Cake Decorating Business: 4 Ways How To Turn Your Dream Into Reality


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Cake Decorating Business: 4 Ways How To Turn Your Dream Into Reality

  1. 1. Cake Decorating Business: 4 Ways How To Turn Your Dream Into Reality A cake business can be an enjoyable and consistent source of income for someone who loves to bake and decorate. There are also plenty of avenues to explore, if you decide to open one. Also, there are four ways to start selling your baked goods and open your cake shop. 1. Franchising This method is a good way to avoid the difficulties of building a brand of your cakes from the ground up. Many people take to franchising because the business is already established and proven in terms of profitability. The policies and system are already laid out for you to take over. However, buying a franchise requires a considerable amount of money and experience in managing one. Furthermore, a franchise is not a guarantee to a successful cake business. The profitability of your cake business will still depend on many internal and external factors. 2. Buying an existing cake business Another way for you to get into a cake business is to buy an existing one. This is a good idea if you have money to pay for an upfront investment. Furthermore, you should get ready to update or renovate some areas in the business to reflect your brand of cakes and service and this will require more investment in terms of money and time. An advantage though is that an existing cake shop already has all the tools and equipment that you need and offers established loyal customer base in the area where it is in operation.
  2. 2. 3. Opening a new cake business Launching a new cake business such as shop or cupcakery with their own brand of colors and design is what most cake decorator's dream of. There are many advantages to running a business that you built from the start; you know how to estimate expenses and are comfortable running usual tasks and you are able to maintain a high level of creativity with your own brand of cakes and baked goods. However, opening a cake shop requires a big investment because you will have to buy a shop or rent, pay for utilities and employees salary and most importantly, invest in expensive equipment and building your store from scratch. Furthermore, like in the two previous types of cake business, you have to work a strict schedule and keep an inventory of baked goods for display. 4. Having a home based cake business A home based cake business meanwhile allows you to bake at your own time and determine how many orders you would like to take. Also, you only have to take photos of your creations, if you do not own a cake display and make an online or a print catalog. You could also offer cake decorating videos and classes online in addition to your baked goods. It won't require you to come up with a substantial initial investment to be able to operate and sell your products. You also won't need to rent nor hire many employees, since you will certainly be able to run your kitchen comfortably on your own. You will have less overhead costs than compared to working in a commercial location and will potentially allow you to take advantage of some tax benefits that apply to your home cake shop. All these factors will help you to be more profitable. There are more benefits than you know to running your cake business at home. Aside from earning at your own pace and time and doing what you love best, you will
  3. 3. avoid long hours of commute and be closer to your family, which you simply cannot accomplish with managing a business away from home. Jessie B. Werner is a cake enthusiast who loves to decorate cakes and make desserts. On her blog you can read more about how to start your own home based cake business and watch cake decorating videos to learn necessary skills to make your dream come true. The article was first published at Ezinearticles: Some images are courtesy of