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Cabiotec - Le soluzioni di PVA per il settore fotovoltaico


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La maggior parte dei sistemi PVA può essere utilizzata in diverse applicazioni nel campo delle energie rinnovabili PVA con possibilità di personalizzazioni in funzione delle diverse esigenze, sia nei moduli a film sottile che nel fotovoltaico cristallino (PV).

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Cabiotec - Le soluzioni di PVA per il settore fotovoltaico

  2. 2. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSPVA’s core capabilities are a natural fit for solar PVapplications. Our vast product line, automationexperience, and ability to quickly customize equipmenthas launched us a top global supplier of dispensingsystems for the solar PV market. Our unique ability toserve solar PV manufacturers, system integrators, andmaterial manufacturers has resulted in over 20 newcustomers and over 125 machines/systems in the last 6years. Solar PV is a primary market for PVA and withthe current market trends it is expected to continue togrow.
  3. 3. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONS Terminology Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV): Process or technology that converts sunlight into electricity. Solar Cell: The device that converts sunlight into electricity. Also called a photovoltaic cell.
  4. 4. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSSolar Module or PV Module: Aninterconnected array of solar cells in apackage suitable for the end use application.Grid Parity: The point at which electricityproduced by solar PV is equal to or cheaper thangrid Power. BIPV: Building Integrated Photovoltaics. Solar PV cells & modules that are integrated into building materials or components. Examples would be roofing tiles, spandrel areas on building cladding, awnings, and skylights.
  6. 6. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONS Market Overview PV Industry Total 2011 = $93B Equipment 2011 = $15BSolar PV Module Global Production• 2000: 300 MW/yr• 2006: 2,200 MW/yr + 100% Say the average solar PV module• 2007: 3,436 MW/yr + 56% produces 150 watts of power. In• 2008: 6,850 MW/yr + 99% 2011 manufacturers made• 2009 9,340 MW/yr + 36% 20,000,000,000/100 = 130,000,000+ solar PV modules.• 2010 14,000MW/yr + 50%• 2011 20,000MW/yr + 43%• 2012 27,000MW/yr est.
  7. 7. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONS Long Term Outlook
  8. 8. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONS Technology Crystalline Silicon •Types - Monocrystalline – highest efficiency 15-20% - Polycrystalline – 13-16% efficiency •85 % market share •Highest cost/W Monocrystalline Polycrystalline Thin Film •Types - Amorphous silicon – 8-11% efficiency - Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) – 10-14% efficiency - Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide (CIGS) –10-14 % efficiency •15% market share •Lowest cost/W Thin Film
  9. 9. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONS Technology Concentrator/CPV •Typically use silicon technology •Multiply intensity 10 to 2000X •High cost •Packaging technology improving •Less than 1% market share
  10. 10. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSTechnology Efficiency Advantages DisadvantagesMono 15-20% High efficiency Higher costCrystalline Proven technology High shading lossPoly 13-16% Proven technology High shading lossCrystallineCdTe 10-14% Low cost Lower efficiencyThin Film BIPV friendly Unknown life Toxic CadmiumAmorphous Si 8-11% Lowest cost Very low efficiencyThin Film BIPV friendlyCIGS 10-14% Low cost Low efficiencyThin Film BIPV friendly Unknown lifeConcentrator 16-24% Use small high Packaging (+100 efficiency Si cells technology/cost w/conc) Efficiency/Area
  11. 11. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONS Dispensing, Coating & Encapsulation Applications•Solder paste (For connections in junction box)•Junction Box Attachment•Junction Box Potting•Edge/Frame Sealing•Structural Adhesive - Structural stiffener attachment - Structural frame assembly - Mounting bracket attachment•Thermally conductive interface & adhesive•Electrical Connection Sealant/Grease•Cell Encapsulation•Optical bonding•Back Side Coating
  12. 12. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONS Backside dispense Cure Vacuum Cell Placement Frame Seal dispense Frame Tab J Box Attach Cure J Box Potting Front Side Silicone Test and SortTest Dispense Wafer Clean and Production Inspect Glass c-Si Panel Production Line With Silicone Encapsulation Cut Glass
  13. 13. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONS J Box Attach Glass Prep Cure/laminate Solder Paste Butyl dispense Solder Leads Buss J Box Pot Rail Attach Thin film depositionTest Thin Film Panel Glass Prep Production Line
  14. 14. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSDispensing ApplicationsSolder Paste Dispense• May Be Used on All Modules Where The Buss Lines From Cells Are Joined To The Junction Box Leads• Solder Paste• Servo Auger Valves, Metering Valves• PVA350, Custom Workcells• Automated
  15. 15. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSDispensing ApplicationsJunction Box Attachment• Used On All Modules• One & Two Part Silicone, Urethane• Cyanoacrylate & Hot Melt (temporary)• RAM Pumps, MX4000• PVA350 & Custom Workcells• Mostly Manual – Use of Automation Growing
  16. 16. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSDispensing ApplicationsJunction Box Potting• Used On All Thin Film Modules• Used on Most Silicon Modules• Two Part Silicone Is Material Of Choice• MX1000, MX1500, MX4000• Custom Workcells• Mostly Manual – Use of Automation Growing Silicon Style With Thin Film Style By-Pass Diodes
  17. 17. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSDispensing ApplicationsFrame Sealing• Used On Silicon Modules• Rarely Used On Thin Film Modules• One & Two Part Silicone or Urethane• Trend: Preferred Over/Replacing Tape• RAM Pumps, MX4000• PVA900, Custom Automation• Typically Automated Aluminum frame Seal – Silicone, Urethane, Polyether Cover film - glass Encapsulant – EVA or Silicone Solar cells Back substrate / cover
  18. 18. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSDispensing Applications Frame Assembly Corner Key, EpoxyStructural Adhesive• Structural Stiffener Attachment- Used on Some Thin Film- One and Two Part Silicone Stiffener,• Structural Frame Assembly Mounting Bracket- Both Silicon and Thin Film or Rail Attach- One and Two Part Silicone & Epoxy• Mounting Bracket Attachment-Used on Some Thin Film-One and Two Part Silicone & Epoxy• RAM Pumps, MX4000, PCMV• Custom Workcells Frame Assembly, Multiple Panels/Modules Secured to Frame Via Adhesive
  19. 19. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSDispensing Applications Thermally Conductive Interface •Concentrator Technology •One and Two Part Silicones •RAM Pumps, MX1000 •Custom Workcells •Automated
  20. 20. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSDispensing Applications Electrical Connection Sealant/Grease •Electrical Connection Protection •Anti-Corrosion Grease •RAM Pumps, Metering Valves •Custom Workcells •Manual & Automated
  21. 21. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSEncapsulation Applications• All Technologies• Replaces EVA process• Liquid Silicone Glass to Glass Encapsulation For Thin Film• Liquid Silicone Cell Encapsulation for c-Si• Cured Silicone/Liquid Silicone Cell Encapsulation for c-Si• Two Part Optically Clear Silicone• MX4000• Custom Workcells• Manual & Automated
  22. 22. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSOptical Bonding &TIM’s• CPV Applications• Prism/lens to cell bonding• Heat sink to chassis TIM• Two Part Optically Clear Silicone, & TIM• MX4000• PVA6000 & Custom Workcells• Manual & Automated
  23. 23. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSCoatings• Back Side Coating for Thin Film• PVA350, PVA650, & Custom Workcells• UV Cure Tunnels• Spray & Flow Coat Valves
  24. 24. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSProductsSingle Component Pumps•1:1 to 60:1 Ratio•Integrated Mastic Regulators•Feed System to MX, Robot, or Hand Held•Stand Alone or Automated PVA-55GP PVA5-GPP With Regulator, and FC300 On Hand Held Gun
  25. 25. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSStandard & CustomDispense Valves Custom Flow Coat Head Custom Metering Valve W/Position Feedback & Micrometer Adjustment Two Component Metering Valves “PCMV”
  26. 26. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSOne Part Metering Systems•MX1000, MX4000•Up to 16 Axis Servo Control•Gear Pump and Rod Displacement•Programmable•Stand Alone or Automated MX4000-1Gear Pump Two MX4000 Eight Axis Metering Systems
  27. 27. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSTwo Part Meter Mix•MX1000, MX1500, and MX4000•Variable (-VR) and Fixed Ratio (-F)•Servo Controlled•Gear Pump and Rod Displacement•Programmable•Stand Alone or Automated MX4000-VR Gear Pump MX1000-VR Rod Displacement MX1500 Gear Pump/Rod Displacement Hybrid
  28. 28. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSWork Cells•Closed Loop Servo/Ball Screw Gantry•3 and 4 Axis of Controlled Motion•Standard And Custom Sizes Custom 3-Axis Workcell PVA350
  29. 29. PVA FOR SOLAR APPLICATIONSEncapsulation Line•Flow Coat 1200 X1000 mm Gantry•IR Cure•Back Side Coating