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Rules on the road to netique


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Published in: Career, Technology
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Rules on the road to netique

  1. 1. Chris Warrick9/11/12Ms. Whitaker
  2. 2. Cyber bullying is very bad. Cyber bullying can killpeople. Cyber bullying is when you are being mean to otherpeople while they are using the internet. Cyber bullying caneven be a simple “I don’t like you any more” or “I hate you”or “you’re ugly”. Everything you do on socialnetworks is recorded and canalways be found. Once theinformation is submitted it is savedforever. It will be on that websiteforever.
  3. 3. • If you plagiarize someone elses work with out giving them the proper credit you can be put in jail for up to 1 year. If you do take someone else’s work you must give them the proper credit for it not to be plagiarism.
  4. 4. Proper Netiquette Improper Netiquette• Not cussing and/or using • Using foul language and foul language. cussing.• Not putting others down or • Cyber bullying. hurting their feelings. • Putting messages in all• Not giving others other peoples personal caps. (seems as if your information. shouting.)• Not cyber bullying people. • Putting people down by That can lead to severe saying rude things to consequences. them.
  5. 5. • The law protects pictures, videos, and text.• Do not copy things just because they are not copyright protected.• Don’t think that if you remove the copyright marks that that means you didn’t steal the information.
  6. 6. • When getting • In 1978 the copyright information from the law was established. internet always always • The law was be sure it is not established because as copyright protected. technology was• When getting the becoming more and information always be more advanced people sure to put the were taking and stealing information in your own other peoples work and words. inventions.• After using someone • The persons work was else’s work you should safe for life plus 50 give them the proper years. credit.
  7. 7. This picture is arepresentation ofproper netiquette.You should talk niceto others. Don’t usefoul language. Anddon’t put stuff in allcaps.
  8. 8. • When using proper netiquette you should always…• Speak nicely to others.• Don’t put things in all caps.• Don’t talk to people you don’t know.• Don’t give people other peoples personal information.
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