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Ca ba north 06 paul henbrey

  1. 1. Catchment Based Approach Paul Henbrey Wastewater Strategy Manager
  2. 2. Agenda •  Introduction to United Utilities •  United Utilities’ perspective on the Catchment Based Approach •  Our Catchment Wise Initiative Ø  West Cumbria pilot project •  Supporting the Catchment Based Approach Ø  Establishment of host partnerships Ø  Catchment interventions Ø  Publicity campaigns •  Next Steps
  3. 3. Catchment Based Approach What does it offer? Innovation •  Thinking differently, working differently Partnerships •  The opportunity to collaborate and work with others Ownership •  Owning the problem we all have a part to play Sharing •  Sharing of ideas, evidence and information Priorities •  What are the priorities at a local and catchment level? Delivery •  Efficient delivery of solutions
  4. 4. Catchment Based Approach What do we need to work on? - Hosts have the appropriate skills? - Hosts understand the role of the water companies? - Funding Streams - Matched Funding Funding   Partnership capacity - We’re working with 11 different hosts - Ensure good practice Inconsistency is shared - But allow each group to be innovative - Funding and role of partnerships hosts going forwards? - Open approach - Data sharing and access to resources - Ensure all partners play their role and commit to their fair share Trust Concerns   Uncertainty Benefits Regulation - How do we measure success – metrics? - What does good look like? - What is the role of the EA – partner, facilitator or enforcer?
  5. 5. United Utilities’ Catchment Wise •  Historically, water quality improvements have been achieved by enhancements to treatment works and sewer overflows but: Ø  Conventional “end of pipe” solutions are expensive to build and operate Ø  Increasingly unsustainable, having a large carbon footprint •  United Utilities are moving towards a more holistic and inclusive catchment approach, ‘Catchment Wise’ •  We recognise the need to work collaboratively with other stakeholders to achieve overall environmental outcomes •  Catchment Wise is aligned to our AMP6 customer promises, Ø  ‘Cleaner bathing waters and beaches’ Ø  ‘Land, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and coastal waters are protected.
  6. 6. Catchment Wise Strategy Levels of partnership working within United Utilities Level 4 Turning Tides Strategic Flagship Scheme to tackle a high-profile Issue Multi-partner Approach to deliver environmental and social benefits Pilot Project in the Ellen subCatchment to tackle Rural Diffuse Pollution Level 2 •  Proactive engagement with stakeholders •  Administration support such as printing, mailing, use of UUW corporate systems or data sharing •  Potential redirection of project scope to support environmental improvements Level 1 Catchment Schemes derived from the NEP Pilot Catchment Based Approach to manage Priority Hazardous Substances •  Local level engagement with stakeholders •  Support environmental groups via attendance at meetings or provision of guidance and expert opinion as requested. •  Support of environmental improvements where identified in the UU business plan PR14 Level 3 Development of resource plan and project portfolio for AMP6 business plan Increasing UU resources but potentially larger benefits Overarching Catchment Wise Strategy
  7. 7. United Utilities’ Catchment Wise Pilot •  •  •  •  In September we started a two-year Catchment Wise pilot in the Ellen sub-Catchment, West Cumbria Six of our wastewater treatment works in the area have been identified as requiring investment for Phosphorus removal We’re funding a dedicated project co-ordinator who will work with farmers, landowners, local communities and organisations to tackle agricultural diffuse pollution The project aims to achieve: Ø  Sustained reduction in catchment sources of phosphate and move towards ‘Good Status’ under WFD Ø  Reduce bacteriological inputs from catchment sources to Bathing Waters in Allonby Bay Ø  Defer or de-scope capital investment at our assets. The partnership…
  8. 8. Supporting the Catchment Based Approach •  •  •  United Utilities are actively supporting environmental improvement in the north west We’re undertaking a number of partnership catchment based projects under the Catchment Wise Programme and: Ø  Supporting Catchment Hosts to establish the partnerships Ø  Supporting hosts in the delivery of the plan Ø  Developing a suite of awareness and engagement campaigns Support includes: Ø  Direct financial support Ø  Representation on steering groups Ø  Resources, data and modelling etc… Through our customer promise to protect and enhance the environment we’ve said we’ll play our part in a cleaner and greener North West
  9. 9. United Utilities’ match funding Seed Fund Interventions Fund Publicity Fund •  Match DEFRA Catchment Partnership seed funding •  We’re providing funding to 11 hosts across 16 catchments in the north west •  This will support establishment of the partnerships to bring together the right partners and develop the evidence base and management plan for each catchment. •  We’re providing funding to support catchment based interventions across the north west •  Funding will focus on interventions benefitting priority water bodies and water quality: Ø  Managing surface water and promoting SUDs Ø  Identifying and managing urban diffuse pollution Ø  Managing pollutants at source. •  Plans to develop a suite of publicity campaigns in partnership with others •  Build on success of engagement and education campaigns tackling customer led issues e.g. ‘Think before you flush’ •  Target Issues including: Ø  Sewer misconnections Ø  Septic tank maintenance Ø  Chemicals and priority hazardous substances source control.
  10. 10. Next steps •  Continue developing our Catchment Wise initiative - we would welcome your feedback and input •  Align Catchment Wise to other United Utilities initiatives i.e. SCaMP and flooding partnerships •  Develop the qualifying criteria and prioritisation process for UU match funding •  Work with the Environment Agency and others to identify further partnership opportunities •  Continue engaging with the Catchment Partnership Hosts. For further information contact by email: or