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Tim and Tom and the Float That Went Wrong


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When brothers Tim and Tom are paired together to make a float for the Crickity Corner's Annual Parade things don't go so well...

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Tim and Tom and the Float That Went Wrong

  1. 1. In Crickity Corners, downPebblerock Lane, lived Timothy andThomas Hasherback-cane. Bestfriends and brothers, they alwaysgot along. It seemed with Tim andTom, nothing was wrong. From home and to school, and back every each day, the brothers would laugh, sing, and would play. But with work it was different, whenever they did. For working together, was not for Tom, and it was certainly not for Tim.
  2. 2. Only this year was different, and itwould come as surprise. Tim and Tomwere paired together this time. “You’ll work on the float, for this year’s parade. The contest is coming!” Miss Yeller would say. The two looked at each other puzzled but joyous, expecting a float nothing short of glorious. Tom “The float is going to be great! I’ve got ideas galore. Red, blue, and green, and so much more!” shouted Tim, standing tall with his feet firm on the floor. “No, no!” objected Tom, “We need orange, yellow, and white. If we want to win, it has to be right.” They began to Tim bicker, shout, and holler, too. The brothers couldn’t agree, and hadn’t a clue what to do..
  3. 3. “Need not argue Tim and Tom; if you’re having trouble with your float, you need to remember how to get along.” said Miss Yeller, in a matter- of-fact way. Indeed this would be a very difficult day. The boys looked ateach other and didn’t likewhat they saw. They werenot happy, not happy at all. “Tom, you take that side, and this will be mine. We can each work on half, it’ll surely be fine.” Said Tim as he stirred a can of paint in his lap, as the drops started flying with a sploosh and splat!
  4. 4. Contest day was here, with floats of everyshape, size, and color. There were green triangles, bluecircles, red squares. Oh, what a wonder! Each had a team oftwo on the top, riding the float as they bounced and theybobbed. The judges watched close for only the best, because only one would be the winner, better than the rest. Among the other projects, Tim and Tom’s came around. Papers were tearing and sweeping the ground.
  5. 5. Their float was a mess! Stripes on one side, and dots on theother, it looked like Tim had his own float, and Tom hadanother. It was the messiest, craziest, un-matching floatCrickity Corners had ever seen! “This is my side here,” Pointed out Tom, “Mine has the stripes, on the left side.” Tim said proudly. The judges were shocked! No one could believe Tim and Tom did such a sloppy, sloppy job. “This float is a mess.” Said the judge with the pink hat, “And there is nothing win-worthy about that.” “Doesn’t match at all,” Nodded the judge with the gray beard. “In fact, the whole float looks incredibly weird.” The scores were in, and there votes were voted. “We’re gonna win this!” thought Tom, “I sure know it!”
  6. 6. “Annabel Merryland and Lisa Liser are the winners tonight for their floatwas so cheery and lovely and bright” Called the judges with smiles, as they passedout the awards. “Their float scored perfect across the board! Their float is verynice with ribbons and hearts. The sparkles and flowers show they worked very hard.Congratulations, to Anna and Lisa!” “Congratulations!” They all cheered along! They joined in dancing and celebrating and singing their songs.
  7. 7. Tim and Tom were upset and in shock. But they were so sure, thoughts solid as a rock.“We could’ve done better if we would’ve gotten along. I can’t imagine how this went so wrong.”“Next time we’ll try our hardest and then maybe agree! Things might work better, if we work as a team.”