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Caitlyn May J462

3 slides, community reporting

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Caitlyn May J462

  1. 1. Caitlyn May
  2. 2.  Newsday reported on PSEG failing to pay sales tax for over a year after taking over the area’s electric grid.  The loss of $4 million came as the government faced a budgetary shortfall  PSEG claimed it was tax exempt as a state agency  County officials warned of possible future litigation  The Springfield Times did a short story on a city council meeting  The story covered the entire meeting in less than 500 words  A lot of information was provided in a short space
  3. 3.  Reporting on local government meetings can uncover topics that are vital to the local community  The major supplier of electricity was being accused of failing to pay taxes  These shortfalls effected the county’s budget which in turn effected community programs and other county services  The threat of a future lawsuit could also mean further tax dollars spent  Some readers are “browsers” but in reading the story in Springfield, they are equally as informed on the meeting.  Other readers may find the story lacking, but are curious about the meeting and may attend the next public meeting.  The TAKEAWAY: Local government is where the governing that effects people’s day-to-day lives happens and it’s important to inform and educate the electorate as to what goes on in these meetings.