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Nvc2012 it module4_avig

  1. 1. Build Your MVP New Venture Challenge Module 4
  2. 2. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU Alex Viggio @aviggio • 1st product sold ’85 *paid for Macintosh 512k • B.S. IBM PC “U” ’94 *C/C++, OS/2, Waterfall • 1st startup sold ’95 *paid for new life in Boulder • Founded XP Denver ’00 *pivot ↪ Agile Denver • 1st Lean iStartup ’09 *several startups later • M.S. ICTD CU-Boulder *startup grad programI graduated in ’94 from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL which was heavily influenced at the time by being home to IBM and it’s Project Chess legacy. I meant toshare this anecdote in my talk, but didn’t.The Project Chess team of twelve directed by Don Estridge and Chief Designer Lewis Eggebrecht was responsible for one of IBM’s most successful MVPs, the original IBMPC which they launched in August 1981. This in many ways also gave Microsoft their most critical launch pad, resulting in the industry leader we know today. IBM firstcontacted Microsoft in July 1980, contracts were signed in early November, they had their 86-DOS running on a prototype PC in February 1981, and was ready for the PC’srelease date in August.Rather than going through the usual IBM design process, the Project Chess team had authorization to bypass normal company restrictions and get something to marketrapidly. The team developed the PC in about a year (verus 4+ for most IBM projects) by building it with "off-the-shelf" parts and software from a variety of OEMs. PreviouslyIBM had always developed its own hardware and software components.Once it became a commercial success, the product came back under the more usual tight IBM management control. IBMs tradition of "rationalizing" product lines, deliberatelyrestricting the performance of lower-priced models in order to prevent them from "cannibalizing" profits from higher-priced models, worked against them and they no longerproduce or sell personal computers or laptops having sold to Lenovo in 2005.Somewhat ironically, in 1999 Don Estridge was identified in CIO magazine as one of the people who "invented the enterprise", when in fact he might have been one of theleading intrapreneurs of the ‘80s.*most of the above text is copied from Wikipedia
  3. 3. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU FIS 1.0: 1994-2009• CU’s Faculty Information System (FIS) originally developed ’94• 1990s Oracle Database technology• Microsoft Access 97 and PL/SQL Web 1.0 clients
  4. 4. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU FIS 1.1: 2010• Migration from OIT Enterprise legacy database Solaris server and Oracle 9i• Stabilization: new OIT Managed Services database and web Linux servers and latest Oracle 11g R2• Adopting Agile and Scrum *2 week sprints• Adding new features!?$# *still not Lean
  5. 5. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU FIS 2.0: 2011• Web 2.0 and 3.0 *HTML5, Javascript, RDF• Using Open Source *Linux, VIVO, jQuery, Selenium• Pivot ↪ Lean iStartup *2 MVPs, Lean methods
  6. 6. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU MVP: VIVO CUB• http://vivo.colorado.edu/ *campus only• Pivot ↪ CU Faculty Research Index• Conditions of extreme uncertainty? • http://vivo.cornell.edu/ • 15+ years faculty data ⊋ Public Web • No NIH funding *$12M > $0
  7. 7. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU MVP: VIVO CUB• Demoing VIVO MVP in a VM with real FIS data on my laptop late ’10• Dev starts VIVO CU-Boulder 01/11• Release of VIVO CU-Boulder 04/11• CU-Boulder case study in upcoming Morgan & Claypool Synthesis book
  8. 8. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU MVP: UCCS FRPA• https://fis.uccs.edu• The Original Pitch fails to launch• Pivot ↪ FIS 2.0 can wait• Dev starts UCCS FRPA Fall ’11• 1st MVP Launch: UCCS FRPA 01/12• 1st Paying Customer!
  9. 9. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU MVP Tech Concerns• XP and Agile/Lean focus on baking in and maintaining quality• MVP quality trade offs *aka “can’t define quality until you know customer”• Avoid vanity metrics *LOC, bug fixes
  10. 10. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU MVP Toolkit• Physical Mockups *3D printers, DIY/Hackerspaces like Club Workshop, whiteboards & stickies• Virtual Mockups *MockFlow, Balsamiq, Drupal/WordPress, PowerPoint/Keynote/Prezi• Screencasting *Camtasia, ScreenFlow, Jing• Lean Technology *Rails, Spring, Force.com• Local VMs & Cloud *VirtualBox “Virtual Appliances”, Amazon Web Services, EC2, AMIs• Product Launch *LaunchRock, Prefinery
  11. 11. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU Local Links• http://www.meetup.com/Boulder- Denver-Lean-Startup-Meetup/ *monthly• http://agiledenver.org *monthly• http://www.bdnewtech.com *monthly• http://www.clubworkshop.com/ *DIY• http://www.solidstatedepot.com/ *DIY
  12. 12. The Lean iStartup Agile Intrapreneur @CU Toolkit Links• http://mockflow.com/ *MockFlow online wireframing solution• http://www.balsamiq.com/ *Balsamiq online or desktop wireframing solution• http://prezi.com/*Prezi online presentation solution• http://www.telestream.net/screen-flow/ *ScreenFlow screencasting software• http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html *Jing screencasting software (superceding Camtasia)• http://rubyonrails.org/ *Ruby on Rails web framework• http://www.springsource.org/ *Spring enterprise application framework for Java• http://www.force.com/ *Salesforce.com technology stack for enterprise applications• https://www.virtualbox.org/ *open source virtualization solution• http://aws.amazon.com/ *Amazon Web Services for cloud computing, databases and storage• http://launchrock.com/ *create and promote with a social launching soon page• http://www.prefinery.com/ *early adopter management solution