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CUbRIK will develop a multimedia search platform that incorporates machine, human and social computation while also enriching the semantics of content and query processing.
The project goal is a shift from a monopolistic content-centred paradigm to a user-centric and service-oriented one, with the CUbRIK platform acting as a facilitator for the assembly of enriched multimedia search solutions tailored by domains.
The project targets an increased intelligence for multimedia search- based solutions by three basic perspectives:

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Published in: Technology, Education
  • October 1, 2012
    CUbRIK Community now enhanced by a dedicated FORUM at (this replace previous link indicated as in this presentation). Registration is free. Project anticipations are released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA
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  1. 1. CUbRIK project is...... a research project financed by the European Union6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 1
  2. 2. ….. synonymous of openness Open Innovation  CUbRIK deploys a “white-box” version of a multimedia content & query processing system, by unbundling its functionality and extending its workflow logic to adapt to search-based application requirements Open Source  CUbRIK provides new components and services and is able to incorporate existing 3rd party services and components, using open standards and an open source software development approach Open Human  CUbRIK extends the search paradigm to networked human computation by combining crowdsourcing, social networking, trust analysis and gaming with a purpose Open Business  CUbRIK promotes the exploitation of its results through a business ecosystem by joining forces with multimedia search practitioners, researchers, ICT developers, System integrators, service providers, content owners, individuals and SMEs. 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 2
  3. 3. … a 3D view of multimedia searchTechnology Platform Business PlatformComponents Open SourceCore Services Open InnovationPipelines Open Community Social Platform Human Computation Social Computation Crowdsourcing Games with a purpose 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 3
  4. 4. …a service framework  Makes use of SMILA framework as a start-up service engine for supporting workflow definition and execution  Provides architectural extensions to SMILA for enhanced services:  Extensible content, query and feedback processing search workflow  Multimodality, Orchestration of human and machine computation tasks in all search processes  Time and Space Awareness  Support for social and human computation  Persistency and Caching of content and metadata  Support of federated configurations across a distributed architecture  Different styles of User Interface for queries and presentation of search results  Includes tools and methods for application design 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 4
  5. 5. ....a software delivery channel 1st CUbRIK platform release First instance of process execution engine and basic content and query processing pipelines, reusing results from previous research projects, integrating open source components and SMILA framework. 2nd CUbRIK platform release Personalization of query processing based on individual role analysis and relevance feedback from individuals and crowds on uncertainty models of content analysis and query processing pipelines. Integration of time and space repositories. 3rd CUbRIK platform release Scalable and distributed installation capabilities, tools and interfaces to enable application design and development. 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 5
  6. 6. ….a sound research initiative Research community is offered  SoTA advance across multidisciplinary research for social computation, human computation, multimodality and Information Technology  Semantic gap reduction by incorporating rather than emulating human capacities and social interaction  Proposals for new paradigms of science applied to technology for multimedia search  Extension of standards 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 6
  7. 7. ….a technology platform Developers and technology-savvy users are offered  An agile approach to integrate their own developments with open source components  Knowledge on locating their developments in CUbRIK  Guidance on embedding time and space, human and social extended capabilities in their products  Guidance on how components with different licenses can be integrated into the CUbRIK architecture  Sample pipelines of the arbitrary mix of human and machine tasks to personalise the search processing logic for application requirements  Methods and tools to design multimedia search applications  APIs for developing applications on top of CUbRIK. 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 7
  8. 8. …..a human computation platform Individuals and the Crowd are offered  a collaboration opportunity to contribute to annotation tasks for disambiguation  an engagement opportunity to play through GWAPs for intelligence and decision making  an evaluation opportunity to provide feedback to refine the platform ability to get more precise results  a business opportunity to start crowdsourcing collaboration with business partners 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 8
  9. 9. ….a business opportunity The multimedia search industry is offered  Extension of their market penetration by deploying an Open Source approach based on the CUbRIK framework  Enrichment of their existing offers through incorporation of CUbRIK features  Usage of the CUbRIK Consortium as a Knowledge source by participating in the CUbRIK Community  Potential new business relationships in the Open Source ecosystem 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 9
  10. 10. ...a proof-of-concept  CUbRIK will showcase its technology with Demonstrators of examples of innovation in two domains:  (Digital Libraries) History of Europe  (Business Processes) CUbRIK search for SMEs,  Technical evaluation in real-world conditions including users will be based on these Demonstrators  Demonstrators will be used to disseminate the benefits of the CUbRIK approach to a wide audience-at-large and to potential adopters 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 10
  11. 11. …. an opportunity for networking  The project portal is a one-stop shop reference window: supporting social features by topics  External social channels of the project are:  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  YouTube  The CUbRIK Community (to be launched soon at  will link external members to Consortium members, hosting networking on ongoing project achievements  will engage members from existing Communities of Interests, groups and organizations 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 11
  12. 12. ....a flagship project in the EU Agenda An 8.9 M€ Large-scale Integrating Project (IP) funded by EU with 6.8 M€ funding in the framework of FP7-ICT Networked Media and Search Systems, 961 person- month effort, 36 months duration from OCT 2011.  Extending the potential of previous research  Active collaboration with Social Sensor, I-Search  Continuity of research in PHAROS, VITALAS, …  Inspiring vision in FP7 for ICT 2013 and Horizon 2020  Reference for a strategic cluster activity in the NEM agenda 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 12
  13. 13. ...a strong partnership  The CUBRIK Consortium is coordinated by Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica and groups 15 world- class actors including content providers and highly-skilled SMEs from 8 different countries in Europe. 6 March 2012 The CUbRIK Project is .... 13