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Impact Capacity Assessment Tool (iCAT)


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The Impact Capacity Assessment Tool (iCAT) is an organizational assessment and planning tool that helps nonprofits better understand their capacity and put that understanding into action to increase their impact.

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Impact Capacity Assessment Tool (iCAT)

  1. 1. Building organizational capacity.
  2. 2. Introducing
  4. 4. EASY COST EFFECTIVE INSIGHTFUL ROBUST a better capacity assessment tool for nonprofits
  5. 5. EASY Giving every nonprofit the capacity to lead. COST EFFECTIVE INSIGHTFUL ROBUST
  6. 6. Decades of national data shows that the health of a nonprofit can be assessed using 6 core capacities.
  7. 7. Leading Learning Overseeing Generating Planning Managing
  8. 8. Where do you excel?
  9. 9. What needs more attention?
  10. 10. Organizational assessment builds deeper understanding — equipping you to make thoughtful, strategic change happen.
  11. 11. Recognizing that nonprofits need a better way to measure organizational capacity, CVNL has partnered with Algorhythm to offer iCAT.
  12. 12. iCAT is unique.
  13. 13. • Web-based, multiple choice survey • A 20-30 minute commitment
 for each participant • Survey from 3-25 people • CVNL guidance throughout • Custom dashboard • Centralized online administration EASY
  14. 14. • All-inclusive low fee covers: • the online tool • a customized report with recommendations based on individual results • consultation time with CVNL to interpret results and determine next steps • Reasonable price allows for regular capacity assessments over time COST EFFECTIVE
  15. 15. • Identifies top 3 strengths 
 & challenges • Recommendations individualized to each organization • Highly actionable plan, including top 10 priorities for improvement INSIGHTFUL
  16. 16. • Objective & data-driven • Comprehensive tool covering 25 indicators of nonprofit effectiveness • National instrument, based on 
 15+ years of research & data • Statistically valid and reliable ROBUST
  17. 17. Online access.
  18. 18. The tool delivers a clear summary of strengths and challenges.
  19. 19. iCAT gets results.
  20. 20. Nonprofits Receive valuable, confidential feedback from stakeholders. Leverage iCAT results to seek funding for capacity-building, and inform planning and decision-making.
  21. 21. “The ICAT survey helped us realize our strengths and weaknesses and then informed what we could do to be the best we could be.” Brigitte Moran, Executive Director, Agricultural Institute of Marin
  22. 22. Funders Recommend the tool with confidence. Purchase in bulk for multiple grantees. View reports in an on-demand online dashboard. Inform capacity building investments.
  23. 23. “…iCAT provides a comprehensive view of how an organization is changing and growing, priorities it can pursue, and realistic suggestions for improvements… The process and report provide credibility and justification to organizations and funders for capacity building support.” Barbara 
 Clifton Zarate, Director of Economic Opportunity, 
 Marin Community Foundation
  24. 24. EASY COST EFFECTIVE INSIGHTFUL ROBUST Ci A T a better capacity assessment tool for nonprofits
  25. 25. EASY COST EFFECTIVE INSIGHTFUL ROBUST Ci A T a better capacity assessment tool for nonprofits Giving every nonprofit the capacity to lead.
  26. 26. CVNL.ORG