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I’ve learned that the entrepreneur is adventurous. The entrepreneur isn’t afraid to take a risk.They live life on the edge...
The entrepreneur realizes that freedom is the opposite of security. The most secureplace on earth is a prison. There’s eve...
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The entrepreneur


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So you think you are an entrepreneur? Read this and decide!
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The entrepreneur

  1. 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GETMONEY Subscribeto RSS1TweetTweetThe Entrepreneurby Mickey and Caitlin Russo | on May 23, 2013The EntrepreneurThe Entrepreneur isn’t born he’s trained. The same goes for an employee.I remember when I was young. If you know anything about my story, you know I grew up a bitrough. (you can read more about it here) Because I didn’t have a lot of parental guidance Imade the poorest of choices.I remember some buddies of mine at the time and myself thought it would be a “good idea” tosteal a car. I was only about 14 years old. We went from neighbor to neighbor looking to seeif any of them had left their keys in their cars.Low and behold we found one. More than one actually…The first one was a thrill I’ll never forget. I remember starting the car thinking to myself,” Ihope to God this person doesn’t wake up.” (It was late in the middle of the night of course)We had backed the car out slowly and as quietly as possible…We were off. It was so thrilling and scary at the same time. We didn’t stay gone long. Lookingback now I see how incredibly stupid it was for us to do that!The Empower Network is a school for the entrepreneur.The Entrepreneur isAdventurous
  2. 2. I’ve learned that the entrepreneur is adventurous. The entrepreneur isn’t afraid to take a risk.They live life on the edge and they love the view.It’s this spirit of adventure that drives the entrepreneur. If you’re reading this, there is a goodchance that you are a business owner. If not maybe you’d like to be. Click Here to start yourown for just $25 bucks.In order to achieve success as an entrepreneur you have to move from a customer mindsetto a business owner mindset. You have to move from being a consumer to a producer…The entrepreneur realizes he’s in control of his economic destiny, and that the only solutionis entrepreneurship.It’s because of the entrepreneur the United States of America flourished and became one ofthe wealthiest countries in the world. Only after the government adopted the Prussian schoolsystem did there start to be more employees than entrepreneurs. The sole purpose of thisschool system was to produce employees and soldiers.You always heard your parents say go to school so you can get a good job (Just OverBroke). You never heard them say go to school and learn how to become an entrepreneur .Empower Network is that school.The entrepreneur does things that flies in the face of conventional wisdom. He goes againstthe norm. He colors outside the box.Its’ never crowded in the arena of adventure. When you start to cross that line, when yousmash through that barrier, you’ll experience a magnificence most never will.The entrepreneur loves to be told, “it can’t be done”, or, “you don’t have what it takes.” Theentrepreneur is a master at proving the masses wrong.Entrepreneur’s aren’t special or better than anyone. They’ve just been trained, and so canyou! Click Here Now to get started. Anyone can be an entrepreneur.This is a vehicle that gives you a business for only $25 and teaches you how to be anentrepreneur. It’s one of the greatest schools of entrepreneurship in the world.How long does it take?First, let me ask you another question…How much is it worth to you?Make up your mind to commit yourself to learning how to be an entrepreneur in a free society.NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES, and let THIS be your vehicle. Your School ofEntrepreneurship. (This is like having a rocket ship compared to roller blades)It may take some time to learn some new things. Some new mindsets. It will probably take youlonger to unlearn some things. After you GET IN, do whatever your mentor tells you. Becomea student. A good student. Do your homework. The more homework you do the less workyou’ll have to do later, and the more you’ll enjoy.Doctors go to school for years, studying hard, with no monetary gain, believing that one daythey will be rewarded for their efforts.Athletes do the same thing. They train hard day in and day out with the dream that one day itwill all be worth it. They do their homework first before they receive the money. Learn thepower of being an entrepreneur.Just get started. You can be an entrepreneur. Decide what level you want to play at in life,and go for it!The Entrepreneur is FreeRecent PostsThe EntrepreneurSnowboarding HillsVideos To Make You Smile3 Keys to Creating a Viral EffectHow do you get a BlogI’m Sick and Tired of Being Sick and TiredCompanies That Give BackMothers DayHow to Attract 42+ Visitors to Your Blog inLess Than 24 hrs.3 SECRETS of Linguistic Magicians ThatMake Money Every TimeFREE Video How to Advertise on Your Blog“Iron Man 3″ ReviewEducation/SchoolThe Power of EventsThrift Shop – Conte Remix* Email
  3. 3. The entrepreneur realizes that freedom is the opposite of security. The most secureplace on earth is a prison. There’s even a level inside prisons called “maximum security”The employee mentality is security driven. They want a chance to climb the corporate latter.The entrepreneur wants to own the latter.The entrepreneur isn’t driven by money. They are driven by value. The entrepreneur isn’tsatisfied with the way things are, and refuses to sit on the side lines and do nothing.Being an entrepreneur is about doing all you can to make life better for others . It’s aboutserving as many people as possible.The entrepreneur is passionate. They work even when no money shows up. An employeeonly does the minimum amount of work. Employees are usually perfectionists, they wait foreverything to be right before they take action. They wait for all the lights to be green…The entrepreneur doesn’t care if all the lights are red , they go anyway!If you’ve read this far don’t miss this – The majority of why people don’t make it as anentrepreneur is because “Their excuses are more powerful than their dreams .” That’s asecurity mentality.If you want freedom, you have to let go of security. If you do you’ll live a life that most neverwill.The entrepreneur has the ability to fail successfully. They embrace failure because theyknow it’s the only way to succeed. Employees are hired not to fail.The entrepreneur learns the science of failure. Failure is just part of the process. It might notbe fun, but without failure you can’t learn, grow, and adjust. Failure means you’re close to abreakthrough. Fail, Correct, Improve!Losers use failure to fail more. Winners use failure to win more…The faster you will fail, the faster you will grow. If you don’t fail fast you’re going to fail anyway,so you might as well speed up your learning curve and get to failing!Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they win. Don’t let your fear be worst than thefight.The Entrepreneur Thinks Long TermThe entrepreneur abstains from immediate gratification. They can function without money.The entrepreneur spends imagination before they spend money. The entrepreneur worksfor free.The entrepreneur takes responsibility for their life. They often think, “what difference will thismake 5 years down the road? Will it matter?”You might be an entrepreneur:If you think alarm clocks are evil…If you call in slick to work…If you fall asleep in staff meetings, or standing up…If your tired of doing all the work and your boss gets all the credit…If you don’t remember if the light was red or green this morningIf your tired of not getting paid what you know your worth…If Friday is better than your Monday…If you prefer buying trips to shopping trips…Thrift Shop – Conte Remix
  4. 4. « Previous PostPoweredby LivefyreIf you prefer a Caribbean beach cabana to an office cubical…If you take a fishing pool to sea world…If you’d rather play golf than office politicsIf you think a smart car is an SUV or Truck that you write off on your taxes…If you think TV stand for tunnel vision…If you put your kids on the pay roll…If you call your boss dude…If you put your parents in a nursing home for not buying any products…Are you and can you make it as an entrepreneur, or should you just stick to you day job?Click Here To Get StartedThis entry was posted in Blogging, Empower Network, Entrepreneurship, TestimonialsTags: An Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Successful Entrepreneur, TheEntrepreneurAbout The Author: Mickey and Caitlin RussoWe Love BeingAlive, and Living Life like everydayis anAdventure. Our passion is tohelp Empower others to do the same. We consider ourselves trulyblessed to havemet and married! We are best friends. Were Internet Marketers who dont think cant,onlyHow Can we?! Our intention is to help people achieve their dreams, and the lifestyle theywant byproviding as much value as possible, to as manypeople as possible. Our goal for2013 is to help 20 people start making $20k a Month Profit ! We are recruiting people daily! Be apart ofthis movement. Email me at To get Started.Home | Welcome | Vision | Leadership | System | Get Money2hours agoNewest | OldestcurtisfillersSignin 3 people listeningReally good blog, very well writtenCurtis Fillers(Charlotte,NC)1 Like Reply1 comment+Follow+Follow Post comment as...