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Poetry Dedication Project


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Published in: Education

Poetry Dedication Project

  1. 1. I chose to dedicate this project to my older sister, for two major reasons: agraduation present like no other, and a thank you for all the help over the years.A sister is such a wonderful thing, it can’t be compared to anything in the world, and there isn’t enough words to express that. An older sister is the rarest kind, something she missed, but I lucked out with. It’s to explain and show all thathaving an older sister amounts to. Which is such a wonderful thing, even if the difference is a minute just knowing you have a sister who’s older than you.Someone who’s beaten down all the walls, to show you all the tricks she’s found. Someone you brag about to your friends, just because an older sister is something beyond compare. All the poems in this power point are summer related. Why? Because, that’s just what I think of when I think about you. I think about summer, sand, sun, surf, and seashells. I think of sea foam, that smell of saltwater that hits you as soon as you step outside or open a window, when you’re in a fifty mile radius of the ocean. Even though you don’t have a perfume that smells like that. In the end, summer might not have even started, but when anyone’s around you, it’s still there. Hope you like the present! 
  2. 2. This poem is 100% you. Because when it’s about the first time each summerwhen you’re at the beach and it feels like it’s been a decade since you’re last trip.Right at that very moment where everything around you comes crashing down. Thepoint where you shut out all the noise, so you only hear the waves crashing andwhooshing around. Shift through the smells so it’s only that saltwater you’resmelling. Key down the excitement so you can finally take it all in, and focus youreyes on the real prize. Walk straight up to the water, and jump in. Because, at thatitty-bitty second of where your whole body is soaked in ocean, your feet hit the wethard sand and it’s all you can do to not scream of pure joy. In that little moment,you’re summer truly starts. Not when school lets out, that is simply school ending.Not the day on the calendar that marks the “first day of summer”, that is strictly ofofficial business and nonsense. Not even when it’s 90some degrees out, and you’re stuck on the couch. It’sjust that blissful moment that this poem is supposedto describe.
  3. 3. The reason I chose this poem to add to my project was because of the way the author can capture the readers’ attention. Stevenson describes the immense power of the sun, bringing the readers to a world of their own, with the sun surrounding them Great is the sun, and wide he goes and making each moment last. Summer Sun by Robert Louis Through empty heaven with repose; Stevenson, was published in 1885 in the collection titled A Child’s And in the blue and glowing days Garden of Verses. The title symbolism is quite obvious as theMore thick than rain he showers his rays. poem describes how overpowering and ostentatious the sun can be. The poem takes the reader to each nook and cranny the sun Though closer still the blinds we pull touches, leaving its golden rays in its place. There is a constant To keep the shady parlour cool, rhyme scheme, of AA, BB, CC… and so on with each two lines Yet he will find a chink or two rhyming. The poem’s mood is extremely captivating, especially in To slip his golden fingers through. the upcoming moments of summer, which helps it fit into this project so well. The author keeps the diction of old English giving The dusty attic spider-clad an vintage touch. With words like “maketh”, “hay-loft” and even He, through the keyhole, maketh glad; “parlour” with the English spelling. And through the broken edge of tiles The poem aids the reader into the joyous moments of Into the laddered hay-loft smiles. summer. Leaving them with that warm sun touched feeling on their skin, as they think back to times spent in the sunshine. Meantime his golden face around Which is exactly why I assumed you would love it so much. There He bares to all the garden ground, is plenty of personification in this poem, Stevenson acts as if the And sheds a warm and glittering look sun is a person of its own. Referring to the sun as “he” before the Among the ivy’s inmost nook. last line that states the sun is “The gardener of the World”. The tone in the poem is calm and soothing, with a hint of mischief. The Above the hills, along the blue, sun’s mischievous and stubborn behavior as it breaks throughRound the bright air with footing true, every barrier put ahead of it gives the poem life. The poem is To please the child, to paint the rose, hardly much, five stanza, each with four lines; however it doesn’t The gardener of the World, he goes. take much words to warm the reader with the sun’s mesmerizing glow. Overall I really did expect you to be able to bask in this poems glory, just as much as the sun’s.
  4. 4. When I was writing this poem, Ikept thinking „about that time when…‟,and just about a million differentoccasions came into my mind. Yet, notonce did I ever actually grab the hose,instead I just got hit time after time, asyou laughed away. This may be awarning for the water wars to come,although I think it sums up all the fun youactually can have with water and coloredplastic. This poem brings you back tothat time you spent hours upon hoursfilling up, tying, and placing the balloonsinto all the different buckets. Or that timeyou‟ve chased whoever you saw firstaround with a squirt gun only to end upwith the perfect shot and no moreammo. It‟s a fast-paced poem, just likethe actual experience, meant to forceyour lips into that knowing smile thatreaches your eyes. Even if it‟s just a tugat the corners, I hope this poem doesthe water war memoires justice, and letthem flood back into your mind.
  5. 5. The poem Life’s A Beach by Patricia Polka is a free verse thatcaptures the love of being near the ocean. It is something I wouldimagine to find you curled up with on the couch, trying your hardest to At the beach, life’s different.plant yourself in the scene. The poem takes readers to the shorelineusing a few literally devices to paint the picture. The author adds in Time doesn’t move,personification in phrases like “The warm air dances around me”, similes Waves crash the ocean front,in lines such as “Like being tickled by love” and foreshadowing “Butmemories….Never do”. Polka summarizes a perfect day near the water, Kissing my feet.with a mood that sets the poem in such a blissful state. Her descriptions Sea glass glistens in the sun,conjure up the image of lying beside the tide, taking in the sun, sand, andsimply breathing. She gives her readers imagination room, which many The warm air dances around meauthors seem to lack in their work. Instead of being precise down to each Giving a new start to the world.detail, she lets the reader’s mind drift and help create a paradise all theirown. The title symbolism shines through in this poem. The title Life’s A The sand tingles under my feetBeach embraces the theme of the poem taking it to new levels. Polkapulls out most of the unnoticed things when spending time at the shore. Like being tickled by love.When reading the poem she lets readers sit back for a moment and Laying on the beach shore,realize that they as well come across the same effects. For example theline “Time doesn’t move,” in hardly any memories is there a time Tanning the day away.stamped on the front, although no one seems to notice the missing The tans may fade,aspect of something that is usually so important in life. It makes me thinkof how memoires are set in two periods: night and day. It’s either water But memoriesballoon fight we had “that day…”, or roasting marshmallows “the night Never do.we…” Overall Life’s A Beach is a poem like no other, which is somethingtruly rare to discover.
  6. 6. Her Summer Components is more so a list of Ice pops.all the things summer is filled with than an actual poem. T-shirts. From ice pops, to lip gloss, down to fireworks, Worries, tucked under the bed. everything is there. The reason I included this poem, Movies.was to show all the things you collect over summer. The Good friends. memories come from the list making, forgetting the School to her is dead. most important thing each trip, and managing to still Packing. have fun without it. Her Summer Components may be Unpacking. Fun has come too late. missing some things, like music, similes, although it Sunglasses.doesn’t lack in flow and tone. The rhymes play off all too Lip gloss. well, and the mood simply sets itself. All because She simply cannot wait. summer is now here, or soon to be at least. Fireworks. Barbecues. She knows it all too well. Iced Tea. Lemonade. So ready, I can tell. Flip flops. Sundresses. Her favorite time of year. Kick back. Relax. Because summer is now here.
  7. 7. Sweet Summer by Wayne Jarus is just the poem that explains summer days spent without a care. It simply is summer.The way that Jarus‟s words flow evenly off each other, the calm and tranquil mood adds to the poems relaxing effects. This poem was always at the top of my list when narrowing it down to the five that are included in this power point. Maybe the truth in the lines like “We hoard happiness a smile at a time” and “And crickets sing in motionless meadows” makes me think of all the joy that comes along with summer. Besides the days spent near the water, the ocean smell, and even catching fireflies that come with all the long nights. Jarus also keys in a different style in this poem repeating certain lines in each stanza. “A liquid sun beaming today and forever” is repeated in each stanza and “Butterflies flutter in a golden haze” is found in the two middle stanzas. Without most readers noticing over four lines are repeated in the four stanzasgiving the poem the support it needs, and helping with the flow. Therepetition gives the poem all new meaning once you have noticed it, which makes you look at the words in a different light. “As thoughts in a calm mind” only makes me think of you sitting on the porch at our grandparents‟ farm. Soaking in the sun, earphones giving off soft hums of noise, and just taking in the scene of the countryside minute by minute. “Lingering dreams and afternoons of heat” bring back all the afternoons we sit around mindlessly staring at each other reserving out energy for raising glasses of lemonade and ice tea to our lips. Each line in this poem brings back memories; it gives a chance for the reader to make it their own, simply because of what it triggers in their minds. For me, and hopefully you as well it will be the times spent doing nothing, but for others it will be whatever brought them joy.
  8. 8. June Afternoon is meant to express that feeling of bliss once you finallygive into the craving you have had to struggle with for so long. The feelings ofexcitement rising as summer crawls closer and closer each day builds until yourbreaking point. When school finally lets out, summer is marked as here on thecalendar, and you have taken that first “start of summer” trip to the beach toofficially mark it as summer, it is all you can do to keep yourself sane. The powerof summer takes over just like the overwhelming need to indulge in the coolwatery goodness found at the bottom of the pool. The poem is meant to capturethat perfect moment when it is hot, not humid, sunny on the perfect level, andjust what you need to fill that summer craving you have suppressed all winterlong.
  9. 9. Country Girl, the two words bring one thought to your mind. A bright blue eyed, wavy blondehair, sweet southern smile girl on a horse with her beige cow-boy hat and matching boots on. You, sister,however put that all to shame, when you walk up with your long straight brown hair, shiny brown eyes,knowing smirk always in place, and one witty line after the other. You take the city smarts and add it to thecountry style. Maybe that is just the results of growing up in two different worlds. Balancing country and citylife depending on the seasons, summer however is left purely for the country side in us to take over. That issaying a lot of a bunch of city kids, though once we get to those winding back roads, the corn field farms,manure filled air, clear blue skies, and barn chores even when on vacation it all comes crashing down. Thecow-girl in you takes over, and you fall into step with the country life, sunny skies, and pasturesdotted with dairy cows. The poem Country Girlby Jacqueline Coelho seems to take the best ofthe country time and spin it into a lovely poem. Shes just a Country GirlThe details put into the poem don’t go to waste, With her blonde hair down and a smile on,as it takes back any farm raised child, and makes Shes got her hands in her pockets of her wrangler jeans.a new world for the strictly city goers. Coelhodoes a wonderful job at setting the right mood, Scuffs on her boots from all the mud,tone, and even the diction. The poem’s structure Wind on her face from the summer breeze,is an interesting one as the stanzas go three, four, While laying in the grass looking up at the stars,three, two climbing up one step then declining two Thinking about love and being in his arms,steps. Country Girl is much more than a simple JasonAldean or Luke Bryan song, or anything along the lines From being on the farm, to in a storeof horse themed movies. It is the truth behind a true Jeans and a hat are always wore,country girl’s world from the first line to the last. From country to rock, this country girl never stops. Shell dance in the rain, but never will walk in shame Shes just a country girl loving life.
  10. 10. “Stiff as a log, I won’t leave thecouch” pretty much sums up those lazy dogdays of summer. The poem is supposed to takeyou back to the days that you swore wouldnever end. That annoying, wish I could beanywhere but here moment that when youthink back to you can only laugh. Almost alwaystaken for granted and so easily forgotten thosedays that you spent wishing would be over isthe one thing you end up longing for once theyare nowhere to be seen. The times we spentlying on the couch counting the minutes, or outon the grass counting cars and trying to findshapes in the clouds, oh the things you woulddo to pass the time. Lazy Days is meant to bringall that back, so you can finally see the silverlining in those long hours, the ones you willnever forget, the ones we spent together.
  11. 11. Fireflies on a Moonless Night is a short poem describing the journey of a firefly. I figured youwould love this poem, it is about something everyone cannot help but get excited over, and it is so rare thatyou would come across a poem about the little lantern bugs. It would be seen more as a child’s poem withlines like “Perpetuating their magical schemes”, however with a diction focused on an older audience it isclearly meant to bring back childhood memories. The speaker in the poem tells about how they could simplysit and watch the fireflies dance about the night “Till early light, without a care” showing how much it isaimed to draw on those happy times. The speaker in the poem is reminiscing in times forgotten describingthe bugs as “pixies and fairies, in a world of dreams” as they reach untouchable places in both the readersand speakers hearts. Olivarez does an excellent job atbringing back those summers spent catching fireflies andputting them in a jar, keeping them as your personal stars.Olivarez takes readers on a trip “Flying in their magic realm”, Fireflies on a moonless night,watching the fireflies take over the night sky and making it Neath the canopy of trees.their own. The title symbolism is not something you would Tiny lanterns all in flight,unravel before reading the full poem. Fireflies on a Moonless Carried on the evening breeze.Night could simply be seen as a literal perspective. However,there could be a more symbolic meaning behind it. Fireflies are Like pixies and fairies, in a world of dreams,known as stars of their own, they are summer stars that light up Flying in their magic realm.the night. They manage to take control of the darkness, and the Perpetuating their magical schemes,moon and stars fade away as you solely concentrate on the little Your earthly senses overwhelm.critters. The reason it would be titled Fireflies on a Moonless Nightshowing how the bugs take control over the night leaving I could just sit and watch all night,everything else to fade away. Even though it is only a few words, The fireflies in the air.five stanzas, four lines each, Olivarez creates a world of flying Underneath the stars so bright,blinking lights in the text that draws you back to a time back then. Till early light, without a care.The poem was the final touch to add to a power point thatconcentrates on summer, because each great summer day, needs something to light up the night as well.
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