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  1. 1. Caden Armstrong EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, June 2016 University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. Concentration: Specialist Physics and Astrophysics. Minor: Computer Science. WORK EXPERIENCE Teaching Assistant, 2014-2016 ASTA02 - Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics II, ASTA02 - Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics II, PHYA11 - Introduction to Physics IB. • Lead lab and tutorial sessions • Marked assignments and exams • Invigilated course examinations Research Assistant, 2015 Centre for Planetary Sciences. Supervisors: Dr. Amaury Triaud, Dr. Dan Tamayo, Prof. Hanno Rein. • Developed SimuTrans, an exoplanet transit integrator • Modelled the J1407 system Research Assistant, 2014 Centre for Planetary Sciences. Supervisor: Prof. Hanno Rein. • Created the Open Exoplanet Catalogue interface module for the Astropy project • Processed and analyzed Kepler project data Skate Canada Professional Coach, 2012-2014 Richmondhill Figure Skating Club, Richmondhill, ON. COMPUTER SKILLS Languages: Java, Python, C/C++, LATEX, SQL. Software & Tools: Vim, Git, SVN, SSH, Eclipse, Android, Arduino, Gnuplot. PUBLICATIONS ”High-order harmonics in light curves of Kepler planets”, Armstrong & Rein, MNRAS, 453, 2015.
  2. 2. AWARDS Centre for Planetary Sciences Undergraduate Fellowship. 2014, 2015 Canadian Open Data Experience Finalist 2014 Team Coding Force. Android app: Flu Clinic. University of Toronto Scarborough AppStar, 2013 Mobile Application Development Contest. Second place: PrerequiTree. John F. Connelly Scholarship 2013-2015 EXTRA- CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Telescope Operator - University of Toronto Scarborough. 2014-2016 • Python Telescope Control System Contributor • Assisted in outreach events Rock Climbing Club Executive - University of Toronto Scarborough. 2015 • Climbing Wall Association certified instructor • Supervised club climbing hours • Taught belay and climbing lessons References References available upon request.