CUbRIK research at LS-COOP workshop


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Workshop on Large-scale Idea Management and Deliberation
Co-occurring with the COOP2012 conference, May 29 2012, Marseille, France

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CUbRIK research at LS-COOP workshop

  1. 1. Community ManagementSystems for Social Deliberation and Action Alessandro Bozzon, Stefano Butti, Marco Brambilla, Matteo Silva Piero Fraternali, WebRatio Andrea Mauri Politecnico di Milano
  2. 2. Work partially funded by
  3. 3. Focus• Scenarios where large scale decision making requires structured bidirectional interaction with crowds• Not only social data mining/collection (passive) but also social activation (active)• Integration of field-based community work and virtual community work in social networks
  4. 4. Scenarios• Natural resource management: – Snow level quantification for water load prediction in Lombardy lakes via social mining of photos (passive) + engagement of mountaineers (active)• Citizen innovation – Municipal service requirement elicitation with field + virtual community work in marginal quarters in the city of Guayaquil• Service innovation – SN-enabled quality feedback and customer-driven innovation for the services of a TELCO company in Latin America
  5. 5. Idea• A Community Management System – A common model of social user portable across platforms – A data warehouse and content management system for community members’ data – A task deployment tool to manage crowd work – A Social “Business Analysis Monitor (BAM)” to chart the dynamic behavior and evolution of communities• + Domain specific applications: e.g., early alerting, Games with a Purpose, crowdsourced tasks
  6. 6. Architecture& models
  7. 7. The Babel of social user models
  8. 8. Status of implementation• V 1.0 of the Community Work Management tool complete [WWW paper] – Configurable task design – Multiple SNs task deployment and result collection (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn) – Rudimental Social BAM• Small scale experimentation done – FB campaign for logo detection tasks [CrowdSearch paper]
  9. 9. Crowd-assisted logo detection “LIKE” task variant “ADD” task variant
  10. 10. Ongoing / Future work• Implementation of – Other platforms support (e.g., work markets) – Social BAM – Integration with social data mining tools for unstructured activity result collection – Cloud deployment in SaaS mode – Integration with GWAP platform• Larger scale experimentation
  11. 11. References• P. Fraternali, A. Castellett,R. Soncini-Sessa, C. Vaca Ruiz, A.E. Rizzoli, Putting humans in the loop: Social computing for Water Resources Management, Environmental Modelling & Software, 2012 (1) 10• Alessandro Bozzon, Marco Brambilla, Stefano Ceri: Answering search queries with CrowdSearcher. WWW 2012: 1009-1018• A Bozzon, I Catallo, E Ciceri, P Fraternali, D Martinenghi M Tagliasacchi, A Framework for Crowdsourced Multimedia Processing and Querying, Crowdsearch 2012 WWW Workshop,• Marco Brambilla, Piero Fraternali, Carmen Vaca: A Notation for Supporting Social Business Process Modeling. BPMN 2011: 88-102