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Cake socialyse twitter_updates_12.2015


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Cake socialyse twitter_updates_12.2015

  1. 1. What’s  Happening  on  Twi1er…     Promoted Tweets for Logged-Out Users What  It  Is   Twi%er  reportedly  averages  500M   logged-­‐out  visitors  to  the  site  each   month,  which  includes  those  who   click  on  links  to  Tweets  in  Google   search.  With  a  current  average  of   320M  monthly  acCve  users,  the   logged-­‐out  audience  exceeds  the   potenCal  of  Twi%er’s  acCve  audience   reach.  In  an  effort  to  help  brands   reach  this  addiConal  audience,  the   plaIorm  has  begun  tested  Promoted   Tweets  for  logged-­‐out  users.   Available  for  desktop  only,  these   logged-­‐out  Promoted  Tweets  will  be   visible  when  viewing  a  user’s  profile   page  or  Tweet  detail  pages.       Progressively  rolling  out  with  select   adverCsers  in  the  US,  UK,  Japan,  and   Australia,  the  iniCal  test  will  support   campaigns  driving  website  clicks,   conversions,  or  video  views.  The   plaIorm  expects  to  expand  this   rollout  to  addiConal  countries  and   adverCsers  in  future.     Brand  Applica:on     AdverCsers  will  have  the  same  control  over  these  ads  as  they  would  with  logged-­‐in  campaigns,   meaning  logged-­‐out  Promoted  Tweets  can  leverage  all  of  Twi%er’s  targeCng  capabiliCes,  creaCve,   and  measurement,  but  will  now  have  the  opportunity  to  scale  to  a  brand  new  (and  massive)   audience.  It’s  a  tremendous  opportunity  to  connect  and  engage  with  that  addiConal  audience  and   has  potenCal  to  see  a  huge  success  due  to  their  previous  partnership  with  Google  search.