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David pettijohn


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David pettijohn

  1. 1. LA’s Water Reliability 2025 Securing a high quality, sustainable local water supply September 26, 2013 LA’s Water Reliability 2025 One Water Leadership Summit
  2. 2. LADWP’s Long, Rich and Proactive Water History Helped Transform the City of LA
  3. 3. LA’s Reliance on MWD Water Has Increased 7-Fold in the Past 30 Years
  4. 4. Using Less Water Than 40 Years Ago Despite Population Increase of 1 Million
  5. 5. New Challenges Require Continued Proactive Planning by LADWP Local Groundwater Contamination & Basin Urbanization Threats to Imported Water -Environmental -Competing Demands -Climate Change Rising MWD Water Costs
  6. 6. LA’s Water Reliability 2025 is Combination of Two Important LADWP Initiatives + = SFB Groundwater Remediation Program Ensuring safe drinking water that meets all regulations Local Water Supply Program Securing new local water supplies LA’s Water Reliability 2025
  7. 7. Centralized Stormwater Capture Projects
  8. 8. Distributed Stormwater Capture Projects Elmer Avenue Retrofit Before After Cistern Rain Barrel Rain Garden
  9. 9. Stormwater Capture Master Plan • Evaluate existing stormwater capture facilities and projects • Quantify maximum stormwater capture potential • Provide potential strategies to increase stormwater capture • Recommend stormwater capture projects, programs, policies, and incentives • Determine the economic mix of centralized vs distributed stormwater capture projects
  10. 10. Relationship of Stormwater Capture Master Plan to Other Efforts Stormwater Capture Master Plan Detailed Master Plans & Studies Identifies solutions and estimates costs, and are conducted as needed Urban Water Management Plan Required by law every 5 years, and must take a 25-year look into the future Input Input LA’s Water Reliability 2025 Summarizes all water initiatives and develops overall timing and impacts, and will be updated every year
  11. 11. LA’s Water Reliability 2025 will Reduce Dependency on Imported Water Supplies
  12. 12. Summary of Local Water Supplies and Cost Program Component Total Capital Costs (Billions, 2012 Dollars) Water Yield (Acre-Feet/Yr) Stormwater Capture Centralized Recharge $0.34 54,788 Distributed Harvesting $0.26 8,159 Water Conservation $0.43 55,016 Reuse Groundwater Replenishment $0.42 30,000 Non-Potable Reuse $0.26 15,219 Total $1.7 163,182 SFB Groundwater Remediation Program $0.6 - $0.9 92,000
  13. 13. Summary of Benefits from Overall Program Improved Reliability During Droughts, Regulatory Restrictions and Climate Change Net Present Value Benefit of over $2 Billion for Local Water Supply Improved Water Quality of Groundwater & Receiving Waters Increased Local Societal Benefits, such as Job Creation, More Green Space