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Conference Programming

  2. 2. July 24th, 2013 UEM - Auditorium 13 – C34 Building – 19h30 “New Urban Economics and Real Estate Market: Challenges and Opportunities” Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Fernando Vendramel Ferreira The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Joilson Dias (PCE/UEM)
  3. 3. July 25th, 2013 HOTEL DEVILLE Morning Sessions – 09h00min – 10h15min Session 1: Macroeconomics and Economic Growth Conference Room: Sala Maringá Session Chair: Rossana Lott Rodrigues 1.1. Structural Changes and External Vulnerabilities in the Brazilian Economy Authors: Rossana Lott Rodrigues, et al Discussant: André Nassif 1.2. Overcoming the “Impossible Trinity”: towards a Mix of Macroeconomic Policy Instruments for Sustaining Economic Development in Brazil Author: André Nassif Discussant: Julyana Covre 1.3. Political-Economic Cycle Theory: Empirical Evidence for Brazil between 1997 and 2013 Authors: Julyana Covre and Thyago Américo Schio Discussant: Rossana Lott Rodrigues Session 2: China, Brazil and Other Emerging Economies Conference Room: Sala Jacarandá Session Chair: Marina Silva da Cunha 2.1. Lead-Lag Effect in the Stock Market of the Member States of the BRICS Authors: Julyerme Matheus Tonin, Jose Carlos Bornia, Marina Silva Cunha, and Joao Ricardo Tonin Discussant: Mateus Ramalho Ribeiro da Fonseca 2.2. Inflation Targeting Regime: Comparative Analysis and Empirical Evidence for Selected Emerging Countries Authors: Mateus R. R. da Fonseca and Samuel C. Peres Discussant: Vanessa da Costa Val Munhoz 2.3. Dynamics of Financial Flows in BRICS: Analysis of the Period 2000-2010 Authors: Vanessa da Costa Val Munhoz, Vanessa de Paula Pereira and Larissa Naves de Deus Discussant: Julyerme Matheus Tonin
  4. 4. July 25th, 2013 Session 3: Sectorial and Industrial Studies Conference Room: Sala Magnólia Session Chair: Maria de Fátima Garcia 3.1. Recent Increase in Prices of Property in Brazil: There Exist or Property Bubble? Author: Luciano Luiz Manarin D'Agostini Discussant: Marcelo Miranda de Melo 3.2. Is There a Bubble Price in the Real Estate Sector of Ceará? A Post Keynesian Approach Author: Marcelo Miranda de Melo Discussant: José Alderir da Silva 3.3. Deindustrialization and Dutch Disease: A Case of Brazil Author: Jose Alderir da Silva Discussant: Luciano Luiz Manarin D’Agostini
  5. 5. July 25th, 2013 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT: CHALLENGES AND OPORTUNITIES IN BRAZIL Main Conference 10h45 – 12h30 Conference Room: Sala Maringá Session Chair and Discussant: Eliane Cristina de Araújo Sbardellati (PCE/UEM) “China Model and Its Sustainability” Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Suisheng (Sam) Zhao The Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, USA
  6. 6. July 25th, 2013 Afternoon Sessions – 14h00 – 15h30 Session 4: International Macroeconomic Policy Conference Room: Sala Maringá Session Chair: Maria Helena Ambrosio Dias 4.1. MERCOSUR: An Analysis of the Economic Indicators from 1990 to 2004 Author: Luciana Aparecida Bastos Discussant: Maria Helena Ambrosio Dias 4.2. Macroeconomic Policy Transmission and International Independence: A SVAR Application to Brazil and the U.S. Authors: Maria Helena Ambrosio Dias and Joilson Dias Discussant: Clauber Scherer 4.3. Intensive and Extensive Margins for Brazilian International Trade Authors: Clauber Scherer and Mauricio Bittencourt Discussant: Luciana Aparecida Bastos Session 5: Innovation and Technology Conference Room: Sala Jacarandá Session Chair: Antonio Carlos Campos 5.1. Sustainable Economic Development Based on Technological Innovation Authors: Fernanda Helen Mansano, Leonardo da Costa Urt and Marcelo Farid Pereira Discussant: Elcio Cordeiro da Silva 5.2. Impacts of Demand and Technology in Brazilian Economic Growth of 2000 -2009 Authors: Elcio Cordeiro da Silva, Daniel Lelis de Oliveira, José Tarocco Filho, and Umberto Antonio Sesso Filho Discussant: João Ricardo Tonin 5.3. Price Asymmetry of the BM&F Bovespa Ethanol Future Contract: Dynamics of Biofuels Market in Brazilian South-Center Authors: João Ricardo Tonin, Antonio Augusto de Jesus Godoy, and Joilson Dias Discussant: Fernanda Helen Mansano
  7. 7. July 25th, 2013 Session 6: Human Capital, Health System and Labor Market Conference Room: Sala Magnólia Session Chair: Julyerme Tonin 6.1. Human Capital and Health Status in Brazil Authors: Leticia Xander Russo and Joilson Dias Discussant: Thiago Caliari 6.2. Innovation and Interactions in the Brazilian Health System Authors: Thiago Caliari and Ricardo Machado Ruiz Discussant: Luma de Oliveira 6.3. Frictions in Brazil’s Labor Market: Applications of GMM Models to Wages Authors: Luma de Oliveira, Maria Helena Ambrosio Dias and Joilson Dias Discussant: Leticia Xander Russo
  8. 8. July 25th, 2013 Special Session I – 15h45 – 16h30 Conference Room: Sala Maringá Session Chair and Discussant: José Luiz Parré (PCE/UEM) “China’s Agri-Biotech Policy, Regulations and Institutions” Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Hugh Dang and Prof. Dr. Lance Wang (Transnational Corporations Review, Canada) Special Session II– 16h30 – 17h30 Conference Room: Sala Maringá Session Chair and Discussant: Jiamin (Jimmy) Tang “Internationalization of Chinese Enterprises: Assessment and Comparison” Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Yuan Bai and Prof. Dr. Yue Guan (The School of International Economics and Trade, Beijing International Studies University, China) Special Session III – 16h45 – 17h45 Conference Room: Sala Maringá Session Chair and Discussant: Hugh Deng / Joe Zhao (TNCR) “Productivity Dynamics of Entrants and Exits: Evidence from Canadian Manufacturing” Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Huju Liu and Prof. Dr. Jianmin (Jimmy) Tang (Statistics Canada and Industry Canada)
  9. 9. July 26th, 2013 HOTEL DEVILLE Morning Sessions – 08h00 – 09h15 Session 7: International Economics and Business Conference Room: Sala Maringá Sesion Chair: Sam Zhao 7.1. Sectoral Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment and Growth in Brazil Authors: Giovani da Silva Oliveira and Katy Maia Discussant: Ana Urraca-Ruiz 7.2. World Technological Competences Captured by Multinationals in Environmental Technologies Authors: Ana Urraca-Ruiz and Gemma Duran-Romero Discussant: Jianmin (Jimmy) Tang 7.3. India’s Agri-Biotech Policy, Regulations, and Institutions Authors: Hugh Deng and Lance Wang Discussant: Yue Guan Session 8: Monetary and Financial Policy Conference Room: Sala Jacarandá Session Chair: Alexandre Florindo Alves 8.1. Testing the CAPM for Brazilian Stock Market Using Multivariate GARCH Authors: Lucas Lúcio Godeiro, César Roberto Leite da Silva and Fábio Lúcio Rodrigues Discussant: Vinicius Borba da Costa 8.2. Capital Controls: an Empirical Analysis of the Effectiveness of the IOF in Brazil (2008-2012) Authors: Vinicius Borba da Costa and Eliane Cristina de Araújo Discussant: Allan da Silveira dos Santos 8.3. Interaction between Macroeconomics Variables and IBOVESPA: Brazilian Stock Market Index Analysis from a VEC Model Authors: Allan Silveira Dos Santos, Angelo Rondina Neto, Luma De Oliveira and Mateus Boldrine Abrita Discussant: Lucas Lúcio Godeiro
  10. 10. July 26th, 2013 Session 9: Monetary Policy and Growth Convergence Conference Room: Sala Magnólia Session Chair: Gilberto Joaquim Fraga 9.1. Monetary Programming, Turnover of the Directors of Central Bank and Interest Rate Determination Authors: Allan Silveira dos Santos, Maria Helena Ambrosio Dias and Joilson Dias Discussant: Erica Oliveira Gonzales 9.2. Influence of Exchange Variation and Demand Conditions in the Determination of IPCA in Brazil (1999-2011) Authors: Erica Oliveira Gonzales, Allan Silveira dos Santos and Eliane Cristina Araujo Discussant: Jorge Leandro Delconte Ferreira 9.3. Economic Growth and Per Capita Income Convergence among Municipalities of the Parana and Sao Paulo States (1999-2010) Authors: Jorge Leandro Delconte Ferreira, Jose Luiz Parre and Maria Luzia Lomba de Sousa Discussant: Allan Silveira dos Santos Morning Sessions – 09h45 – 10h30 Session 10: Agricultural Sector Studies Conference Room: Sala Jacarandá Session Chair: Natalino Henrique Medeiros 10.1. Agribusiness Sugar Cane in Brazil Producing More Energy and CERs: a Case Study Auhtors: Celso Daniel Seratto, Ednaldo Michellon, and Natalino Henrique Medeiros Discussant: Joel Fiengenbaum 10.2. Dairy Agro-Industry in Brazil and Transnational Corporations: An Analysis of the Opportunities and Challenges Authors: Joel Fiegenbaum and Júlio Eduardo Rohenkohl Discussant: Cleise Maria de Almeida Tupich Hilgemberg 10.3. Brazilian Milk and Derived Products Sector in the Nineties: An Imput- Output Analysis Authors: Cleise Maria de Almeida Tupich Hilgemberg and Emerson Martins Hilgembert Discussant: Celso Daniel Seratto
  11. 11. July 26th, 2013 Session 11: Agricultural and Poverty Studies Conference Room: Sala Magnólia Session Chair: Ednaldo Michellon 11.1. Analysis of Rural Entrepreneurship under the Theoretical Approach of Resources and Capabilities: A case of Rural Micro-business Author: José G. Vargas-Hernández Discussant: Michele Aparecida Nepomuceno Pinto 11.2. Decomposition of Poverty in the Brazilian Metropolitan Regions Using the Shapley Value Approach Authors: Michele Aparecida Nepomuceno Pinto, Fernanda Mendes Bezerra and Hugo Chu Chun Wei Discussant: Juliana Bulgarelli Mendes 11.3. Influence of Rural Credit in Agricultural Gross Added Value Authors: Juliana Bulgarelli Mendes, Arturo A. Zavala, Carlos Eduardo Feuser, Flaviana Marques Lima Ferreira and Luiz Augusto Ferreira Magalhães Discussant: José G. Vargas-Hernández
  12. 12. July 26th, 2013 Special Session IV– 10h35 – 12h00 Conference Room: Sala Maringá Session Chair and Discussant: Maria Helena Ambrosio Dias (PCE/UEM) “Industry Productivity: The Role of Offshoring” Prof. Dr. Jianmin (Jimmy) Tang (The Productivity and Competiveness Analysis, Industry Canada) “Evolution of Labor Division and Transform Tendency of Dual Trade Structure” Prof. Dr. Jingfeng (Joe) Zhao (The School of Economics and Management, Northwest University, Xi’an, China)
  13. 13. July 26th, 2013 Afternoon Session – 14h00 – 17h30 ACIM Closing Session: Infra-structure Investment in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities Conference Room: ACIM – Entrepreneurial Business Association President: Marco Tadeu Barbosa Session Chair: Joilson Dias Lectures: I. “Investments in Infrastructure in Brazil: Federal Government Initiatives” Prof. Dr. Antonio Henrique Pinheiro Silveira Secretary for Economic Policy, MF-Ministry of Economy, Brazil II. “Perspectives on Development and the Role of the BNDES” Prof. Dr. Antonio José Alves Jr. BNDES – President´s Main Advisor III. “Challenges for Investment in Infrastructure” Prof. Dr. Marcos Roberto Vasconcelos Vice President - Caixa Econômica Federal and UEM