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  1. 1. Imperialism By: Caitlin Brewer Period 4
  2. 2. Imperialism Imperialism. . . nds power throughW hen a country exte diplomacy or military force. Colo A pra nialism ctice of ge ... custo tting full o dy of f part land. ial Annexation. . . To add territory of a country .
  3. 3. Social DarwinismSocial Darwinism. . .A theory that people are subjected to thesame natural selection as plants and animals It is related to imperialism because when you take over a country, the people of that country are often treated like they aren’t people, they are just treated like objects of nature.
  4. 4. “White Mans Burden” The “W hite Man poem th s Burden at was w ” is a the burd ritten to ens of im express perialism America to ns.
  5. 5. Racism & The Missionary Impulse Racism. . . To be prejudice, discriminate, and antagonize a person of a different race. Paternalism. . . To practice the part of people in authority, restricting freedom andresponsibilities that best interest others. This is similar to Racism because it is restricting people from their interests as racism restricts people from doing certain things as the “superior” race does.
  6. 6. The Scramble for Africa• Began in 1881• It was when Europeans moved toAfrica to spread their influence,but became a land grab.• The Berlin Conference regulatedEuropean Colonization in Africa. Itharmonized with Germanyssudden arrival as an ImperialPower.• Russia and Sweden werecolonized during the Scramble forAfrica
  7. 7. Nationalism rm of a patri otic feeling, An extreme fo y a feeling als, and efforts, marked bprincip r countries. of superiori ty over othe
  8. 8. Colonized vs. the ColonizersIndustrialized countries take over other countriesfor land. The people that where in that countryoriginally would want to rebel against the invadingcountry. There would be a lot of conflict againstchanges.