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Beyond Personalization: Everyone Needs Scalable and Accessible Understanding (Catherine Havasi, Agorai)


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Presentation by Catherine Havasi, Agorai, at the 20 June 2019 CX Emotion conference (

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Beyond Personalization: Everyone Needs Scalable and Accessible Understanding (Catherine Havasi, Agorai)

  1. 1. Dr. Catherine Havasi, MIT Media Lab Technical co-founder, Sendesis BEYOND PERSONALIZATION: EVERYONE NEEDS SCALABLE AND ACCESSIBLE UNDERSTANDING Photo: Michael Vesia, CC-By
  4. 4. We have built models of how people think about the world in 73 languages – called ConceptNet.
  5. 5. Emotion has always been central to the data we collected. Photo by: Petar Milošević CC BY-SA 3.0.
  6. 6. Photo: Steve Hopson, CC-By But then things moved on without us – users changed how they interacted with search engines
  7. 7. We found a new use of this data: integrating into machine learning to facilitate adaptability Photo by: Chris Rodley
  8. 8. Data is important… but don’t let that stop you Photo by: Gene Kogan
  9. 9. The relationship between humans and machines is inherently emotional. Photo by: Rene Passet CC-by-SANC
  10. 10. Photo by: Anna Dziubinska, CC-by-SA Emotion is a critical part of communication
  11. 11. Gartner infamously predicted last year that soon your phone “know more about your emotional state than your own family.” Source: Gartner
  12. 12. Emotional AI allows humans to have time to develop emotional relationships.
  13. 13. 51% of consumers expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions – even if they’ve never bought from the brand before. Source: Salesforce
  14. 14. Marketing has been talking about personalization for years.
  15. 15. 80% of shoppers are more likely to frequent and buy from stores with more personalized experiences. Source: Epsilon
  16. 16. mass production personalization
  17. 17. What is generative content? Are we there yet? What gets us there?
  18. 18. • Design Principles Photo by: User: Takeaway CC BY-SA 3.0. Design principles for hyperpersonalization
  19. 19. Image Credit: D J Shin CC-by-SA Robots are not your brand voice.
  20. 20. One Size Does Not Fit All: Language Domain Expertise Customer Journey Stage Engagement Goal
  21. 21. It’s the whole customer journey that matters – not just the feedback touch points
  22. 22. It’s happening again: today’s agents don’t communicate like us. Image Credit: Amazon
  23. 23. Image Credit: Netflix Promotional What about hyper-personalized media?
  24. 24. We need to ask new questions
  25. 25. We need a framework that knows how to grow up.
  26. 26. Let’s make a promise to our users about their data.
  27. 27. Focus on Experience versus Agent
  28. 28. Transparency Matters Values Matter Data Matters
  29. 29. Let’s find a way to communicate with machines like we always dreamed of.
  30. 30. Thank you! Dr. Catherine Havasi @catherinehavasi