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How an On-Campus Job Can Get You Hired Post-Grad


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School is starting up for millions of college students across America. It’s time for sharpened pencils, moving back to the dorms, and tons of new job opportunities! While it might not sound appealing, an on-campus job can be a huge help for soon-to-be job seekers and college seniors.

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How an On-Campus Job Can Get You Hired Post-Grad

  1. 1. How an On-Campus Job Can Get You Hired Post-Grad Contact Heather at
  2. 2. Contact Heather at
  3. 3. Introduction• College has become the natural step between high school and gainful employment.• This fall, almost 20 million Americans will be attending college.• 42.6% of students are between the ages of 14 and 22.• Many college freshmen have never held a job before.• In 2010, 74% of college grads were employed full- time.• A degree can no longer guarantee a job offer.• How can I ease the transition between freshman year and my post-grad job search? Contact Heather at 3
  4. 4. What We’ll Discuss Today• What is an on-campus job?• The benefits of having an on-campus job while at school• On-campus job opportunities to look for• Connecting on- campus to post-grad Contact Heather at 4
  5. 5. What is an On-Campus Job?On-Campus Job[awn-kam-puhs job]Noun1. Any job that is part-time or temporary on a college campus.2. Usually is paid through college funding.3. Often is exclusive to full and part-time students. Contact Heather at
  6. 6. Benefits of an On-Campus JobZero Work History?• Doesn’t have to be in your intended field• Fills an empty resume• Develops your opinion about work• Shows employers you are active Contact Heather at 6
  7. 7. Benefits of an On-Campus JobNew Responsibilities• Develop a work ethic• Get used to scheduling• Understand “good work”• Learn to deal with co- workers, supervisors, and customers Contact Heather at
  8. 8. Benefits of an On-Campus JobNetworkingOpportunities• Fellow students• University visitors• Professors• University executives Contact Heather at
  9. 9. Benefits of an On-Campus JobOther Perks• Get out of the dorms• Learn a new skill• Extra cash• Get involved• Flexible scheduling Contact Heather at
  10. 10. On-Campus Job OpportunitiesResident Advisor• Work in residence halls with other students• Live on campus• Use counseling, judicial enforcement, event planning on daily basis Contact Heather at
  11. 11. On-Campus Job OpportunitiesLibrary Assistant• Work with researchers• Down time to study• Use organization, customer service on daily basis Contact Heather at
  12. 12. On-Campus Job OpportunitiesUniversity shops• Work in dining services, bookstore, etc.• Discounts on school products• Use customer service, problem solving, retail on daily basis Contact Heather at
  13. 13. On-Campus Job OpportunitiesSchool News• Newspaper, radio, or TV station• Legitimate publication of your work• Hone writing abilities• Learn to work on deadline Contact Heather at
  14. 14. On-Campus Job OpportunitiesAcademics• Tutoring, T.A., research assistant• Great for grad school• Ability to apply learned knowledge Contact Heather at
  15. 15. Connecting On-Campus to Post-GradCollect Referrals• From supervisors, co-workers, professors with every new experienceClimb From Within• Seek promotions at an on-campus jobLearn About Yourself• Any job can help you learn about what kind of worker you are (and who you want to be) Contact Heather at
  16. 16. Connecting On-Campus to Post-GradIntegrate Internships• With a paid job, you will be able to hold an unpaid internship• Enhanced connection to university internshipsSeek Job Leads• Many universities partner with outside employers Contact Heather at
  17. 17. Contact Heather at
  18. 18. Thank you! For more tips: blog.cachinko.comJoin us for our next job seeker webinar on:August 31, 2011: What Do You Do? The Difference Between a Job and Work Contact Heather at