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CUSTMZ 4 Vacature


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Published in: Technology, Business
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CUSTMZ 4 Vacature

  1. 1. + Brave new New world possibilitiesCUSTMZ FORVACATURE What can CUSTMZ‟ CUSTMZ offer CUSTMZ for Your digital answer magazine? you you?
  2. 2. + What are Changing Why do you digital need a environment magazines? digital Definition & magazine? typesBrave new world What can Your CUSTMZ offer digital you? magazine
  3. 3. + It‟s a brave new world out there…
  4. 4. + Digital becomes leading > ¾ Belgian population online  Rise of the tablet  Mobile internet
  5. 5. + Social media rule  750million on Facebook, 300 million on Twitter, 79 million on LinkedIn  New social media channels popping up continuously  E.g. Google+, Pinterest, etc.
  6. 6. + Mad men no more…  Content marketing replaces traditional advertising  ! Peer recommendation is considered trustworthy by 78%, as opposed to 14% who trust advertisements  Earned media: relevance is crucial to get attention and be liked/shared
  7. 7. + Track to target to improve ROI  Tracking is more important than ever  Knowing who your audience is, allows you to truly reach, bind and engage your various target groups by offering them content that is relevant to them  Segment and personalise  Addressing your (future) customers as individuals is the best way to improve brand recognition and loyalty
  8. 8. + CRM becomes Social CRM  Lifestyle data enhances transactional data  Learn WHO your customers are and not only WHAT they do What does he/she like? Who are his friends? What does he/she share? What does he/she search for? Where does he/she go? What does he/she do? Etc.
  9. 9. + What are Are digital Why do you digital magazines need a digital magazines magazine? A new medium the answer? for a changingNew possibilities marketing and communication What can Your CUSTMZ offer digital environment you? magazine
  10. 10. + The rise of digital magazines  Current situation  Digital magazines already play an important role as part of the communication mix Formats TOTAL B2C B2B B2E Print magazine 42% 73% 33% 20% E-mail newsletter 42% 67% 47% 13% Digital magazine 18% 27% 13% 13% Website 40% 47% 40% 33% * Source: Smin, 2010 (Netherlands))
  11. 11. + The rise of digital magazines  Forecast  Both brands & publishers foresee a significant increase in the next years Formats Developed Previsions by agencies Print magazine 46%  Digital magazine on internet 26%  Digital magazine on intranet 8%  Digital magazine on iPad 8%  Email - newsletter 27% - * Source: Customer Media Trendonderzoek, 2011 (Netherlands)
  12. 12. + But how do we define a „digital magazine‟?  According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations (*):  “The label „Digital Edition‟ will be used to describe distribution of a magazines content via electronic means.” ?
  13. 13. + What it is not or should not be… A digital magazine≠ an online pdf  Worst of both worlds: looses all the strength print has to offer and uses none of the online advantages A digital magazine≠ adding digital elements to the print version  A solution that is neither lard nor pork A digital magazine≠ a website  Websites are fast-paced, built for information, transaction, practical usage and do not offer an „experience‟
  14. 14. + What it really should be A new medium to reach, bind and engage (potential) customers  Key elements  Storytelling and (editorial) content that is interesting, relevant and/or entertaining for reader  Attractive design to seduce readers  Enhanced experience to bind readers  Fully loaded with online advantages, i.e. rich media, interactivity, measurability, personalisati on, availability, etc.
  15. 15. + What are Why do you digital need a magazines digital CUSTMZ – magazine? publishing needsCUSTMZ‟ answer meet marketing needs Customise What can Your your CUSTMZ offer digital you? magazine magazine
  16. 16. + CUSTMZ in plain English
  17. 17. + CUSTMZ is an easy-to-use platform to create and manage vibrant & state-of-the-art digital publications…
  18. 18. + Easy to add & edit content  Text, visuals, videos and animations are easy to add by non-developers or designers  Content can be added and edited before, during and after the design RESULT No specific profile needed to add and edit content Various people can work on the same edition simultaneously One single platform to manage all your content
  19. 19. + Rich media without development  CUSTMZ makes building complex pages more easy, cost-effective and accessible with the components library MEANING Minimaldevelopment on your side Focus can go to design & content Constantly updated with new features
  20. 20. + SHOWCASE Create & edit a magazine in CUSTMZ
  21. 21. + CUSTMZ offers additional advantages…
  22. 22. + Built-in social media tools  Share the entire publication or specific elements via social media & access individual social media profile info YOU CAN Putas many social media buttons throughout the publication as you like Have your content spread – magazine, screen or specific feature Gain insights into customer needs and behaviours by adding the lifestyle data they share online to their behavioural data
  23. 23. + Unprecedented insights  Trackall traffic info and reader behaviour as well as individual information YOU CAN Combine tracking info with behavioural data and individual details Learn what people are interested in (and not!) Act on it to optimize your ROI & ROA
  24. 24. + SHOWCASE Tracking info in CUSTMZ
  25. 25. + SHOWCASE Behavioural data in CUSTMZ
  26. 26. + SHOWCASE Individual details
  27. 27. + SHOWCASE: Select individual details for export to CSV
  28. 28. + No-hassle segmentation  Easilycreate a custom or alternative version that triggers the specific interests of the segment JUST IMAGINE Easy creation of multilingual versions or alternative versions for specific segments Targeted content: different call to actions, different opening page, different order,… Future: instant segmentation in real time
  29. 29. + Responsive design  Deliverdigital publications across multiple platforms & devices YOUR BENEFITS Easily publish, segment, track and analyze to all platforms and devices from the same CMS Transform a Flash-pages desktop version to a native app for iPad or choose for a html5-based version
  30. 30. + Cost-efficiency  Softwareas a Service (SaaS) assures a no-hassle and future-proof solution MADE EASY No software to install, download, upgrade and manage No hardware to purchase, scale and maintain No costs from maintenance or upgrades No hosting or bandwidth worries Secure database management/improvement
  31. 31. + Cases & results
  32. 32. + Bruce Almighty  BruceAlmighty - the first digital magazine created on CUSTMZ and available on  889 visitors (from a database of approximately 2.000 contacts)  6.362page views (4.091 unique page views)  Average reading time of 7 minutes and 33 seconds
  33. 33. + SHOWCASE Storytelling by using rich media
  34. 34. + Best magazine  Tour operator BEST tours chose a digital publication filled with music, images, video and interactivity to inspire and seduce readers to travel with them, while simultaneously tracking each readers individual interests. This ensures them that the content in the next editions will be even more relevant and targeted to each readers preferences  has been visited by approximately 4.600 visitors generating 12.436 unique page views
  35. 35. + SHOWCASE: Inspire, seduce & learn about your readers
  36. 36. + Kuoni magazine  Kuonimagazine aims at shortening the path from inspiration to action  The magazine is foremost a pull-to-web to increase sales, but by offering readers a real experience and by integrating interaction they also assure customer loyalty and interest from prospects
  37. 37. + SHOWCASE: Digital magazine as a pull-to-web
  38. 38. + e-scoop  SD Worx‟s goal is to reach HR-professionals in order to claim market- and value leadership  SDWorx uses e-scoop as part of an integral content approach, incl. a print magazine, a blog, notification mails and a LinkedIn-page  Each medium answers to specific goals and is developed separately to fully achieve its potential while also optimising the interaction between each channel
  39. 39. + SHOWCASE: Integrated social media tools on various levels
  40. 40. + What are Why do you digital need a magazines digital CUSTMZ is an magazine? easy-to-use toolCUSTMZ for you to create & manage digital What can Practical Your digital CUSTMZ offer magazine? info magazines you?
  41. 41. + Advantages  Improve image + top-of-mind awareness  Direct response + traffic to  Viral content on social networks  Facebook and/or LinkedIn connections  One click CV (with LinkedIn)  Detailed analysis  Database enrichment + segmentation
  42. 42. + Roles  Developer (ActionScript)  Responsible for use and creating of components  Designer (Flash)  Responsible for design  Editor (CMS)  Responsible for content  CUSTMZ support  Available online
  43. 43. + Timing 1. Connect to CUSTMZ CMS  1 day 2. Training  Editor & designer: 1 day  Developer: intensive training 3. Create magazine  Gather content (text, video, animations, visuals)  Design page with components º Included in CUSTMZ º Custom-made
  44. 44. + Timing 4. Import CRM database  1 day 5. Publish & notify  Depends on user‟s mailing system 6. Extract tracking data and import into CRM database  1 day
  45. 45. Questions? Stay in touch
  46. 46. + Rich media  Additional images, animation, audio and video create a dynamic content and reinforce the reader‟s experience
  47. 47. + Interaction  Built-in links assure a fast and easy connection to the corporate website/intranet  Integrated social media make it simple to share content with friends, family or colleagues  Direct response creates „live‟ interaction
  48. 48. + Tracking  Built-in tracking tools allow to analyse on the spot what people read (or not!)
  49. 49. + Targeting  Content is segmented to each target group and messages get personalised
  50. 50. + Multiplatform  People can read a magazine when and how they choose on their desktop, tablet or mobile