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Tharpe budget


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Tharpe budget

  1. 1. Caitlin TharpeEDN 303-002Budget ActivityFebruary 26, 2013Equipment Cost NETS-S Standard NC State StandardComputer:Pre Configured-HPCompaq Pro 6300 AiOPC-C9H80UA#ABA$768.60(ThroughHP’s siteaftersayingyou’re ineducation)Standard 1b: Studentscreate original works as ameans of personal orgroup expressionStandard 6a: Studentsunderstand and usetechnology systemsIT Essential Standard3.TT.1.1Use a variety of technologytools to gather data andinformation (e.g., Web-based resources, e-books,online communication tools,etc.).3.SI.1.1Classify various types ofresources as appropriate orinappropriate for purposes.Printer:HP Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One Printer$100.00 Standard 2a: Interact,collaborate, and publishwith peers,experts, orothers employing a varietyof digitalenvironments andmedia3.TT.1.3Use technology tools topresent data and information(multimedia, audio andvisual recording, onlinecollaboration tools, etc.).Britannica UltimateReference 2012 (forstudents to use as areference material)$29.95 Standard 3c: Evaluate andselect information sourcesand digital tools based onthe appropriateness tospecific tasks3.SI.1.2Classify resources asreliable or not reliable.Adobe Creative CloudStudent and TeacherEdition (to makewebsites withoutcoding, to makepresentations, to editphotos, and more)$49.99 Standard 1b: Studentscreate original works as ameans of personal orgroup expression3.TT.1.3Use technology tools topresent data and information(multimedia, audio andvisual recording, onlinecollaboration tools, etc.).ClueFinders 3rd GradeAdventures with$29.95 Standard 5b: Exhibit apositive attitude toward3.SE.1.1
  2. 2. Overall Total: $1,998.32Narrative:It is very important for the teacher to be coordinated with the technology in theirclassroom. Since the teacher is in charge of the other decisions in the classroom, he or sheshould be able to have a say in what technology gets used in their classroom. Firstly, they aregoing to be the ones to use it. There is no use getting them expensive pieces of technology thatthey have no use of. It is important that the technology in the classroom be something that theADAPT - XS25544 (fora fun game thatincludes many 3rdgradetopics)using technologythat supportscollaboration, learning,and productivityUnderstand the guidelinesfor responsible use oftechnology hardware.Webcam:Logitech HD WebcamC525$59.99 Standard 2a: Interact,collaborate, and publishwith peers, experts, orothers employing a varietyof digital environmentsand media3.RP.1.1Implement a researchprocess by collaboratingeffectively with otherstudents.Miscellaneous:HP Black Ink 27 (4cartridges), HP Tri-Color Ink 28 (4cartridges), Brother –500-Pack 8.5” x 11”Multipurpose Paper (10packs)(2x)$39.99,(2x)$49.99,(10x)$6.99,Total:$249.86Standard 2b:Communicate informationand ideas effectively tomultiple audiences using avariety of media andformats3.TT.1.2Use a variety of technologytools to organize data andinformation (e.g., wordprocessor, graphicorganizer, audio and visualrecording, onlinecollaboration tools, etc.).Storage:Kingston DataTraveler16 GB USB FlashDrive (10 packs)(10x)$31.00Total:$310.00Standard 4c: Collect andanalyze data to identifysolutionsand/or makeinformed decisions3.SE.1.1Understand the guidelinesfor responsible use oftechnology hardware.Tablet:Samsung Galaxy Tab 2(2 tablets)(2x)$199.99Total:$399.98Standard 5d: Exhibitleadership for digitalcitizenship3.SE.1.2Understand ethical behavior(copyright, not plagiarizing,netiquette) when usingresources.
  3. 3. teacher will use in the class, or else it was a waste of funds. In addition, the technology in theclassroom should be something the teacher understands how to use and feels comfortable with.If the teacher is not comfortable with the technology and does not understand how to properlyuse it, it will not benefit the students at all, it could be distract the students and waste valuableinstruction time. Also, technology is one of the teaching standards. A teacher should know thestandards and should be able to help pick out items that will help students reach these standards.If someone who is not in the classroom and does not have an understanding of what thestandards are and general classroom procedures supplies the technology, the fancy computers,tablets, and smart boards may be incompatible with the teacher. It would be a waste ofresources. It is common sense for the person who would be using the technology most often tobe a part of the selection process.