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Mobile Marketing Importance & Trend - Caden Inc


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Mobile Marketing Importance & Trend - Caden Inc

  1. 1. Mobile MarketingTrends & Importance
  2. 2. How has mobile USABILITY changed?One half of all LOCAL SEARCHESare performed on Mobile Devices.
  3. 3. How has mobile USABILITY changed?Mobile tags providemore product infothan traditionalbarcodes.
  4. 4. > 80% mobile internetusers are using theirdevices while watchingTV
  5. 5. Coupons used on MOBILE DEVICESMobile tags can serve up coupons that can be redeemedinstantaneously in store>25% mobile users scan amobile tag for COUPONS
  6. 6. What do people use their mobile phones for?Games Weather Maps/SearchSocial Networking Music News
  7. 7. How much do people USE mobile phones?On an avg. 2.7 hrs/daysocializing on theirmobile device
  8. 8. That’s twice the timespent in eating meals!That’s 1/3rd the timespent sleeping!!
  9. 9. >90% users access mobileinternet to socializeCompared to 75% ondesktops!
  10. 10. Social & Mobile Marketing Status UpdateOver 1/3rd of Facebook’s 600million+ user base usesFacebook Mobile50% of them use TwitterMobile165 Million users
  11. 11. Social & Mobile Marketing Status Update200 Million+ YouTubeviews occur on MobileDevices
  12. 12. Social & Mobile Marketing Status Update30% of Smartphone ownersaccessed Social Networking sitesviaMobile Browser
  13. 13. A Quick Update• 67% of consumers will usetheir Smartphones to findstore locations.• 59% to compare prices $$$$$• 51% to obtain productinformation.• 46% to check productavailability.
  14. 14. A Quick Update• 45% to read reviews• 45% to shop online• 41% to find and use coupons• 40% to scan bar codes• 35% to access social media
  15. 15. Mobile is predicted to be BIGGERthan Internet in the coming 5years!
  16. 16. Are you ready with a mobile marketingstrategy for your BUSINESS ??
  17. 17. Contact Us to kick start yourMobile Marketing Campaign!!Web: www.cadeninternetmarketing.comEmail ID: