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Justin Adams resume

  1. 1. JUSTIN ADAMS 1724 Dandridge Barnhart, MO 63012 T 636-584-1459 F 866-407-1055 jadams459@gmail.comOBJECTIVETo obtain an executive marketing position that will allow me to utilize my extensive sales and marketingexperience in the professional sports industry and to lead a team in creating meaningful and impactfulmarketing programs.PROFILEEducated and accomplished management professional with 15+ years of leadership and real world experience inmarketing and creative business solutions. Record of success in developing campaigns, strategies and solutionsthat have generated significant brand awareness, additional revenue streams and strategic partnerships. Rec-ognized for ability to lead successful event promotions, coordinating marketing for multiple live broadcasts perweek and developing relationships with publics. Exceptional at creating and driving forward growth momentumthrough character, innovation, professionalism and hard work.EXPERIENCECARPENTER, WEATHERSHIELD ROOFING & HOME REMODELING — 1996-2005I began as a laborer doing general work such as prep, clean up, assistant to foreman and other non skilled re-lated tasks. As the company needs developed, so did the position and I began doing quality control and cus-tomer relations work, consisting of meetings with home owners to go over crews, current and finished work, an-swering any questions, addressing any concerns, etc. From there, my skills were developed into a lead carpen-ter building decks, home additions, roofing, siding, soffit, fascia, landscaping, windows, doors, finished base-ments, bathrooms, kitchens, flooring and anything related to the home remodeling and repair industry. As a leadcarpenter, I also managed my crew consisting of 2-6 workers per job, managed schedules, budgeting, architec-tural plans and reported directly to the company owner.During this time, exceptional customer relations and quality control skills were developed, while personally takingan interest in marketing/advertising, specifically graphic design and traditional marketing such as print, radio andtelevision commercials. Also, during my time as lead carpenter, I began learning how to comply with governmentregulations, including research and filing & submitting forms/applications.FOUNDER, CAGED MARKETING — 2006-PRESENTI created Caged Marketing in 2006 and have had the privilege to work with clients ranging from internet busi-nesses to international companies. I’ve done promotional events, public relations, advertising, marketing and/orconsulting and much more for companies. For a complete list of marketing & PR skills, proficiencies and exam-ples of work history, please view the “skills” section of this resume. I also had the opportunity to work as a serv-ices contractor for three clients on a regular basis in the combat sports industry, Respect Is Earned MMA,GoFightLive.tv and Evander 2.0.Respect Is Earned MMA, 2008-2010. I began as a marketing consultant providing information about YouTubechannel development, website SEO help and viral video creation and exposure. RIE quickly brought me on asthe Online Marketing Director where I promptly developed the social networking and produced fan interaction bygiving fans an avenue to interact with the company. I brought in video production and broadcasting services toimmediately broaden exposure and create national credibility within the industry. I began connecting RIE withevent sponsors, new fighters/camps, new technology was implemented establishing a footprint that was other-wise lacking for the company.As Caged Marketing, I was promoted to Vice President and Matchmaker, handling event coordination, bookingthe fight cards, managing talent relations, budgeting, negotiating deals with networks, sponsors, fighters, press,restaurants and more. I wrote sales copy, created marketing & advertising campaigns, managed all the online
  2. 2. social media, developed a QR code for marketing, maintained state and federal regulatory & compliance regula-tions and much more. In early 2010, RIE’s CEO and myself developed & filmed the first installment of an MMATV pilot to be picked up by a major TV network. During my time with RIE, I was able to develop my social net-working skills tremendously as well as event coordination, budgeting and guerrilla marketing.GoFightLive.tv, 2009-2010. I began working with GFL, a combat sports broadcasting company, as a marketingconsultant specifically developing their social networking medias. In 2 months, I brought in an additional $6,000of internet PPV sales revenue which was a 5000% increase. I began managing their online presence for all theircombat sports events and broadcasts through implementation of email marketing campaigns, newsletters, socialnetworking and website organization. I managed press releases for all broadcasts, worked with promoters todevelop trailer videos, worked as a commentator and maintained content management of over 1500 hours ofcombat sports videos.GFL on average, broadcasts 3 live events every weekend since they began in 2007. Live combat sports broad-casts from all over the world, I’ve worked with promoters in the Middle East, Hawaii, Australia, Germany and allacross the United States. Through this unique work with GFL, I’m one of the few people in the country who fullyunderstands and can manage, broadcast and market multiple live sports events per week. Considering my re-sponsibilities with GFL, I was able to make great strides forward with my skill set, specifically in the areas ofemail marketing campaigns, customer relations, quality control, press releases, team management and videoproduction & broadcasting.Evander 2.0, 2010-2011. I was approached by LiveFights247.com about to bring to, manage and maintain livecombat sports video broadcast content. In addition to the live sporting events, I was asked to associate produce& be the live studio director for Evander 2.0. A live, 24-7 online broadcast of 5x world heavyweight championboxer, Evander Holyfield. I negotiated deals with sponsors and TV networks, managed teams of commentatorsand social networking groups. I wrote press releases, maintained the media influx, email marketing campaigns,video editing, live broadcast directing, implemented an SMS short code marketing campaign, managed EvanderHolyfield’s Twitter & Facebook pages. I negotiated an exclusive contract for live broadcasting with YouTube andUstream as well as promotional marketing with both companies and Google.Also while on the Evander 2.0 project, I created a unique live broadcasting solution, consisting of equipment andlabor, studio, networking, content delivery, promotional & technological partners unmatched in the combat sportsindustry. While working on this show, I had the unique opportunity to develop my video production and livebroadcasting knowledge, skills and connections. Additionally, I had an immense amount of exposure to fans andmedia allowing me to further develop my public relations skills.EDUCATIONWindsor High School, Imperial, Missouri — College Prep Diploma w/3.4 GPA, 2000Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois — B.S. in Marketing, B.S. in Psychology, 2004Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas — M.B.A. with emphasis in Marketing, 2008SKILLSDuring my time at Caged Marketing, I’ve developed several unique and valuable skill sets. The following is a listof skills I have been educated on, have real world experience with and consider myself proficient in. Guerrillamarketing, press releases, public relations, blogging, vlogging, SEO, street marketing, sponsorship sales, ticketsales, team management, online advertising in banner ads, link exchanges, videos advertising, flyers, traditionaladvertising, MMA commentary, live sporting events and event coordination, QR codes, SMS short codes, livevideo broadcasting and directing, Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/LinkedIn integration/implementation/marketing,contract negotiations, media influx, damage control, video & audio editing, post production video work, graphic &website design, content management and additional revenue creation, consulting, email marketing campaigns,newsletters, e-commerce, customer relations, quality control and publicist.
  3. 3. PERSONAL•Own an online advertising network catering to the combat sports industry but versatile for any industry.•Ranked #2 overall on LinkedIn.com when searching “MMA” out of 18,991 people.•**Ranked #1 overall on Odesk.com’s Internet Marketing test.•**Ranked #3 overall on Odesk.com’s Social Media Marketing test.•Scored in the 96th percentile for Odesk.com’s Telephone Etiquette Certification test out of nearly 40,000 takers.•**Scored 4.82 on BrainBench.com’s Marketing Concept test.•**Scored 4.79 on BrainBench.com’s Public Relations Industry Knowledge test.•Always studying and practicing Guerrilla Marketing techniques.•In the process of writing a marketing book.•Was voted Vice President by group of peers at Benedictine College to help create, establish and run the firstever student, owned and operated business on campus, in Benedictine’s history.•8 years of volunteer coaching football and baseball both the high school and college levels, including leadingvideo production team, analyzing video, development of game plan and editing videos.•2 years of professional driving experience, in which I’ve obtained a CDL certification, MO Class E and Class Mlicense.•Participated in the Army ROTC training courses for 2 years where teamwork and leadership qualities were fur-ther developed.•Developed and maintain personal connections with 5 television networks.•Created and, for 2 years, ran an animal rescue shelter in Kansas. With 90% of the rescued and rehabbed ani-mals being the infamous Pitbull breed. Though we rescued any animal in need, my personal favorite was a veryyoung raccoon who was attacked by a dog and given no chance to survive by area vets. Im proud to say afterseveral months of TLC, Hope as I had affectionately named her, fully recovered and we were able to release herback into the wild.•Volunteer worker for Rebuilding Together, a group of citizens providing construction materials and skilled laborto St Louis area residents who’s homes are in need, who otherwise would be forced to live in hazardous & un-safe living conditions.•Regularly do pro-bono work for local small businesses.•Wrote for both my high school and college paper, having multiple articles published. One college article in par-ticular started a campus-wide conversation about student rights, which lead to a student organized committee inwhich I was appointed a committee leader to speak on behalf of student rights during college board meetingsand student government meetings.•Voted Team Captain by coaches and peers on both football and baseball teams in high school.•Became a student mentor for at risk high school kids as well as student mentor for elementary kids strugglingwith coursework.•Received full football scholarship to play for Northern Illinois University Huskies, 2000.•Received All Conference, District, Metro and All State honors in high school football, 1997-1999.•Received All Conference, District and Metro honors in high school baseball, 1999-2000.•Im a ‘think on my feet’ kinda guy. Thinking independently and outside the box with good problem solving skillsas well as good with number skills.•I’ve remodeled my home, redoing the bathrooms, flooring, paint, building a deck, roof and other various typicalremodeling jobs. Additionally, after a close friend bought an unlivable stone castle for his home, he asked me tofinish it to code and livable standards.•Amateur photographer, taking personal development classes and studying the art.•High School Metro Area Player of the Week in football.•2x Defensive Player of the Week at Northern Illinois University Football.•Hold current high school and college weightlifting records in power clean.•Can make biodiesel from algae.•Caught a foul ball at a St Louis Cardinals game.•Was invited to and deceived Top 10 Defensive Linemen award at the University of Michigan Wolverine’s Foot-ball Camp out of 200 lineman. Additionally, received a limited invitation to the “Smokehouse Competition” duringcamp week. A competition between players of same position to determine who’s the fastest of the fast.•Who’s Who high school football publication, used for college recruitment, ranked #2 in state at position.•Worked some security gigs in the past.**See additional information for details on tests.QUOTES I LIVE BY*If you always do, what you’ve always done, you’ll always get, what you’ve already got.*If people aren’t talking about you, you’re not doing enough.*Actions speak louder than words.
  4. 4. REFERRALSI’m proud of the reputation I’ve built, not only in the MMA industry but in my personal life as well. And I’m alsoproud to have worked with such amazing people and companies in the past. Here are just a few of my satisfiedclients/partners:“Justin is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. he stands for excellence in his job and his people skills areoutstanding.” -Kathlene Smith, Actress, One Time Blind“Justin has always been very easy and professional to work with and has done all he can do to accommodateour fighters. It has been a pleasure to work with Justin thus far and I hope that we can work together well intothe future.” -Shannon Horn, Officer at Superion Management“To whom it may concern, I worked with Justin while he was with a promotion that had several of my athletesinvolved with his show. Justin was a trusting straight shooter and when he said something would get done, it gotdone. I hope we have an opportunity to work together again!” -Brian Butler, President at SuckerPunch Enter-tainment“While working as GFL’s Chief Marketing Officer, Justin displayed a wealth of knowledge and skills that lead tonew revenue streams for us. Including developing our Facebook & Twitter accounts to yield $6000+ in only afew months. he is a valuable asset to have and Caged Marketing is a company we will continue to work with fora long time.” -David Klarman, CEO GoFightLive.tv“Justin is an extremely honest, forthright individual who conducts his affairs with integrity. Im excited to seewhere he’s going to take Caged Marketing, as he has a unique vision for his and other organizations. Im surewith Justin’s skills and experience, he’s going to continue to be successful. It takes a special breed of person tosucceed in the sport of MMA and Justin is that type of individual. A loyal soldier with a strong work ethic, Justinhas exhibited a great business sense in his endeavors. I am positive he will be amongst the leaders of MMAwithin the next few years. Justin will be a valuable part of any organization he’d be apart of.” -Phil Lanides,Owner at Fight Of Your Life Promotions“I really like the way Justin thinks. A lot of ‘marketers’, or people who admit to being marketers rub me the wrongway, because they’re always looking at increasing either traffic or income. Very few of them in the sports indus-try at least, try to also do what’s best for the sport. Justin adheres to the “Campground Rule”, where he’s tryingto make sure that when he leaves MMA, the sport is in a better state than it was when he got here. He under-stands the value of all these new ways to communicate, like Twitter, Facebook & YouTube. He knows how tobend these tools into something that works for him. He’s pretty much the man.” -Paul Miles, OwnerMidAtlanticMMA.tv“It was great to partner with Justin on the development of a company website. He’s upbeat, easy to work with,and goes above and beyond in his work. He brings a lot to the table as a business partner and I would recom-mend him to assist my colleagues and clients with marketing services.” -Brand DeLorenzo, Owner at DeLorenzoMedia LLC“Justin is a hard working and dedicated individual, in the time that I have known him he has shown that if he be-lieves in an idea, he will make it happen by staying on top of the situation until it is a success.” Bucky Miller,Sales Consultant, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge“Justin is friendly, informative and knowledgeable. He is passionate about MMA and knows the scene very well& wants to see it continue to develop. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and work with him.” Rohan Adarkar, Co-Founder at Xtreme MMA in Australia/New Zealand“Justin was a key component to our success at Respect Is Earned LLC. Justin performed magic with his creativ-ity to help us reach our goals. Justin constantly gave us all of his time and efforts to complete missions that wereclose to nearly impossible. He is a person to have on your team!” -Larry Stevens, Promoter at Respect IsEarned MMA & former professional NFL athlete“I have known Justin Adams for the past 2 years, as head of marketing, matchmaker, fighter liaison, etc, withRespect Is Earned MMA. He wore many hats with RIE and wore them well. I have supreme confidence inJustin. He maintains solid positive relationships within the industry, which will allow the organization to succeed.
  5. 5. His marketing background speaks for itself. I also have seen the innovation he brings to an organization by em-bracing technology and processes that enable productivity while at the same time keeping costs at a minimum.All these factors, mixed with his youthful drive and dedication would make him an excellent choice for your mar-keting & PR needs.” -Ryan MacDonald, Co-Host for Pure Adrenaline Radio“Justin Adams has proven to be extremely valuable and innovative in promoting our Dragon Gate USA iPPV. Heis a team player who is unselfish in helping his peers achieve success and their goals. He is definitely someoneI would like to work with in the future.” -Gabe Sapolsky, Professional Wrestling Promoter at Dragon Gate USA“I have know Justing for years now and have seen firsthand how responsible he is about work. I’ve also hadmultiple conversations and consults with Justin regarding the state and overall sport of MMA. I can see howpassionate he is about the sport and he would honestly be my first choice for any industry marketing.” -BryceAubuchon, Freelance MMA Blogger & Union Carpenter“Having worked with Justin Adams on a few different projects I can attest to his drive to succeed, will to innovate,and honest to goodness work ethic. His insight of the MMA industry and it’s affiliate markets provides him with awealth of knowledge, contacts and inside information to make serious strides in the space. Above and beyondhis business acumen, he is in tune to the needs and goals of those with whom he works, and creates a comfort-able yet productive atmosphere that is synonymous with success.” -Jesse Gray, CEO at Mixed Martial Marketing& Fight Ad Net“Over the the last couple of months, I have had the pleasure to get to know Justin. He is a very diligent and pre-cise business minded person. I was impressed with the way he plans out his business models prior to just jump-ing in and acting. By doing so, Justin will become successful at whatever area of business he may choose. Thisis why I believe Justin has what it takes to help any company.” -Matt Haeffner, Wealth Manager at Money Con-cepts International“I have been a full time professional fighter for over five years now. Over this time I have fought on many differ-ent fight promotions and dealt with many different promoters. Justin stands out from the rest because he takesinto account a fighters perspective as well as continually showing them respect and appreciation for their contri-bution to the show. This will make fighters want to return and work with Justin again. The more fighters inter-ested in a promotion, the pickier a promoter can be which in turn translates into more exciting and higher qualityfights, thus making a show more successful. As a person, Justin is very personable and easy to approach andget along with. As a business man, Justin is focused, goal oriented, self motivated, and very creative. He al-ready is a tremendous asset and positive force in the sport and I look forward to seeing his involvement and con-tributions grow more with every step he takes.” -Brendan Barrett, Professional MMA Fighter and Boxer“Justin has conducted himself with professionalism and integrity in the time that I have known him. He has anintelligence and a savvy necessary for success in the MMA industry. In addition, Justin knows how to work effi-ciently, squeezing every last bit out of every dollar. He certainly has all the tools to make any company or fightera big name in the MMA industry.” -Ted Czech, Writer for MMA Business Magazine & several other publications
  6. 6. ONLINE TEST OUTLINESOdesk.com’s Internet Marketing Test. Ranked #1 all time out of 7085 takers. Test consists of:1.Affiliate Marketing2.Budgeting3.Email Marketing4.Pay Per Click5.Podcasts6.Public Relations7.Search Engine Optimization8.Strategy and GoalsOdesk.com’s Social Media Marketing Test. Ranked #3 all time out of 5913 takers. Test consists of:1.Creating a Social Network Marketing Plan2.Creating Marketing Campaigns3.Evaluating Your Marketing Effectiveness4.General Social Media Marketing5.Marketing Techniques for Blogging6.Marketing Techniques for Facebook7.Marketing Techniques for LinkedIn8.Marketing Techniques for Twitter9.Marketing Techniques for YouTube10.Social Network Marketing vs Traditional Marketing11.TerminologyBrainBench.com’s Marketing Concepts Test. Scored 4.82 which ranks in the 99th percentile. Test consists of:1. Advertising & Sales Promotion2.Buying Behavior3.Demographic Decision-Making4.Distribution & Channel Selection5.Information Analysis6.Internal & External Company Evaluation7.Market Analysis8.Marketing Control Systems9.Marketing Plans10.Marketing Roles11.New Product/Service Development12.Pricing13.Selling IssuesBrainBench.com’s Public Relations Industry Knowledge Test. Scored 4.79 which ranks in the 99th percentile.Test consists of:1.Agencies2.Budgets3.Industry Recognition4.Media Relations5.Planning6.PR Profession7.Program Evaluation8.Research9.Tactics10.Types of Media11.Types of PR