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Voting south


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Voting responses from interactive session at CaBA conference in London

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Voting south

  1. 1. Interactive discussion Chairman – Alistair Maltby The Rivers Trust Catchment Based Approach Partnerships f or Action
  2. 2. Who are you? (One Answer Only) 56% 17% 19% 8% .. . /r ol ei C. .. a nt er es t to Ca .. . Su pp or t An ot he ri Pr ov id in g to be in a en t W ou l d lik e at ch m p n aC tn er sh i ne ri tP ar Pa rt ch m en P. .. Le .. 0% Ca t 1. Catchment Partnership Lead / Host 2. Partner in a Catchment Partnership 3. Would like to be in a Catchment Partnership 4. Providing Support to a Catchment Partnerships 5. Another interest / role in CaBA
  3. 3. What type of Organisation are you from? (One answer only) Rivers Trust Wildlife Trust Groundwork Environment Agency Central Government Local Government Community Group Academic Other NGO Private Sector 43% 15% 13% 10% 6% 1% 5% 1% 3% 3% Ri ve W rs ild Tru lif s t En e vi Gr Tr ro ou us Ce nm ndw t nt en o ra t A rk l g Lo Go en ca ve cy l G rn Co o me m ve nt m rn un m it en y t G r A oup ca d O em th Pr er ic iv N at G e O Se ct or 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  4. 4. Experience of Catchment Management (One Answer Only) Ra n a £5 K De fr a fu ll a Ra n 20% 19% 18% 11% As se ss / ed un N ... ot -a ss in es vo se lv d ed So P. in .. m a e pi pr lo io tb ri u. nv Ca .. ol tc ve hm m en en tm ti ... an ag em en ti s.. 1. Ran a full Defra Assessed Pilot 2. Ran a £5K / un-assessed Pilot 3. Not involved in a pilot but catchment management is what we do 4. Some prior involvement in catchment management 5. Catchment management is a new activity for us 25%
  5. 5. Do you need training to help you deliver the Catchment-based Approach? (One Answer Only) 57% 1. Yes, we need training in all aspects of catchment management 2. We would like training in some specialist areas 3. We don’t need any training 17% g in in do n’ tn e W W e w ou ld lik ee d e an tr a y in in ng ni tr ai ne ed w e Ye s, tr a g in i.. . a. . 13%
  6. 6. How would you like training to be organised? (One Answer Only) 19% 1% ... tr a ee d ’t n do n ly re al e W W e w ill do ou ld w e W in te r. . . ro ou pr an i se d ef er t w n o or ga ce nt ra ... l.. 0% or g ng 3. 4. ai ni 2. 61% Training organised centrally based on user requirements, delivered at strategic locations around the country, and open to all catchment partnerships We would prefer to organise our own training, but would like to offer this to other catchment partnerships too. We will do our own internal training We really don’t need training Tr 1.
  7. 7. What subjects in particular would you like to have training opportunities for? (Multiple Answers) 1. 57% 44% 42% 41% 38% 31% in . .. co m m ch un m ic en at ts io Da ci n ta en ha ce nd su lin ch g .. & vi su al is a. .. g ki n or w e Ca t ed i a & at iv M Co l la bo r na l & ad m in is. .. 27% isa rg an O 49% 47% tio Organisational & administrative matters like governance & finance 2. Fundraising 3. Collaborative working in general 4. Specific stakeholder engagement & facilitation methods 5. Media & communication 6. Water Framework Directive interpretation 7. Catchment science such as geomorphology, hydrology, specialist ecology 8. Survey methodologies 9. Data handling & visualisation e.g. GIS, mapping, data analysis 10. Practical river works / implementation of improvements 32%
  8. 8. The policy framework establishes a steering group made up of national representative bodies to support the catchment-based approach. What do you know about the group? (One Answer Only) 41% st .. th e w ar e of th e ith ot a N 8% ... 14% . ... N ot c on te nt w st ee rin th e ith w te nt Co n Co n te nt w ith th e st ee rin ... 18% st ee rin 1. Content with the steering group and have affiliation with a representative 2. Content with the steering group but do not have affiliation with a representative 3. Not content with the steering group 4. Not aware of the steering group
  9. 9. The steering group has identified mapping / GIS / data / IPR as a shared issue amongst catchment partnerships and has created a Catchment Data Users Group to work up a shared solution that will work for all catchment partnerships (One Answer Only) 67% e 0% ac m e ha ve no t co W W e ha ve no t co m e ac ss ue is i th e re co gn is e W ro ss ... b. . . a. ss ue is i th e re co gn is e W 8% 6% ro ss ... 1. We recognise this issue and support the idea of a shared solution 2. We recognise this issue but do not support the idea of a shared solution 3. We have not come across this issue but like the idea of a shared system 4. We have not come across this issue and don’t support a shared system
  10. 10. Defra has provided funds for the steering group to provide central support to the partnerships until the end of the financial year, including the helpdesk, forum and the learning workshops. We would like to know your opinion on this. (One Answer Only) 53% w ill us e tI ill th a Iw Id on ’t t hi n k ts ur e no 1% us ... th ... ’t. .. do n bu t m Ia ik e th e fo ru m th e fo ru m ... 7% Il 4. 16% us e 3. to 2. I expect to use the forum and attend the learning workshops I like the forum but don’t think I will attend the learning workshops I am not sure I will use the forum but am interested in the learning workshops I don’t think that I will use either Ie xp ec t 1.
  11. 11. What other centralised support do you think will be needed in the future? (Multiple Answers) 1. 63% 47% 40% 42% 37% 31% 6% 1% or k Re to pr in es te en gr at ta .. . tio Fu nd n of ra Ca isi ng BA & Co .. . di m st m r ib un ut ic a io tio ... n ab ou tC aB So A m et hi ng el se fra A 61% 49% m ew A framework to integrate with second cycle WFD, and future river basin planning cycles 2. Networking and learning between catchment partnerships 3. Representation of CaBA partnerships with government & its agencies 4. Training opportunities for catchment management 5. Fundraising & distribution of funds 6. Facilitating activities where there are economies of scale from catchment partnerships working together 7. Communication about CaBA 8. Networking with national organisations & sectors e.g. Ofwat 9. Something else 10. I don’t think that central support is needed
  12. 12. Which stakeholders do you think are going to be most important in your catchment and challenging to engage? (Multiple Answers) 52% General public Water industry Flood risk managers Environment Agency Natural England Local authorities Land owners and managers Media Other NGOs Anglers 46% 36% 34% 34% 16% 13% 9% 8% 2% Ge ne ra lp Fl oo ub d lic ris k m an ag N er at an s ur d al ow En ne gl rs an an d d m an ag er s O th er N GO s 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  13. 13. What is your position after today? (One Answer Only) 33% 13% 9% 7% 2% on Le m y tm ro e le ou to fh er e le ro no Ia m ea r cl m tc le ar m y on m y on Ia no .. bu ... le ro le ,b ro ea r cl m Ia m cl ea r on on m y m y ro le ,a n. .. u. .. 1% Ia 5. 6. ea r 4. cl 3. m 2. I am clear on my role, and the role of others, and ready to start / continue our catchment partnership I am clear on my role, but confused as to others roles, but apart from that ready to start / continue I am clear on my role but have some preparation to do before I am ready to start I am clear on my role now, but this is different to what I thought it was I am not clear on my role Let me out of here Ia 1.