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SIT Microsoft Surface PPT

  1. 1. Who came up with this?Microsoft’s employee Stevie Bathiche &Andy Wilson developed the initial idea of aninteractive table.This table was built so it could understandthe manipulation of physical pieces inbrainstorming sessions during 2001.During 2001, a team of Microsoft employeesdeveloped the idea even further and more indepth.In 2003, the idea was pitched to Bill Gates.He loved it! He decided to develop it evenfurther.Virtual team was expanded and a prototypecalled T1 was developed using an IKEAtable which included applications such aspinball, a photo browser, and a video puzzle.
  2. 2. While developing the prototypeinto a product, the team shifted thefocus on surface from gaming to across-functional idea thatrecognized and connecteddifferent physical objects.One main goal was for the table torecognize electronic objects suchas cell-phones placed on thesurface.Pete Thompson took control of theproject in 2006 and the prototypewas transformed into a productready for consumers to use.
  3. 3. What exactly is Microsoft Surface? Samsung SUR40: Samsung produces the hardware and Microsoft produces the Surface software. Software used is called PixelSense. It allows for the interaction between hands or other physical objects (electronics) with the surface. Samsung SUR40 is manufactured by Samsung and available by online purchase in 24 countries for approximately Primarily used by businesses like retailers, hotels, restaurants, and bars rather than for personal use.
  4. 4. Who’s using it now? Royal Bank of Canada • Offers the “Big Picture” to help people explore how they can meet their financial needs by seeing a “virtual” series of their life stages and events. • The “Kid’s Corner” offers puzzles, games, and other attractions for children while their parents finish their bank transactions.Hard Rock Café:• Access to worldwide memorabilia application for guests to locate Hard Rock’s collectible items around the World (collection items, instruments, artists, e tc.)
  5. 5. Sheraton Hotels• Located at hotel lobby.• Guests use it to explore local attractions, restaurants, and services nearby. Rio iBar, Las Vegas • Order drinks, split the check, play games. • Video chat with people sitting at different Surface units. • Listen and watch music videos
  6. 6. Current NewsSamsung SUR40 was recently named a 2011 “Bestof What’s New” award winner by Popular Sciencemagazine since it offers a “immersive relationshipbetween people and screens.”“Microsoft Researcher says affordable Surfacetables will be in our homes within three years.”• Surface principal researcher, Bill Buxton, is sure that future-iterations of Surface-like technology will be affordable to average customers.Largest Microsoft Surface order so far? Karaokebar at Hong Kong installed 80 Tables acrosstheir different locations.
  7. 7. How does Microsoft Surface relate to SIT?As stated before, it was created by a “virtual team” of Microsoftemployees that successfully worked together.With competitors like Ideum’s Multitouch Tables, it is essentialfor Microsoft to manage its knowledge. • Sharing best practices: build on previous work (new SUR40 hardware with the Microsoft Surface 2.0 platform) • Globalization: Expanded and offers many languages (English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Norweg ian, Dutch, Swedish). • Rapid Change: Must adapt to competitors like Ideum; have created BOSE-infused sound systems and “unparalleled warranties”. • Knowledge Imbedded in Products: Surface can obtain lots of customer information for companies; they must be able to analyze it successfully and keep it safe. Ex. Credit Card Info
  8. 8. • Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Microsoft’s name alone puts them a step above its competitors but its important for them to understand what other companies with similar products are doing differently.
  9. 9. Royal Bank of Canada:• Uses their Business Intelligence model to analyze responses from the Instant Win brochures.• These brochures were mailed to customers near the retail stores with an offer to visit the store, place the brochure on the table, and win a prize.• There was a 10 percent response rate compared to the direct mail response of 2 to 3 percent.
  10. 10. Discussion QuestionsDo you agree with Bill Buxton’s forecast thatfamilies will invest their money on SurfaceTables over the next three years due to theincreasing market of smaller tablets such asiPads, kindles, nooks, etc.?Do you think that Microsoft Surface is a goodway to enhance the experience that businessescan have with their customers in their stores?If you had $8,000 right now, would you buyMicrosoft Surface? Why or why not?
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