CaBA Startup Conference 03 - Role of the Environment Agency & catchment co-ordinators


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An outline of the Environment Agency's role as a partner, supporter, data provider, regulator, funding administrator and enabler of the Catchment Based Approach

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CaBA Startup Conference 03 - Role of the Environment Agency & catchment co-ordinators

  1. 1. Role of the Environment Agency & catchment co-ordinators Richard Cresswell EA SW Regional Director Catchment Based Approach Partnerships f or Action
  2. 2. The Role of the Environment Agency and catchment coordinators Richard Cresswell Director, South West 05 November 2013 (London) Catchment Based Approach Conference UNCLASSIFIED 2
  3. 3. Our hopes for the Catchment Based Approach Catchment scale focus to integrate regulation, delivery, and collaborative working for benefit of wildlife and livelihoods Vibrant partnerships involving a broad range of stakeholders are vital to success You (Catchment Hosts and Catchment Coordinators) are key to helping to develop these inclusive partnerships UNCLASSIFIED 3
  4. 4. Our commitment to partnership working Partnership working is supported throughout the Environment Agency For example, working with the Wandle Trust to help tackle low category pollution incidents We are using what we’ve learnt from the pilot catchments to inform how we work with partners in other catchments UNCLASSIFIED 4
  5. 5. Our Role – a valued Partner Share evidence (including economic) and expertise to help groups: Develop a common understanding of key issues Create shared objectives Prioritise and target effort Deliver actions on the ground Undertake our regulatory duties to reduce the risk of partners’ actions being undermined by illegal activity
  6. 6. Our Role – provide a strategic view Provide strategic overview across catchments at : Area, River Basin District and National levels A key role will be to gather Partnership Groups’ contributions to the river basin planning process Administer Defra’s Catchment Partnership Fund
  7. 7. Our Role - Catchment coordinators Catchment coordinators have a pivotal role: First point of contact with catchment hosts Enhance relationships with partners Feed information into groups, and gather contributions from groups Integrate the activities of Environment Agency teams with our partners There will be flexibility in this role to accommodate differences in local circumstances (e.g. partners and geography) UNCLASSIFIED 7
  8. 8. Concluding Points We value partnership working and have worked with many of you to deliver great benefits We now need to build on these successes We look forward to working with you so all partners have greater opportunities to improving the water environment THANK YOU UNCLASSIFIED 8