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Emotion, Data and The Consumer Journey (Edward Bass, EntSight)

Presentation by Edward Bass, EntSight, at the 20 June 2019 CX Emotion conference (

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Emotion, Data and The Consumer Journey (Edward Bass, EntSight)

  1. 1. Emotion, Data and The Consumer Journey Edward James Bass
  2. 2. • EntSight are an Audience Intelligence Consultancy • We work with leading brands including BMW, Bulgari, Triumph and IWC Schaffhausen as well as Entertainment Groups & Investment Companies • Our services enable our clients to understand the preferences and behaviours of specific audiences • This enables them to make informed decisions about their audience focused strategies .
  3. 3. Lets talk about Funnels & Journeys…
  4. 4. Here lies… ‘The Funnel’ 1960 AD - 1999 AD Cause of Death: • The Internet • Access to information • Opinions on social media • Some very smart & astute McKinsey Analysts
  5. 5. The Consumer Decision Journey Consideration Evaluation Purchase Advocacy ‘The Loyalty Loop’ Experience
  6. 6. These Stages Each Feature Possible Emotions….
  7. 7. Consideration Evaluation Curiosity Excitement FearFrustration
  8. 8. Purchase Happiness Disappointment Anger Experience
  9. 9. Advocacy ‘The Loyalty Loop’ Happiness
  10. 10. How do we actually make use of this?
  11. 11. = The map we need to answer questions such as….
  12. 12. How effectively are potential customers discovering and learning about products and services? What issues are we seeing in the purchase and delivery process? What factors are causing our audience to advocate our brand, products or services?
  13. 13. Social Media & Online Conversation data is key to identifying both the stage of purchase and the emotion.
  14. 14. Consideration + EvaluationCDJ Stage Emotion “Looking at buying”, “Want to find out our more about”, “Does anyone know about?” “It’s annoying that…” “I’m worried that…”
  15. 15. CDJ Stage Emotion “Just bought”, “Just ordered”, “Waiting on a delivery for….” Purchase “Disappointed they sent the wrong…” “Can’t wait for my new…”
  16. 16. Online Survey and Trends data is vital for providing context which is not available via social data
  17. 17. Urban Suburban Rural 0 20 40 60 80 100 “Website keeps crashing…..” “Delivery Issues…..”
  18. 18. About those Emoticons….. A new, widely used international and universal emotional language
  19. 19. A whole new world of possibilities beyond text analysis…..
  20. 20. Data acquired using 0 3500 7000 10500 14000 Tom m y H ilfigerC alvin KleinM ichaelKorsH ugo Boss Lacoste Ralph Lauren C oach Ted Baker Levis J.C rew M adew ell Fred Perry D iesel Mid-Market Fashion Brands (Jan - June 2019) MentionVolume
  21. 21. Contact @TheEntSight THANK YOU!