley, Jr., President 1THE NAVAJO NATION P A G E O N E
  4. 4. 2 0 0 7 N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A L P R O G R A M NAVAJO NATION PRESIDENTD J O E S H I R L E Y, J R .Dr. Joe Shirley, Jr., became the President of the Navajo Nation in January 2003.He was re-elected to a second four-year term on Nov. 7, 2006, becoming the firstNavajo president or chairman to be re-elected in 28 years.President Shirley was born on December 4, 1947, in Chinle, Arizona. He isTodich’iini clan, born for the Tabaahi clan. His maternal grandfather is Tse’naaginiiand his paternal grandfather is Tsenjiikini.He is married to Navajo Nation First Lady Vikki Shirley is Kiyaa’nni, born for theMa’iidesh giizhnii clan. She and President Shirley have six children; three daughtersand three sons.Dr. Shirley holds a Master of Social Work Degree from Arizona State University. InDecember 2005, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters fromNorthern Arizona University in recognition of his then-37 years of public service tothe Navajo people and resident of Apache County.Dr. Shirley served on Navajo Nation Council from 1986 to 1999. He served as anApache County Supervisor 18 years, resigning to become Navajo Nation President.In professional life, Dr. Shirley worked in social services for 16 years. From 1983 to1984, he served as Executive Director of the Navajo Division of Social Services. Through the years, Dr. Shirley has been recognized for his leadership in public life. In November 2005, he was chosen to represent the 370 million Indigenous people of the world to address the United Nations General Assembly in Tunis, Tunisia. 2Vikki Shirley, First Lady P A G E T W O
  5. 5. Our language is stillhere. Our culture is still here. Our homeland is still here. My prayer is that 100 years from now, 500 years from now, even 1,000 yearsfrom now, the Diné will continue to be. Even then, a Navajo will proclaim to the Holy People, “I am here!” —Dr. Joe Shirley, Jr., President
  6. 6. 2 0 0 7 N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A L P R O G R A M NAVAJO NATION VICE-PRESIDENT BEN SHELLYMMr. Ben Shelly was elected Navajo Nation Vice President-elect on Nov. 7, 2006. Hehas been a Navajo Nation Council delegate since 1991, serving on the EconomicDevelopment Committee and the Budget & Finance Committee for eight years,the last four years as its chairman.Vice President Shelly was born on July 6, 1943, in his hometown of Thoreau,New Mexico. He is Tó’aheedlíinii clan born for Ts’ah Yísk’ídnii. His maternalgrandfather is Ashiihi and his paternal grandfather is Totinii.He has been married to his wife Martha Shelly for 42 years. They have threedaughters, two sons and 10 grandchildren.Vice President Shelly has extensive knowledge of the Navajo Nation’s finances andan intricate understanding of the financial needs and challenges of each of its 12Executive divisions. In addition to his Navajo Nation service, he was a member ofthe McKinley County Commission for eight years.His experience and career has prepared him with the knowledge, tools, insights andunderstanding to serve exceptionally well as Navajo Nation Vice President and tohelp bring President Shirley’s numerous initiatives to fruition by the end of 2010. 6Martha Shelly P A G E S I X
  7. 7. 2 0 0 7 N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A L P R O G R A M inaugural eventsGGOURD DANCINGThe Inauguration will also host Gourd Dancing from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm at theCivic CenterPOWWOWPow Wow from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am also at the Civic CenterTRADITIONAL NAVAJO SHOE GAMENavajo Shoe Game Stories from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm at the Food PavilionNavajo Shoe Game from 6:30 pm to 12:00 am.PRESIDENTIAL YOUTH GALAOn Friday, January 12, 2007, the Inauguration will feature the Presidential YouthGala, from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am. P A G E 8 E I G H T
  8. 8. J A N U A R Y 9 , 2 0 0 6 INAUGURAL ceremonyMaster of Ceremonies: Clinton JimMaster of Ceremonies: Pax HarveyMistress of Ceremonies: Selina Manychildren09:00 am Fairgrounds Seating Begins Entertainment: Night Breeze Davis Mitchell10:00 am Procession: Travis Terry, Flutist Navajo Nation President Navajo Nation Vice-President Elect Navajo Nation Council Delegates and Elect Navajo Board of Election Supervisors VIP Introduction Win Again by Kathrynn C. Arviso11:00 AM Posting of Colors: Pledge of Allegiance: Kathrynn C. Arviso Navajo Nation Flag Song: First Children Invocation: Victor Begay Welcome Address: The Hon. Ervin M. Keeswood12:00 PM Oath of Office: The Honorable Joe Shirley, Jr The Honorable Ben Shelly Honorable Members, Navajo Nation Council Navajo Nation Board of Election Supervisors Navajo Nation Board of Education12:15 PM Inaugural Address: The Honorable Joe Shirley, Jr.12:35 PM Inaugural Address: The Honorable Ben Shelly12:45 pm Honor Song: Jay Begaye12:55 pm Navajo Nation Song01:05 PM Retrieval of Colors 901:15 pm Benediction: Bennie Silversmith P A G E N I N E
  9. 9. 2 0 0 7 N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A L P R O G R A M 21st Navajo Nation Council
  10. 10. 2 1 st navajo nation c oun c il EA STERN NAVAJO AGENCYAlamo Baca/Prewitt, Littlewater, Becenti, Lake Valley,George Apachito Casamero Standing Rock, Whiterock Hoskie Kee Harry HubbardBreadsprings Breadsprings ChichiltahCharles S. Damon, II Ernest D. Yazzie, Jr. Joe M. LeeCrownpoint, Nahodishgish Huerfano Iyanbito, PinedaleAlice W. Benally Danny Simpson Lawrence T. MorganMariano Lake, Smith Lake Nageezi, Ojo Encino, Red RockYoung Jeff Tom Counselor – Harry J. Willeto Ida M. Nelson
  11. 11. 2 0 0 7 N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A L P R O G R A M EA STERN NAVAJO AGENCYRocksprings, Manuelito, Ramah ThoreauTsayatoh Cecil Frank Eriacho Edmund YazzieHarriett K. BecentiTohajiilee Torreon, Pueblo Pintado,Lawrence R. Platero Whitehorse Lake David B. Rico FORT DEFIANCE AGENCYCornfields, Greasewood Cornfields, Greasewood Springs, Coyote Canyon,Springs, Klagetoh, Wide Ruins Klagetoh, Wide Ruins Mexican SpringsOmer Begay, Jr. Orlanda Smith Hodge Mel R. BegayCrystal, Red Lake, Sawmill Crystal, Red Lake, Sawmill Dilcon, TeestoRalph Bennett, Jr. Roscoe D. Smith Elmer P. Begay
  12. 12. 2 1 st navajo nation c oun c il FORT DEFIANCE AGENCYDilcon, Teesto Fort Defiance Fort DefianceJerry Freddie Larry Anderson, Sr. Harold WaunekaFort Defiance Ganado, Kinlichee Ganado, KinlicheeElmer Milford Benjamin Curley Willie Tracey, Jr.Houck, Lupton, Nahata Dziil Houck,Wells, WhiteconeDziil Indian Lupton, Nahata Jeddito, Low Mountain,Lorenzo Curley TimJack, Sr. Lee Goodluck Steamboat Sampson BegayJeddito, Low Mountain, Naschitti, Tohatchi Naschitti, TohatchiSteamboat – Larry Noble Herman R. Morris Peterson B. Yazzie
  13. 13. 2 0 0 7 N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A L P R O G R A M FORT DEFIANCE AGENCYOaksprings, St. Michaels Oaksprings, St. Michaels Oaksprings, St. MichaelsRaymond Berchman Roy B. Dempsey Curran Hannon NOT PICTURED: Houck, Lupton, Nahata Dziil Tim GoodluckTwin LakesNorman John, II CHINLE AGENCYChinle Chinle ChinleHarry H. Clark Harry Claw Nelson Gorman, Jr.Chinle Forrest Lake, Rough Rock, Black Hardrock, PinonAndy R. Ayze Mesa – Amos F. Johnson Lorenzo Bedonie P A G E F O U R T E E N
  14. 14. 2 1 S T N A V A J O N A T I O N C O U N C I L CHINLE AGENCYHardrock, Pinon Lukachukai, Tsaile/ Lukachukai, Tsaile/Preston McCabe, Sr. Wheatfields Wheatfields Leonard Teller Nelson BegayeMany Farms, Round Rock Kee Many Farms, Round Rock Nazlini, Tselani/CottonwoodAllen Begay, Jr. Elbert R. Wheeler Johnny Naize NOT PICTURED Tachee/Blue Gap, Whippoorwill Raymond JoeTachee/Blue Gap,WhippoorwillTom LaPahe WESTERN NAVAJO AGENCYBirdsprings, Leupp, Birdsprings, Leupp, Chilchinbeto, KayentaTolani Lake Tolani Lake - Leonard Chee Willie BegayThomas Walker, Jr. P A G E F I F I T E E N
  15. 15. 2 0 0 7 N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A L P R O G R A M WESTERN NAVAJO AGENCYChilchinbeto, Kayenta Chilchinbeto, Kayenta Coalmine Canyon, TohDavid Shondee Willie Begay Nanees Dizi Harry Williams, Sr.Coalmine Canyon, Toh Coalmine Canyon, Toh Coppermine, Bodaway/Gap,Nanees Dizi Nanees Dizi CameronRaymond Maxx Hope MacDonald-Lonetree Evelyn J. AcothleyCoppermine, Bodaway/Gap, Dennehotso Inscription House,Cameron Katherine Benally Navajo MountainJack Colorado Lena ManheimerKaibeto LeChee OljatoKee Yazzie Mann Tommy M. Tsosie Herman Daniels, Sr. P A G E S I X T E E N
  16. 16. Translucent paper
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  18. 18. 2 1 S T N A V A J O N A T I O N C O U N C I L WESTERN NAVAJO AGENCY NOT PICTURED: Kayenta Township Richard Mike Kayenta Township Alyce M. Yazzie Shonto Jonathan NezTonaleaLeslie Dele northern navajo AGENCYBeclabito, Gadiiahi Mexican Water, Aneth, Mexican Water, Aneth,David L. Tom Red Mesa Red Mesa Kenneth Maryboy Davis FilfredRed Valley, Cove Rock Point San Juan, Burnham,Phillip Harrison, Jr. Rex Lee Jim Nenahnezad George ArthurSanostee Sheepsprings, Newcomb, Toadlena/ ShiprockJerry Bodie Two Grey Hills – Edward V. Jim, Sr. Leonard Anthony P A G E N I N E T E E N
  19. 19. 2 0 0 7 N A V A J O N A T I O N I N A U G U R A L P R O G R A M NORTHERN NAVAJO AGENCYShiprock Shiprock SweetwaterPete Ken Atcitty III GloJean Todacheene Woody LeeTeec Nos Pos Tse Daa Kaan Upper FruitlandFrancis Redhouse Ervin M. Keeswood, Sr. LoRenzo C. Bates LEADERS OF THE NAVAJO NATIONChee Dodge Paul Jones Albert Hale 1923-1928 1954-1959 1995-19981942-1946 1959-1963 Thomas Atcitty Desha Clah Chischilly Raymond Nakai 1998-19981928-1932 1963-1967 1967-1971 Milton Bluehouse Thomas Henry Dodge 1998-19991932-1936 Peter MacDonald 1971-1983 Kelsey A. Begaye Henry Taliman 1987-1989 1999-20031936-1938 Peterson Zah Jacob C. Morgan 1983-19871938-1942 1991-1995Sam Ahkeah Leonard Haskie 1946-1950 1989-19911950-1954 P A G E T W E N T Y
  20. 20. AhEEHE.Comemmorative Program Design: Cal Nez Design