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Vision night 2012 by Shane Stanford


Published on | Shane Stanford's vision for the ministry of Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee

Published in: Spiritual
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Vision night 2012 by Shane Stanford

  1. 1. Christ United Methodist Church
  2. 2. Sunday School  80 new people have joined a Sunday School Class. This means they request to be put on the Sunday School roll.  2 New Sunday School Classes created.Membership  26 new people have joined the church from July 10th - Oct. 9th.
  3. 3. Childrens Ministry  From January - July 2011 we were averaging around 175 children each Sunday.  From July - September we are averaging 206 children each Sunday.  Since implementing the new childrens program in August we are averaging 233 children each Sunday.
  4. 4. Connection  225 new people have been entered into Shelby database system. This means they have either signed pew pads, connect cards or joined the church.Worship Attendance  Our average worship attendance is up 11.4% year- to-date.
  5. 5. Giving  Our giving deficit is now approx. $2,500 per week- - a decrease from a giving deficit of approx. $9,400 per week.
  6. 6. Questions that Transform the Way We Think About Church1. If you want to reach people no one else is reaching, wehave to do things that no one else is doing. What are thosethings for Christ Church in the Memphis metro area andbeyond?
  7. 7. Questions that Transform the Way We Think About Church 2. The Idea for the next generations most innovative products and ministries will most probably not come from the previous generation. How are we ‘harvesting’ the ‘next generation’ concepts and ideas for implementation, celebration and evaluation?
  8. 8. Questions that Transform the Way We Think About Church 3. What ideas do I believe are impossible to do in our area or ministry but if we could do them now, fully resourced, would fundamentally change our ministry effectiveness? What are those ideas for Christ Church? What keeps us from implementing them?
  9. 9. Questions that Transform the Way We Think About Church4. We are all emotionally ‘in love’ with at least one thing thatwe should have gotten rid of years ago or, at least, usedmore often but didn’t. What are those ideas, ministries,programs, personnel, traditions, habits, etc. for ChristChurch? What keeps us from making those changes now?
  10. 10. Questions that Transform the Way We Think About Church 5. When our memories exceed our dreams, the end is near. In what ways, areas, ministry initiatives, endeavors, objectives for Christ Church are we celebrating and referencing the past more than projecting and expecting the future? If you don’t name them specifically, you continue the pattern.
  11. 11. Imagine a Church…
  12. 12. A Cohesive Leadership Team… …Create Organizational Clarity.Over-communicate Organizational Clarity… …Reinforce Organizational Clarity.
  13. 13. To glorify God by making, maturing andmobilizing disciples as we love Jesus andlove like Jesus in the world.
  14. 14. Worship Glorifying God in All Things
Care Doing LifeTogether
Share Practicing Generosity
Grow MakingDisciples Who Make Disciples
Serve Being the Hands and Feet ofJesus.
  15. 15. Worship  Department of Worship Arts
CareDepartment of Congregational Care
ShareDepartment of Operations/Generosity
GrowDepartment of Community Life
ServeDepartment of Serving & Outreach
  16. 16. So then let’s also run the race that is laid out in front of us, sincewe have such a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us. Let’sthrow off any extra baggage, get rid of the sin that trips us up, 2and fix our eyes on Jesus, faith’s pioneer and perfecter. Heendured the cross, ignoring the shame, for the sake of the joythat was laid out in front of him… (Hebrews 12: 1-2a)
  17. 17. We have built a cohesive leadership team.We have created a clear organizational structure.We have communicated our mission and vision.Now, Imagine…
  18. 18. So Take a Moment to
  19. 19. Glorifying God in All Things
  20. 20. Glorifying God in All Things …by worshipping at multiple times, in multiple places, through multiple styles, for multiple demographics.
  21. 21. 6 Common Perceptions of ChurchesFrom “You Lost Me” by David Kinnaman Churches are… 1. Creativity Killers 2. Boring 3. Anti-Science 4. Repressive 5. Exclusive 6. Doubtless
  22. 22. 6 Commitments from Christ Church… Build a Church That… 1. Cultivates New Ideas 2. Engages Worshippers 3. Provides a Thoughtful Gospel 4. Shares Possibilities 5. Invites and Includes 6. Is Honest and Real
  23. 23. Worship Arts @ Christ Church Focus on Unchurched/Dischurched 11am Sundays @ Christ Church.
  24. 24. Worship Arts @ Christ Church“We will harvest ‘Next Generation Possibilities’ by investing in‘Next Generation People and Ideas’…” Christ Church 5 Smooth Stones, Rule No. 2.
  25. 25. Doing Life Together
  26. 26. What the broken pieces tell us.-- 25% of our children need significant psychologicalintervention.-- 60% of all marriages end in divorce.-- 80% of addicts relapse without ongoing recovery connection.-- The rates of addiction and abuse are now higher amongChristians than non-Christians.-- Over 700,000 Memphians do not attend church. However,80% of respondents still reported seeking help first from thechurch when faced with relational or emotional crisis.
  27. 27. Congregational Care @ Christ Church Lay Ministry Care Program— “Every member in ministry, using their spiritual gifts to care for their brothers and sisters…” Spiritual gifts. Spiritual journey. Equipped. Engaged. Employed.
  28. 28. Congregational Care @ Christ Church The Mosaic Ministry— Referral Consortium of Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists and Social Workers • Family counseling referral. • Support groups. • Recovery programs. • Educational assessment.
  29. 29. Congregational Care @ Christ Church “We will reach for those no one else is reaching… sitting at the city gates and by the hot, dusty wells of our community… by doing the things no else is doing to reach them.” Christ Church 5 Smooth Rules, Rule No. 1
  30. 30. Practicing Generosity
  31. 31. Generosity @ Christ ChurchA Letter from Tessa…Full of heart ache and resent towards those in the church… I felt like an out cast for notliving a pure and blameless life.I sought to make sense of my struggles and pitfalls.More then once I found myself on my knees… seeking God for help and direction.Determined… I would be responsible for my own faith and growth in this faith.
  32. 32. Generosity @ Christ ChurchA Letter from Tessa…And I am so thankful that I heard your segment on the radio… leading me to thechurch where I can learn and now tithe…I hope you and your wife found this letter encouraging, because your words that day,through Gods will, touched my life and I found it encouraging.
  33. 33. Generosity @ Christ Church Christ Church Global. Across the Street… Around the world. Online Campus. Live streaming. Archived. Worship anywhere @ anytime.
  34. 34. Generosity @ Christ Church Christ Church Fund 4-2morrow Ministry endowment. Capital development. “Some of our best gifts haven’t happened yet…”
  35. 35. Generosity @ Christ Church The Joshua Committee Long-range planning. “Celebrating a faithful heritage by living faithful over the next horizon…”
  36. 36. Generosity @ Christ Church “Our dreams will always exceed our memories…” Christ Church 5 Smooth Stones, Rule No. 5.
  37. 37. Making Disciples Who Make Disciples
  38. 38. Community Life @ Christ ChurchActs 2:42“The devoted themselves to the Apostle’s teachings, toFellowship, sharing of the Lord’s Supper, and to prayer…”
  39. 39. Community Life @ Christ ChurchBarna reported in 2009:71% of Americans, when asked, would like a deeper understanding ofScripture whereby its principles spoke wisdom to their everyday lives.77% of those who regard themselves as ‘regular church attendees’, whenasked, believed First Hezekiah was a book in the Old Testament.People who pray and read their Bible on a regular basis have lower bloodpressure.
  40. 40. Community Life @ Christ ChurchRe-cast for ministries that provide for growth and personal spiritualformation: Walk to Emmaus  The Next Generation Disciple Bible Study  Christ Church Connection
  41. 41. Making Disciples Who Make DisciplesLiFE Journey (Living in Faith Everyday) A Family Ministry Continuum From birth through life Excellence in ministries to all age levelsHow does the church become relevant at every stage and ageperiod?
  42. 42. Making Disciples Who Make DisciplesWe commit ourselves through our resources and ourrelationships to build successful ministries for all of our age-levels— From children- where 75% of all people who will come to know the Lord will do so during this age range. To senior adults- where the fastest growing segment of the church lives. To individuals with special considerations– where the church mustbecome the first line of defense To our world’s most successful in worldly standards– where oftentimes success on earth is mistaken for significance in the spiritual realm.
  43. 43. Community Life @ Christ ChurchMid-Week Discipleship Refine and Re-Cast Proximity Study Series Topical Grace Groups Christ College “As you go about life, make disciples. Include them. Teach them. Send them…” (Jesus- Matthew 28)
  44. 44. Community Life @ Christ Church 2012 FamilyMatters Initiative Marriage Conference 2012 May 2nd-3rd: Dr. Ted Cunningham Educational Counseling Spring 2012: Dr. Ronnie Kent
  45. 45. Community Life @ Christ Church Foundry Leadership Initiative Leaders After Jesus’ Own Heart. Leadership Luncheon Series. CEO of a Fortune 500 Company-- AutoZone Legendary ‘Game Changer’ for Global Communication Theory Former Chair/CEO of Saks 5th Ave. Chief of Medicine, UT Medical Center
  46. 46. Community Life @ Christ Church  Beyond the Horizon Program. 2011- Laurie Beth Jones author of Jesus CEO and The Four Elements Learning Modules w/ Asbury Seminary. Willow Creek Leadership Summit The Wilson Speakers Series Making leadership development a ministry endeavor.
  47. 47. Community Life @ Christ ChurchAs long as a ministry reflects our values—“No matter how much we love it, if it does not work,we will throw it out…And, No matter how much we hate it, if it works, we will try it…”Christ Church 5 Smooth Stones, Rule No. 3.
  48. 48. Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus
  49. 49. Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus  14,000 people per day die from inadequate food and water sources.  70% of the world lives below the USA standard for poverty.  30% of the world is starving. But, the USA threw away enough food last year to feed the entire world twice– and spent $30 billion on diet products.  AIDS is the leading cause of death for women, ages 18-30 in Memphis.  Crime is the leading cause of death for men, ages 18-30 in Memphis.
  50. 50. Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus And, “The Cycle of Poverty”--- For instance, the number of times a child is read to in the first three years of life significantly impacts their reading proficiency by the 3rd grade. The number of proficient 3rd grade readers from one generation determines the formula for the number of prison cells we build in the next generation. Want to impact our world-- imagine a church that reduces crime by making the work of young moms a holy and sacred act.
  51. 51. Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus Re-commitment and support for our affiliated partnerships and missional focus areas such as: Binghampton SOS Cornerstone School MARRS CMDS Christ Community Medical and Mission Reach 2020: To have 50% of our ministry plan committed to ministries that serve as the “hands and feet of Jesus” in our community and beyond.
  52. 52. Serving & Outreach @ Christ Church Focus One: The Serving Initiative 52 weeks of ministry focus Strategic Action Plans Local Missions International Missions
  53. 53. Serving & Outreach @ Christ Church Focus Two: The Parish Model “We grow larger by growing smaller…” Missional Communities: The Hands and Feet @ Home– In the places where we live.
  54. 54. Serving & Outreach @ Christ ChurchParish– Who are they?A Parish is doing life together in the place where you live.They care for one another in times of transition.They might worship together every quarter.They may serve together in several projects every year.They study Financial Peace in the fall.They have Lenten dinners each Wednesday in the spring.They watch for new people in their community.They take care of the lonely and forgotten people around the corner.They cry together. Share together. Pray together. Serve Together.They are not a small group. They are not a mission team. They are not a taskarea or committee. They are all of the above... and more.
  55. 55. Serving & Outreach @ Christ ChurchThey are sons and daughters with aging parents.They are parents with troubled children.They are single and married making the most of family.They are teachers, lawyers, doctors– the have and have less.They are doubters, divinely inspired, broken, and well healed.They are the people you eat lunch with… the ones you take lunch to… the oneswho make the lunch you enjoy… and the ones who clean up when the meal is over.They are you. They are we.They are our neighbors. They are our friends. They are our family.They are our church.We are more than the sum of who we know.
  56. 56. Serving & Outreach @ Christ Church “We will seek to serve as though resources are sufficient, servants are in full supply, and the Spirit is welcome and alive in our church family…” Christ Church 5 Smooth Stones, No. 4