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CaBA Startup Conference 07 - Learning from the Pilots


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Slides to illustrate key lessons learned during the pilot phase, including examples from the Tamar pilot (Westcountry Rivers Trust), Cotswolds pilot (SW FWAG), Welland pilot, and Tidal Thames pilot (Thames21)

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CaBA Startup Conference 07 - Learning from the Pilots

  1. 1. Interview session: Learning from the pilots Chairman – Laurie Smith SOAS Catchment Based Approach Partnerships f or Action
  2. 2. • Laurence Cauldrick, Tamar pilot (Westcountry Rivers Trust) • Jenny Phelps, Cotswolds pilot (SW FWAG) • Peter Barham, Welland pilot • Chris Coode, Tidal Thames pilot (Thames21) Catchment Based Approach Partnerships f or Action
  3. 3. Your Tidal Thames Project area
  4. 4. Your Tidal Thames How the Plan was developed? Engagement activities to encourage the completion of a Draft Catchment Plan Template. Direct face to Face engagement – 1,412 people • Pop-up workshops alongside existing events • One–to–one meetings with organisations • Presentations and attendance at group meetings Through other communication routes -14,622 people Strategy Group • Group of key stakeholders – expert opinion • Prioritisation and ‘sanity checking’ of issues raised and proposed solutions • Opportunity for any SG member to lead on actions of interest
  5. 5. What were you hoping to achieve, and how much progress did you make? The Cotswold Catchment was scoped using the Integrated Local Delivery (ILD) framework to indentify, and form, an all inclusive partnership. The catchment was and broken down into sub catchments, water bodies and parishes. The Pilot Phase focused on Upper Thames where the steering group adopted The ILD approach
  6. 6. What particular challenges did you encounter working in partnership & how did you deal with them? All Depts. Collecting Data and time for 1:1 meetings to engage with, integrate and understand partners roles, duties and aims to benefit from and contribute towards CaBa. (84 data layers so far, everyone welcome)
  7. 7. Are there any tools that you found particularly useful that you would recommend to other partnerships? Integrated Local Delivery and web portal to identify partnership strategies and all local relevant contacts for each parish for joint working
  8. 8. Translating subjective opinions
  9. 9. Translating shared visions…