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Orchestrating Content Marketing


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The Essential Guide to Managing Your Entire Content Marketing Lifecycle

Published in: Technology
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Orchestrating Content Marketing

  2. 2. GOALS• What are the vital factors that your content marketing initiative should deliver?• What will you measure? Visibility and brand awareness indicators Engagements Inbound leads Others?
  3. 3. PLAN• Who is your audience?• What are they asking and need?• Where do they “hang out”?• What is our competition doing?• Output serves as “catalyzer” for content to be developed
  4. 4. EDITORIAL CALENDAR• Identify content titles and media format Incorporate keywords• Define destinations / channels• Assign contributors with due dates Leverage untapped resources• Monitor and manage process
  5. 5. PRODUCE• Roles and responsibilities Authors, editors, publishers• Content sourcing options Interviews Crowdsourcing Curations that complement calendar• Quick posts Status updates
  6. 6. PUBLISH• Identify posting conventions for various media formats Right channels for right content Use a primary destination• Consider optimal posting times• Syndicate?• Socialize resultant posts with audience
  7. 7. ENGAGE• Proactive monitoring of audience engagements• Response policies Escalate Who can participate• Consider tracking individuals that engage CRM integration
  8. 8. MEASURE• Establish discipline of measurement• Measure results against goals Establish “check-in” points along the way• Analysis results Amplify what works Take corrective actions as needed• REPEAT …
  9. 9. SUMMARY• Know your destinations (goals) along the trip (process lifecycle)• Think like a marketer, act like a publisher• Leverage efficiency tools and technologies• Monitor and take corrective action regularly
  10. 10. THANK YOU Cadence9 1-855-692-2336 1592 N. Batavia Street Orange, CA 92703