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Kim Coupounas - B Corp - Impact Unleashed 2017


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Kim Coupounas - B Corp - Impact Unleashed 2017

  1. 1. Evolving for Good: The evolution of business as a lever for environmental and social change. Kim Coupounas B Lab
  2. 2. By the end of this session you will... 1 Have a clearer vision for how capitalism - and your industry and businesses - can be used as a force for good 2 3Understand “movements” better and the pet industry as a powerful community of practice capable of great good in the world Be excited about what you can do to forward this movement, your industry, and your business
  3. 3. 6
  4. 4. First numerical point Fourth numerical point Second numerical point Fifth numerical point Third numerical point Sixth numerical point 7
  5. 5. 9
  6. 6. “Directors cannot defend a business strategy that openly eschews stockholder wealth maximization.” -- craigslist v ebay decision, Sept. 2010 PEOPLE PLANET i.e., OTHER STAKEHOLDERS SHAREHOLDERS
  7. 7. of Americans 18 to 29 identify as ‘capitalists’ Sources: Foreign Affairs Dec 2016; Mauna Loa Observatory Jan 2016; Harvard Institute of Politics, as reported in Time May 23, 2016 40% 19% Systemic Failure requires Systemic Change 407.7 carbon ppm in Earth’s atmosphere of wealth owned by 1% of Americans
  8. 8. Recognition of system failure Existence of viable alternatives The conditions for systems change are:
  9. 9. What if… …we could harness the power of business to address these issues and help solve some of society’s greatest challenges?
  10. 10. 15 “Businessmen who focus on profits wind up in the hole. For me, profit is what happens when you do everything else right.” - Yvon Choinnard, Founder of Patagonia (a Certified B Corp and CA benefit corp)
  11. 11. 16 “I don't think our fiduciary duty is to put shareholders first. I say the opposite…[If] we focus our company on improving the lives of the world's citizens and come up with genuine sustainable solutions, we are more in synch with consumers and society and ultimately this will result in good shareholder returns.” - Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever
  12. 12. 17 As younger companies come up and think about how they operate and how they want to be structured, maybe they won’t be so easily swept up by all the usual choices. Maybe they’ll be thinking long term, thinking about how to look after the things they care about.” – Perry Chen, Co-Founder, Kickstarter (a Certified B Corp and benefit corporation)
  13. 13. What if companies competed to be not only the Best in the World but the Best FOR the World….
  14. 14. An Historic Global Culture Shift is Underway
  15. 15. Making an Alternative Viable and Scalable B Lab is a nonprofit that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Our vision is that all companies will compete to be best for the world, and as a result society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity.
  16. 16. Integrated Approach to Systems Change Start Develop market infrastructure Step 2 Create standards + tools to make it easy for millions of other businesses to follow Step 3 Inspire billions of consumers, workers, investors and others to support businesses who are a force for good Step 1 Build a community of thousands of credible leaders -- B Corps End Shared & Durable Prosperity
  17. 17. Building a community of leaders2000+ CERTIFIED B CORPS 50 COUNTRIES 130 INDUSTRIES 1 UNIFYING GOAL
  18. 18. Certified B Corporations are leaders of a global movement of people using business as a force for good. They meet verified higher levels of ● Social + environmental performance ● Transparency ● Accountability
  19. 19. Began offering a retirement plan, life insurance, and disability insurance to employees Began subsidizing off-site childcare Raised compensation for all employees to a living wage When companies take the B Impact Assessment, they make measurable change. Switched energy providers so their office could be 100% wind-powered Created a supplier education program to help their supply chain reduce their carbon emissions Tripled their percentage of spending with locally owned businesses Badger Boloco iSupportU Greyston Bakery Fireclay Tile Etsy
  20. 20. The Evolution of Business 20th Century 21st Century Shareholder Corporation Stakeholder Corporation Maximizes Shareholder Value Creates Social Value and Shareholder Value was about is about
  21. 21. 27 There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible. – Henry Ford
  23. 23. Investing in benefit corporations + B Corps
  25. 25. Institutions using the B Impact Assessment
  26. 26. Collective Voice 3000+ ARTICLES 60MM+ FOLLOWERS 200+ UNIVERSITIES
  27. 27. Unifying Brand Building awareness and preference for a better way to do business.
  28. 28. Positive, System Impact When all businesses behave like B Corps, all stakeholders in the ecosystem will have better choices and better outcomes • New products to meet demand • Credible impact data Investors • More solutions at scale • Fewer negative externalities Policy Makers • Innovative economic development • Building + keeping community wealth • Improved quality of life Communities • Concrete examples, frameworks, and experiences • Vast, credible data for research Educators • Higher quality jobs • Meaningful work Workers • Better choices at retail • Higher impact, lower risk supply chains Customers • Lower carbon, waste, water, toxins • Fewer resources consumed to make products Environment
  29. 29. I often wonder to what extent business can help society in its goals to alleviate poverty, preserve ecosystems, and build strong communities and institutions… The B Corp movement shows us that business, the driving force of our economy, can be an agent of change.” U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright “B Corp is one of 20 Moments That Mattered Over the Last 20 Years” “Be Like a B Corp is one of 5 Business Trends to Master in 2016” “
  30. 30. movement /ˈmo͞ ovmənt/ noun a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas or values. “labor movement” “the civil rights movement” “the B Corp movement” (conscious capitalism, business for good, impact capitalism, shared value, etc)
  31. 31. Case Study: The Outdoor Industry
  32. 32. 42 JANUARY 2007 JULY/AUG 2010 MARCH 2011 2017 OIA SWG founded by industry members Goal: develop an industry sustainability index Original ECO INDEX launched at OutDoor, Germany + Outdoor Retailer, USA SAC is founded; adopts ECO INDEX as key input to what would soon become the HIGG INDEX OIA SWG: ~150 member companies Higg Index adoption campaign
  33. 33. How to Start a Movement
  34. 34. The Lone Shirtless Guy
  35. 35. The First “Follower” (Co-Founder)
  36. 36. The Second “Followers” (Founding Members)
  37. 37. “Now We Have a Movement!”
  38. 38. People are Demanding Better Last 20 Years Good Products “ 21st Century Good Companies 90% of Americans say that companies must not only say a product or service is beneficial, but they need to prove it.” – Cone Communications 73% of consumers care about the company, not just the product when making a purchasing decision.”“ – BBMG