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Websphere commerce 7.0 the social commerce platform


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Websphere commerce 7.0 la piattaforma tecnologica per far evolvere l'eCommerce in chiave Social

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Websphere commerce 7.0 the social commerce platform

  1. 1. Websphere Commerce 7The SOCIAL Commerce Platform Carlo Visani –
  2. 2. Delivering Smarter Commerce Cover/control all the today‘s shoppers during a single buying process even crossing seamless channels Demand Configure Service & Browse Research Transact Generation & Select Support
  3. 3. Delivering Smarter Commerce Extend brand experience with Remote Widgets Brand Experience Direct Extended IBM Integrates Partner Relationship Search and IBMWeb Kiosks Email Management Shopping Engine Delivers SMS Contact Center Mobile POS Widgets Community Interaction Management Contracts & Relationships Personalization Globalization & Localization Configurable Business Processes Catalog & Content Precision Marketing Merchandising Assisted Interactions Order Management Extended Sites Infrastructure Business User Tooling Foundation Developer Tooling
  4. 4. Delivering Smarter Commerce Changing the way we market, build relationships, and deliver brand value using social networks as a platform to connect customers to our eCommerce Suppliers Fulfillment Data Backend - Legacy systems Resellers / Dealers POS Distributors B2B / Partners Retailers Kiosk Web Customer procurement / B2B sites systems Tele, mobile
  5. 5. Delivering Smarter CommerceIBM sets out to make the vision a reality… WS Commerce V5.6.1 WS Commerce V5.1 V6 FEP*Net.Commerce V2.0 WS Commerce V5.5  Web 2.0 Net.Commerce V3.2  Coremetrics  SOI  Business user tooling1996 1997 19981999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008Net.Commerce V1.0 WS Commerce V5.6 Nov WS Commerce V4.1 WS Commerce V6 2009 WS Commerce V7  Social Commerce  Dialog activities Net.Commerce V3.1 WS Commerce V5.4  More triggers /actions  Business user tooling
  6. 6. Delivering Smarter CommerceIBM sets out to make the vision a reality… WS Commerce V5.6.1 WS Commerce V5.1 V6 FEP*Net.Commerce V2.0 WS Commerce V5.5  Web 2.0 Net.Commerce V3.2  Coremetrics  SOI  Business user tooling •100% Java and open stds • Cross-Channel Order Mgmt •WAS and RAD • Flexible Pricing1996 1997 1998 1999 •Catalogs 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 RFQs • 2006 2007 2008 •Search Optimization • B2B workflow •Segmentation & Targeting • ContractsNet.Commerce V1.0 •Promos, Commerce V5.6 WS Discounts, Coupons • Comprehensive globalization Nov WS Commerce V4.1 •A/B Testing WS Commerce V6 content mgmt • Collaborative 2009 •e-mail Campaigns • Advanced order mgmt WS Commerce V7 • Proprietary architecture •Search & Guided Selling • Payment architectureCommerce  Social • Dynamic pages via  Dialog activities •Merchandizing Associations WS Commerce V5.4 • Tax, shipping, fulfillment • Catalog Net.Commerce V3.1  More triggers /actions •Awards & Points integrationBusiness user tooling • Shopping cart  •Gift Registry • Comprehensive integration • Shopper groups/registration •Auctions framework and tools • SET payments • Web services …and shapes the course of e-commerce for 14 years •Sales Center • Taxware integration • APIs
  7. 7. Delivering Smarter Commerce WebSphere Commerce V7 Highlights  Precision Marketing Automated, one-to-one marketing based on  Mobile Commerce preference and behavior across sales channels Support for mobile shopping, marketing messages, order status & list  Social Commerce  Management Center for Business Users Supports easy integration via Business user tools for Dialog Builder, sMash for Ratings & Reviews, Segmentation & Marketing Spots Blogs, Photos, and Profiles Business Dialog Builder Shopper User  B2B Starter Store Web 2.0 based store model for rich & streamlined experience  Improved Foundation Underlying software stack of WAS and DB2 updated to leverage latest versions7
  8. 8. Delivering Smarter Commerce WebSphere Commerce V7 FEP1 Summary  Remote Widgets  Emerging Markets Extend brand experience by embedding Localized store solution for China and Brazil advertising & promotions in Internet “properties” China Store Brazil Store such as social networking sites Social Networks Retailer Site Promos Favorites  Digital Coupons  Management Center Enhancements Manage the promotion and redemption of Improvements to catalog and promotions tool; digital coupons in the Web and Mobile store supports for installment rule, promotions, and payments  Total Cost of Implementation (TCOI)  Foundational Leadership Simplified order processing sub-system, data load tools, and tools to accelerate store design WXS integration for high performance caching, and testing and WAS 64-bit support8
  9. 9. Delivering Smarter Commerce WebSphere Commerce V7 FEP2 Summary  Social bridging  Management Center Enhancements Use external social networking identities to New store management tool create social content (user does not need a New price rule management store account) New Catalog filter enh. New attribute dictionary  Coshopping  Versioning Coshopping enables two shoppers to shop together within a browser window Manage versions of catalog data (SKU, bundle/kit, sales catalog)  Service Provider - Recurring order - Subscription  Search Optimization Optimize the search experience using embedded search based triggers  Content Management Syst. Integration - Search result driven by business rules Utility to interact with any third party content management systems with RSS/Atom feeds - Hi level search interface (auto-suggest, spell support) correction, phrase, wildcard)9
  10. 10. Delivering Smarter Commerce Management Center for Business Users Business user tools for management of: Catalog and its filtering tool, Promotions, Customer segmentation Marketing Spots , Campaigns Price rule, Attribute dictionary,… Precision Marketing Automated, one-to-one marketing based on preference and behavior across sales channels Digital Coupons Promotion and redemption of digital coupons in the Web and Mobile store Optimize the customer experince New 2.0 storefront and user interaction enhancement Cross channel and Mobile Commerce Support for mobile shopping, marketing messages, order status & list Social Commerce Integration tool for a “social oriented” sales environment: Social Collaboration Supports easy integration for Ratings & Reviews, Blogs, Photos, and Profiles Remote Widgets Extend brand experience by embedding advertising & promotions in Internet “properties” such as social networking sites Social bridging Use external social networking identities to create social content (user does not need a store account) Coshopping Coshopping enables two shoppers to shop together within a browser window Service Provider Native support for Recurring order & Subscription Sales Center Integrated Customer services management10
  11. 11. Delivering Smarter Commerce Management Center11
  12. 12. Delivering Smarter Commerce Management Center for Business Users  Web activity – Control what displays in predefined e-Marketing Spots on the store pages  Dialog activity – Automate marketing actions based on the specific behavior of your customers over time12
  13. 13. Delivering Smarter Commerce Power Next Gen Interactions with Precision Marketing  Deliver automated, one-to-one merchandising and marketing based on shopper preference and behavior Triggers Actions  Empower marketers to build a dialogue with consumers by Mobile Social Promotions Mobile processing triggers and responding Commerce Precision with actions Marketing Engine Cross/Up Sell Point of Sale  Cross Channel Precision Marketing Order Browsing History Engine – Web, Mobile, Cross Channel – Social Participation Personalization Search Emaill Kiosk – Integrated with ecosystem – B2B “behavioral marketing” – Behavioral segmentation and personas13
  14. 14. Delivering Smarter Commerce
  15. 15. Delivering Smarter Commerce
  16. 16. Delivering Smarter Commerce Cross Channel Dialog: Register and Order Customer Registers Places Order SMS Order Confirmation Thank you for your purchase. Your order # is 1372116
  17. 17. Delivering Smarter Commerce Cross Channel Dialog: Register and No Action Customer Registers Email Offer Wait one Thank you for your week registration. We’re running17 a special on ____
  18. 18. Delivering Smarter Commerce
  19. 19. Delivering Smarter CommerceSearch Optimization FEP2
  20. 20. Delivering Smarter CommerceSearch enhancement summary FEP2  Search Term Association Tool – Synonyms – Replacement terms – Landing pages  Search driven marketing – Customer Searches trigger in dialog activities – Search driven product recommendations in web activities – Search Activity Builder to influence search results
  21. 21. Delivering Smarter Commerce SEO and Landing Page Optimization21
  22. 22. Delivering Smarter CommerceNew Business User Tooling for Marketing Campaigns Marketing tool shows list of ongoing Gantt chart allows business users to marketing activities (email activities, understand at a glance when web activities and the new dialog particular activities start/stop in relation activities) to others Gant Chart timeframe granularity is adjustable by sliding selectors across to expand or contract window displayed
  23. 23. Delivering Smarter Commerce Marketing: Planning, Staging, and Execution23
  24. 24. Delivering Smarter Commerce Digital Coupons and Digital Wallet  Digital Coupons allow retailers to offer promotions that can redeemed via web/mobile store  Digital wallet serves as a container for digital coupons in an online coupon wallet Key Features Benefits • Ability to store digital coupons in an online coupon wallet  Help improve customer loyalty and conversion ratio • Allow redemption of digital  Seamlessly manage digital coupons across coupons in mobile stores channels • Allows business users to  Help attract new customers with mobile import coupon codes from CSV coupon campaigns file into WC24
  25. 25. Delivering Smarter Commerce Digital Coupons Promotion and Redemption 1B. Coupon Promotion / 1A. Precision marketing eSpot issues coupon triggers issue of coupon 3. Redeem Coupon at Checkout (web or mobile) 2. Coupon Wallet in Web & Mobile Store25
  26. 26. Delivering Smarter CommerceNew Business User Tooling for Catalog Management Columns in Main Pane are configurable by business users. They can resize, drag and drop to change their order in the table, and hide or add columns Left Navigation Bar allows business users to navigate catalogs, categories, products, promotions, campaigns, and activities Details of any individual item can hierarchies be shown in Preview Pane
  27. 27. Delivering Smarter CommerceNew Business User Tooling for Catalog ManagementThere are multipleselectable table views: • Page can be split Main Pane horizontally with main panel on top and preview pane below • Main pane can take up whole right side of page • Table can be split vertically so it only shows key identifier Preview Pane column and editor form is on far right • If list has start/end dates, Gantt chart view can be selected
  28. 28. Delivering Smarter CommerceNew Business User Tooling for Catalog Management Each tool has context-sensitive Tool Bar and menu that operate on data shown in main pane Once object is selected in Navigation Tree, table of Multiple tools can be open and those objects appears on used at the same time via Tab the right Interface
  29. 29. Delivering Smarter CommerceNew Business User Tooling for Catalog Management Table can be sorted by Direct data updates in any individual content on any column in cell can be quickly done, without ascending or descending order having to edit data in editor form
  30. 30. Delivering Smarter CommerceNew Product Editor Pane • Double clicking table entry opens Action Tabs allow business users product editor panel to edit various aspects of a product Inline images Pop-up date Rich text editor selection widgets
  31. 31. Delivering Smarter CommerceNew Merchandising Association Management Tool Merchandising Association Tab in Business users can search for item, product editor shows products and/or browse category structure tree, or categories that are associated with a choose from list of pre-selected product items Utility Pane Business user can add an Business users can drag & drop from association by typing it in text box or utility pane over to associations table to by clicking on Search icon make association
  32. 32. Delivering Smarter CommerceNew Pricing Tool FEP2 Four objects are managed by the Pricing tool • Price rule • Price constant • Price list • Price list upload Clicking each folder displays the object in the list view
  33. 33. Delivering Smarter CommercePrice rule editor FEP2 An empty path is provided when you select Creating new price rule Similar to Marketing activity, price rule editor builds the price rule graphically Build the price rule path using the elements in the palette Elements are grouped into three blocks
  34. 34. Delivering Smarter Commerce Optimize the Customer Experience
  35. 35. Delivering Smarter Commerce Deliver Rich Customer Centric Experiences New Web 2.0 & Integrated Social Commerce  New B2C and B2B Store Models  Merges both traditional Web 1.0 and 2.0  B2B Operational Support  Search engine optimization improvements  Performance Improvements
  36. 36. Delivering Smarter CommerceNew B2C Store
  37. 37. Delivering Smarter CommerceScrolling eSpots
  38. 38. Delivering Smarter Commerce Enhanced Category Pages
  39. 39. Delivering Smarter Commerce Faceted Search
  40. 40. Delivering Smarter Commerce Enhanced and Actionable “Quick Info”
  41. 41. Delivering Smarter Commerce New Cart
  42. 42. Delivering Smarter Commerce Enhanced Product Detail Pages
  43. 43. Delivering Smarter Commerce Enhanced Checkout
  44. 44. Delivering Smarter Commerce Cross-Channel Processes and Mobile Commerce
  45. 45. Delivering Smarter CommerceOptimize Cross Channel Interactions &Cross Channel Processes  Buy Online and Pickup In-store (BOPIS)  Or Reserve Online and Pay/Pickup In-store  Endless Aisle  Buy out-of-stock items in-store and ship to home  DOM Integration  Store inventory visibility  Order transfer, inventory allocation, and status update
  46. 46. Delivering Smarter Commerce Optimize Cross Channel Interactions with Mobile Commerce Mobile Message Support (SMS) Mobile Store Model Mobile Transactions and Cross Channel Support Integrated into Cross Channel Precision Marketing with support for Mobile triggers, actions
  47. 47. Delivering Smarter Commerce Optimized Mobile Experience
  48. 48. Delivering Smarter Commerce Mobile Product Pages
  49. 49. Delivering Smarter Commerce Advanced Search
  50. 50. Delivering Smarter Commerce Buy-On-Mobile-Pickup-In-Store
  51. 51. Delivering Smarter Commerce Buy-On-Mobile-Pickup-In-Store Buy-On-Mobile-Pickup-In-Store
  52. 52. Delivering Smarter Commerce Social Commerce
  53. 53. Delivering Smarter Commerce A Customer Centric Approach to Social Commerce Viral, Engaging, and Contextual Targeted and Personalized Orchestrated across touch points, channels, and mediums
  54. 54. Delivering Smarter Commerce Social Commerce is… a transformation “Just as e-commerce transformed retail, social media transforms e-commerce by changing people’s expectations.” Mitch Joel - April 21, 2010 - Social Commerce Summit
  55. 55. Delivering Smarter Commerce Integrated Social Commerce Oliver is shopping for Taps into his Facebook network of fellow an office espresso Office Managers for their insight machine Asks Community if this is a good machine for office use
  56. 56. Delivering Smarter CommerceWebSphere Commerce V7: Social Commerce Integration Storefronts and Store Models – Out of the box, pre-enabled social integration – Effective display – Proper location of social content on product page Social Media Adapters – Integration of social media and communities – Scaleable architecture • SEO Enablement • Reusable connections • Content mediation including transformation and caching
  57. 57. Delivering Smarter CommerceIntegrated Product/Category Blogs Share to social networks Customer Bazaarvoice blog entry Ratings and Reviews Email to a friend Community Moderation User generated Comments
  58. 58. Delivering Smarter CommerceSocial Profiles Customer profile with picture and optional fields Search Blog Entries Blogs Photo Gallery Tabs E-Spot
  59. 59. Delivering Smarter CommercePhoto/Video Gallery Share with Social Networks Browse by newest, highest rated, most commented, most viewed Photos Titles, user and comments
  60. 60. Delivering Smarter Commerce Remote Widget: Extended Brand Experience  Extend the experience beyond retailers website by embedding widgets in 3rd party Internet properties and by supporting feeds Search and Affiliate Sites Aggregators Social Sites/ Widgets Viral Marketing Comparison /Portals Communities (Internet, Shopping Engine Desktop, Mobile) Optimization Brand 1 Brand 2 Brand 3 Brand 460
  61. 61. Delivering Smarter Commerce Remote Widget Social Network widgets & apps Affiliate Marketing Widgets Affiliate Partner 1 Retail Partner Personalized Widgets Reseller 1 B2B Solutions Extend Brand Experience Deals Partner Access my lists Coupons My Community Manage Brand Experience Search Smartphone Apps & Widgets61
  62. 62. Delivering Smarter Commerce Remote Widgets  Enable retailers to extend brand experience to third-party Web sites, including social networking sites for marketing and promotions – Allow shoppers to share their "favorites" list and gift registry – Allow retailers to offer and centrally manage marketing and promotions outside of retailers own site Key Features • Manage the brand experience on third- Benefits party Web sites through IBM  Provide a new channel to promote brand and Management Center • Synchronize Web promotions on products retailer Web sites with third-party Web  Leverage social networks to improve sites consumer reach and drive traffic to the retailers • Enable shoppers to subscribe to own Web site marketing and promotion content feeds  Control brand experience centrally and easily • Allow shoppers to share their wish list and gift registry with their friends and  Help increase customer satisfaction and family on social networking sites loyalty62
  63. 63. Delivering Smarter Commerce Remote Widgets: Shopper-driven Scenarios  My Wish List widget/My favorites widget: Enables shoppers to share their favorite products or recommended products on social networking sites or personal sites such as blogs  Gift Registry widget: Enables shoppers to post their gift registries on their favorite social networking sites  Promotion & Brand widget/feed: Enables shoppers to get branded retailer messages, Show the hottest deal (Deal of the day), etc via widget or feed63
  64. 64. Delivering Smarter Commerce Remote Widgets: Retailer-driven Scenarios  Promotions & Brand Widget: Connect WebSphere Commerce eSpots to retailer owned social networking sites, affiliate and partner sites.  Centrally manage and control all remote eSpots from the Management Center, WC business user tool 3rd Party Sites Management Center Social Networks Retailer Site Partner Sites Affiliate Sites Content Sites ….64
  65. 65. Delivering Smarter Commerce Viral, Engaging, and Contextual Make it Viral!.... But don’t violate your customers’ privacy
  66. 66. Delivering Smarter CommerceWidgets make the Customer Experience Viral, Engaging, and Contextual …allow your customers to virally share these applications with their friends and interact with your app in their favorite Social networking sites, blogs, Widgets and aggregators, etc applications Madisons Apps extend the Wish List Gift Registry brand My Favorites Daily Deal experience Trendy Tips Your Widget providing Your Widget Deal Feed unique, My Forum Widget differentiated value Your favorite Widgets66
  67. 67. Delivering Smarter Commerce Social & Precision Marketing: Targeted and Personalized Change Banner $10 Off Next Order Add to Active Participant Segment Send $10 Off SMS Coupon Thank you for your review. Receive $10 off next order Share Your Favorites With Your Friends
  68. 68. Delivering Smarter CommerceSocial Bridging  Accounts, account and more accounts!!!  Users want to participate without having to register  Dual authentication enables: – Login to “social” content through trusted source such as: • OpenID Provider • Facebook Connect • Twitter • Etc. – Access to social content and “relationships” – Separate secure authentication for user account and cart transactions
  69. 69. Delivering Smarter CommerceSocial Bridging FEP2  Use external social networking identities to create social content (user does not need a store account)  Post content back as activities to social networking sites  Leverage social web (friends) for engaging interactions at store
  70. 70. Delivering Smarter CommerceSocial Bridging FEP2 example  Updated GUI  Show profile picture for external users  Logout
  71. 71. Delivering Smarter Commerce Social Bridging FEP2 example As a shopper, post my social commerce activities back to my social networking provider Click share it icon
  72. 72. Delivering Smarter Commerce Social Bridging FEP2 example As a shopper, post my social commerce activities back to my social networking provider Click share it icon
  73. 73. Delivering Smarter Commerce Social Bridging FEP2 example Friends support Depending on which social network ID you are logged on to, your friends’reviews/blogs/photo gallery are – indicated with a friend icon and highlighted with gray – reordered so your friends entries are at the top Facebook friend in blog Twitter friend in photo gallery Twitter friend in reviews
  74. 74. Delivering Smarter Commerce master data management for social identities
  75. 75. Delivering Smarter Commerce Coshopping
  76. 76. Delivering Smarter CommerceCoshopping FEP2  Coshopping enables two shoppers to shop together within a browser window – explore a store – take control of a session – highlight web page elements – view products – chat about products  Coshopping provides real-time synchronization of the web browsers of two users to create a single collaborative shopping session controlled by a single user  Individual privacy and security preferences – Links that reveal customer sensitive information are blocked during coshopping – Highlight of the personalized content in coshopping is disabled  Only two shoppers are allowed in a collaboration session
  77. 77. Delivering Smarter Commerce Coshopping example FEP2 Two people chatting using instant messaging, User A and User B, both browsing the same furniture store website Both looking at couches User A clicks coshopping option in the website Site provides a URL to User A which she instant messages to User B User B enters the URL into his web browser Collabor. dialog window opens in User B’s browser view and he can see User A’s browser page User A selects the particular couch she wants to look at, she is the leader so User B’s browser page follows User A, User B is viewing the same page as User A User A points out the cost of the couch by highlighting the cost in the page Both users A and B agree that the couch is what they need
  78. 78. Delivering Smarter CommerceCoshopping example FEP2  Back and forward buttons,  Refresh button  Follow me button, this allows the User to be the leader if selected  Stop button, this stops the follow me mode  Chat button, this initiates a chat session between the two users  Highlight button, user can highlight things for the other user to see  Help button  Close collaboration button
  79. 79. Delivering Smarter CommerceCoshopping example FEP2
  80. 80. Delivering Smarter Commerce Service Provider
  81. 81. Delivering Smarter CommerceService Provider FEP2  Recurring order – Weekly fruit and vegetable delivery – Paid weekly  Subscription – Time-based – Subscribe to an electronic newsletter for one year – Paid up-front Subscription Recurring order Fulfillment Items shipped can be Items shipped exactly different than the item match items ordered ordered Frequency Determined by the retailer Chosen by the shopper Time period Determined by the retailer Chosen by the shopper
  82. 82. Delivering Smarter CommerceRecurring order FEP2
  83. 83. Delivering Smarter Commerce Sales Center
  84. 84. Delivering Smarter Commerce Sales Center Enables the speed IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce and productivity required for high Provides your inbound contact center volume contact representatives with the functionality they need centers to take orders, update orders and up-sell your cross-channel customers •Offers a customizable high performance user interface designed for productivity and multi-tasking •Leverages the catalog, order management, promotions and merchandising capabilities of WebSphere Commerce84
  85. 85. Delivering Smarter Commerce Cross Channel Execution Capabilities – Sales Center Features Benefits • Work with multiple stores, customers and • Improved service for cross orders simultaneously channel customers via a single • View cross-sell, up-sell and promotional view of customers and orders information • Improved productivity of call • Find and visually compare products center representatives through a • View product availability high performance interface • View and take control of customer carts • Increased sales in the call • Create quotes and turn quotes into orders center by enabling cross-selling and up-selling • View and override contract and list pricing for products, orders and shipping • Reduced cost and complexity of your technology environment by • Create, update, block and cancel orders using WebSphere Commerce • Create and manage customer profiles as the central server for call • Process payments center and web operations • Create and manage ticklers (“To Do’s”) • Simplifies your IT environment • All functions are hot-key enabled by reducing the number of • Eclipse based solution for easy integration to systems needing replicated other applications copies of catalog, customer, promotion and order data85
  86. 86. Delivering Smarter Commerce Functional Overview Customers Products Quotes OrdersCSR Integration Post Sales Support Ticklers Administration IBM Expeditor Client86
  87. 87. Delivering Smarter CommerceSample: Sales Center Customer Editor87
  88. 88. Delivering Smarter CommerceSample: Sales Center Order Editor88
  89. 89. Delivering Smarter CommerceSales Center Workflow89
  90. 90. Delivering Smarter CommerceReturn Workflow90
  91. 91. Delivering Smarter Commerce Foundation Enhancements
  92. 92. Delivering Smarter CommerceEnable peak performance with foundationenhancements Improved response time for rich & personalized experience  1 to 2 second response times delivered, even with complex content Scalability for increased volumes  Support massive transaction volumes associated with the peaks of the retailing cycle Availability for increased criticality  Zero downtime maintenance and multi-site redundancy
  93. 93. Delivering Smarter CommerceBest in class performance keeps getting better  Process more orders  Latest IBM JVM delivers up to 20% throughput improvements  JDBC Type 4 driver delivers up to 15% throughput improvements  Load catalog and inventory data up to 3x faster with new data load utility  Deliver a superior shopping experience  Leverage Web 2.0 stores for fast page loads with rich content  Streamlined CSS  Fast parsing with Dojo 1.3.1  Leverage data cache for SQL queries to improve response times by up to 16x  Achieve sub-second response times for most pages
  94. 94. Delivering Smarter Commerce Delivering Smarter Commerce Suppliers Data Fulfillment Back-end Legacy systems Resellers / Dealers POS Distributors B2B / Partners Retailers Kiosk Web Customer procurement / B2B sites Customer systems procurement / Tele, mobile Tele, mobile systems
  95. 95. Delivering Smarter Commerce Contatti Carlo Visani Carlo Visani carlovisani 2185E9AB (Blackberry PIN) c.visani 95