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Cairn Design Consulting Portfolio - a collection of various project samples

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Cairn Porfolio Small 5 12 10

  1. 1. PLANNING LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE VISIONING ~A Guide on your Design Journey~ CAIRN design consulting llc
  2. 2. The Cairn is... A guide. A part of nature. A point of reflection. A piece of art. A foundation of Design. CAIRN design consulting llc
  3. 3. Overview: Portfolio Samples: My name is Edward Cody Humphrey. I am the founding principal and owner of On the preceding pages is a sample collection of design work representing the variety and type of projects CDC has led, designed, and influenced over the last nine years. Cairn Design Consulting LLC (CDC). CDC is a firm providing design consultation and services The sample collection is categorized into the following sections: for Community and Resort master planning, site-specific development, landscape architec- ture, and community visioning. Within the last 9 years of my design experience, I’ve had the Community Resort opportunity to work on a variety of projects around the United States and the world, including Landscape Architecture locations such as Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Romania and United Arab Emirates. Visioning CDC believes in applying these past experiences to new design challenges through leader- Sustainable Design ship and collaboration. By sharing CDC’s passion for remarkable, innovative, and sustainable Design Graphics Entitlements design with Clients and Consultants, CDC strives to create landscapes and communities that Built Projects will maintain their excellence through educated planning and forever hold their value as de- sirable places to live, work and play. The Izamal Airpark and Sisal Resort are projects completed by Cairn Design Consulting. All other projects shown were completed during previous employment at DTJ Design. Please review the collection at your leisure. If you have any questions or would like to Design Philosophy: discuss how Cairn Design Consulting can be a part of your next project design team, please contact me at the information provided below: Cairn Design Consulting was founded on three principals of Design: 1. Providing outstanding design service and guidance. 230 S. 39th Street 2. Creating a project legacy through value-driven design. Boulder, CO 80305 3. Maintaining long-lasting client relationships. 303.809.1678 CDC establishes its reputation of providing excellent design services through understanding project-based market trends, innovative design quality, consultant reliability, and engaging collaboration. Through these qualities, CDC renders assured guidance during the design process. As the second design principal, CDC believes in creat- ing value-driven design. In return, a project’s legacy can be defined by the value the design provides for future generations. Clients who appreciate value-driven design see the benefits as separating themselves from the competition as well as increasing their bottom line. Main- taining Client relationships is CDC’s third design principal. CDC makes every effort to ensure client satisfaction and is committed to a continued association in the future. These three prin- cipals are the drivers behind the quality, creativity, and service Cairn Design Consulting brings to every project. CAIRN design consulting llc
  4. 4. Riley Park (Bend, OR) Quigley Canyon (Hailey, ID) Centerra West Residential (Loveland, CO) Izamal Airpark (Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico)* Flying Horse Ranch (Colorado Springs, CO) The art of community planning involves more than just laying out streets and lots. Each new community has a story to be told. It is the planner’s responsi- bility to tell that story through the design of the community. By preserving exist- ing site features, or celebrating the history of the land as it once was, planners are establishing the plot of the story. Architecture and landscape architecture serve to enrich the plot, building upon the community plan while adding sup- porting detail. Residents embrace this storyline while establishing a sense of pride in what their community has to offer. Each community plan displayed here tells it’s own unique story, perpetuated through the property’s existing landforms or a piece of history that has already been written. Community * Cairn Design Consulting project
  5. 5. Ninth Avenue (Denver, CO) El Arrayan (Cota, Colombia) Beacon Hill (Spokane, WA) Mayberry (Redmond, OR) Community
  6. 6. Luna Gorda (Matagorda, TX) The Woodlands (Port Elgin, Canada) The Ledges (St. George, UT) Zavidovo Marina (Volga River, Russia) Battle Mountain Ski Resort (Minturn, CO) Resort planning is no longer about plotting luxury homes around a brand-name golf course. In today’s market, golf is not even the most desired resort amenity. Buyers want and demand a unique experience, true to the region they are visiting. Whether it be on top of a ski hill in Colorado or on the beaches of the Yucatan coastline, resorts need to emphasize what is special about the natural environment and the surrounding culture of the place. Geological rock forma- tions, pristine lagoons, oceanfront views, changes in topography, and massive evergreen forests are all factors that make the resort designs on these pages unique. With this comes the responsibility of sustainable design. Building a resort in such a remarkable setting requires sustainable design principals to lessen the impact of the resort footprint on the surrounding natural habitats. Resort
  7. 7. The Haciendas (scottsdale, AZ) Sisal Resort (Sisal, Yucatan, Mexico)* Powell butte (Crook County, OR) Strop de Cer (Transylvania) * Cairn Design Consulting project Resort
  8. 8. Flying Horse Flying Horse Conceptual Landscape Conceptual Landscape Option A Option B (Colorado Springs, CO) (Colorado Springs, CO) Anthem Neighborhood 1 (Broomfield, CO) The transition of a project from the planning stages into schematic landscape ar- chitecture is a seamless, logical step in the order of design. During the conceptual planning of a community, ideas about the landscape architecture are already being generated based on the existing landscape, the history of the site, the initial design drivers, or a combination of all three. The following samples display a variety of community and resort projects where this design transition has occurred. Examples also include projects where landscape dis- tricts are identified based on the layout of the existing terrain as well as schematic design options are supported with detailed landscape image boards. Landscape Architecture
  9. 9. The Ledges (St. George, Utah) centerra West Residential (Loveland, CO) Pearl Oasis Resort (Abu Dhabi, UAE) Landscape Architecture
  10. 10. Riley Park vision Summary Booklet Riley Park is a 700-acre residential community located on the rim of the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon. The overall design of the com- munity reflects the character of the existing tree stands, rock out- crops, rim edge and access to the Deschutes Canyon. Three sepa- rate districts (the New West Village, Meadow Neighborhood, and the Woodland Enclave) incorporate a variety of housing types, along with distinct architectural and landscape character. Each district’s individuality is emphasized by thoughtful, site-sensitive locations for parks, trail connections, and preservation of natural features. As part of the services for the client, Brooks Resources, a vision sum- mary booklet was created to document the design process to be shared with city officials and future builders. The idea behind the Riley Park Vision Summary booklet was to capture the character of outdoor magazines such as Outside and National Geographic Explorer and instill that flavor of bold, bright photos and interesting text into the layout. Since receiving the final product this past Jan- uary, the Vision Summary booklet has become an important tool for the client in the process of getting Riley Park ap- proved and built. Visioning
  11. 11. Luna Gorda Resort Community Vision Booklet The new resort community of Luna Gorda, located along the Gulf Coast outside Matagorda, TX, was designed to create memorable experiences for a variety of users. The community offers opportunities to shop at the Mercado, take a stroll along the boardwalk, catch a concert at the local ocean-front venue, enjoy the day spa at the edge of the harbor, or dock your boat at one of the two marinas pro- vided. These magical resort experiences are captured in the vivid images and unique stories of the Luna Gorda Resort Community Vision Booklet. The booklet shares various fictional experiences of families and individuals at the resort, appealing to the reader who can relate to the unique stories. The booklet also provides a foldout of the entire 1,300 acre illustrative site plan (only a third of which is developed) as well as a community site tabulation and detailed vignettes of the different product offerings. Visioning
  12. 12. The Falls at Elk Run Visioning Booklet The Falls at Elk Run Visioning Booklet is unique in that it tells the story of a family living in the community through a scrapbook layout. Handwritten letters, family photos, newpaper articles and other memo- rabilia depict the lifestyle and interaction of this fictional family with all the amenities Elk Run offers its buyers. For instance, the daugther, Julianne, is a member of the Elk Run Equestrian Center where she is learning about equine therapy, while her brother, Jack, plays on the Rochester youth hockey team in the Elk Run Sports Complex, where they won their league championship. The visioning booklet’s purpose is two-fold: to be used by the client for approval by the city, as well as a marketing tool for investors or potential homebuyers. Visioning
  13. 13. Powell Butte Sustainable concepts Quigley Canyon Sustainability Opportunities Plan (Hailey, ID) (Crook County, OR) As part of the continued commitment to sustainable design, many of the most-widely accepted ‘Green’ ideas and techniques were implemented into the layout of these three commu- nities. Quigley Canyon incorporates a variety of sustainable ideas, including the use of wind energy as well as the solar orientation of the homes. Powell Butte maintains large wildlife corridors and provides many miles of trail ac- cess for biking and walking throughout the community. Riley Park’s focus is on the treatment of rain water by provid- ing several means of cleaning runoff before filtering into the ground. With continued successful implementation of these techniques, sustainable design is no longer considered a trend but the answer to creating a healthier built-en- vironment. Riley Park Water Quality Diagram & Stormwater Management Plan (Bend, OR) Sustainable Design
  14. 14. Various Design Study Diagrams Project Vignettes The Woodlands Open Space Sketch (Port Elgin, Canada) Ninth Street SketchUp Massing Study (Denver, CO) Design Graphics
  15. 15. The Haciendas at Desert Mountain DRB Submittal (Scottsdale, AZ) The entitlement process for any proj- ect requires commitment, patience, and an eye for detail. By having a solid understanding of what is required for the specific submittal, the challenges of the entitlement process can usu- ally be limited with open communi- cation and good teamwork among the design team, consultants, and client. I had the opportunity to work on the Design Review Board submittal for The Haciendas at Desert Mountain as well as the Planned Unit Develop- ment for the community of Anthem among others. Both of these specific projects were approved through the entitlement process and have been built within the last 3 years. Anthem PUD Submittal (Broomfield, CO) Entitlements
  16. 16. The overall design for The Haciendas was inspired by an existing remnant wall from the Carefree Ranch that once existed on the site. A sense of place was realized by pairing an authentic “Hacienda” site plan with Arizona territorial architecture. Located just east of the Desert Mountain main entry, the homes were oriented inward, creating a series of private and public courtyard spaces. These spaces cre- ate an open space “spine” that leads to the com- munity’s shared outdoor pool and pavilion. Sensi- tive site planning protected natural washes, existing ground cover, and preserved the distant views for custom homes located to the north. The Hacienda character was further enhanced through the rustic timber and iron details found throughout the rest of Desert Mountain. (Photos by Robb Williamson) The Haciendas at Desert Mountain (Scottsdale, AZ) 38 units (26 Duplex, 12 Single-family) 20.5 Acres (4.9 acres Natural Area open space) 1.85 Du/Ac 2500-3300 s.f. units Built Projects
  17. 17. Similar to the explorer and fur trapper settlements in the Utah high plains long ago, the cabins at Trap- per’s Camp are situated in small enclaves around two open space “camps.” Maintaining much of the existing landscape throughout the community, the open space camps are unique because of their multi-use park-like settings with each camp having its own brand of landscape character. Defying the conventional rule of not repeating exterior elevation materials on homes next to each other, the cabins in each enclave were deliberately designed to use the same siding materials, stone, and window colors, to emphasize the concept of the trapper’s camp. (Photos by Robb Williamson) The Trapper’s Camp at Promontory (Park City, UT) 64 units (Single-Family) 33.0 Acres 1.94 Du/Ac 1900-2400 s.f. units Built Projects
  18. 18. CAIRNdesign consulting llc 230 S. 39th Street Boulder, CO 80305 303.809.1678