Technology past, present and future


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Technology past, present and future

  1. 1. Technology Past, Present and FutureTechnology in Education Created by: Courtney Womble 1
  2. 2. Technology in EducationTechnology is being used inclassrooms to meet the needs of allstudents. It is being used toimprove the effectiveness and theefficiency of the educationalexperiences of both students andteachers. Courville, 2011 Created by: Courtney Womble 2
  3. 3. Technology PastTechnology has always been animportant part of education.Educators have used theresources that were available tothem to meet the needs of students. Created by: Courtney Womble 3
  4. 4. Technology PastWith the invention of themicrocomputer, a new era ofeducational technology began tounfold. Educational technologyhas provided educators with anendless possibility of tools thatthey can use to enhance theirteaching. Fogle, 2007 Created by: Courtney Womble 4
  5. 5. Technology Past and Present The following website gives a timeline of the invention of technology. Created by: Courtney Womble 5
  6. 6. Technology PresentClassrooms that used to becomprised of chalk boards arecurrently made up of whiteboards and Smart Boards.Instead of the use of projectorswith slides, teachers and usingLCD projectors. Created by: Courtney Womble 6
  7. 7. Technology PresentThree types of technology are nowavailable to facilitate distanceeducation.Computer Assisted EducationAudio/Video-Mediated EducationComputer-mediated education (Raymond III, 2000) Created by: Courtney Womble 7
  8. 8. Technology Future“In order to be effective, schools willhave to incorporate digital literacy.Computers will provide teachers withthe opportunity to produce learningmaterials on demand.” This was statedin 2004 and teachers now havematerials at their fingertips because oftechnology. Created by: Courtney Womble 8 Stitt, 2004
  9. 9. Technology Future“We must view the coming changes,and they will be massive, from theperspective that technology providesaccess to learning but does not controlit; that technologies are not the contentof education rather, they provide acornucopia of tools for learning.” Created by: Courtney Womble 9 Hutinger
  10. 10. Technology Future• Is this what technology will look like in the future? Created by: Courtney Womble 10
  11. 11. ResourcesComputers of the future. (n.d.). Retrieved September 29, 2011, from YouTube:, K. (2011). Technology and its use in education: present rolesfuture prospects. Baton Rouge, LA: Online Submission.Fogle, E. (2007, Summer). Educational technology: past and present.Retrieved September 28, 2011, from Writing.Com: (2010). Retrieved September 28, 2011, from Time: Created by: Courtney Womble 11
  12. 12. ResourcesHutinger, P. (n.d.). Technology in education: what will the future bring?Retrieved September 28, 2011, from III, F. B. (2000). Delivering distance education through technology: apioneers experience. Campus Wide Information Systems , 49-55.Stitt, J. (2004, March 22). 21st Century skills, the future of technology andeducation. Retrieved September 28, 2011, from WTN News: Created by: Courtney Womble 12