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HRD in IT at CTU


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HRD in IT at CTU

  1. 1. Human Resource Development ABOUT CTU CTU Training Solutions was established in 1987 and we specialise in skills development training across various fields in the ICT Industry. CTU Training Solutions has a proud record of developing thousands of ICT Professionals through the Corporate and Career divisions. We introduced CTU Recruits in 2011 to enhance our service levels and provide total HRD solutions to companies. This unique offering of services provides quality solutions in the development of human captial in the ICT sector. CTU manages the process of skills development and introduction of entry level ICT professionals through our HRD interventions. CTU is unique in its approach to the development of ICT Professionals by its commitment to International Certification. By placing great value on certification we ensure that the industry requirements for skills development are met every time! We marry this approach with national qualifications and outstanding ICT professionals, developing South Africa’s ICT sector. Through CTU Recruits and our Corporate Division, it is our mission to bring ICT professionals and companies together. We believe that companies should have a proper skills development plan to optimise the technologies that are deployed, systematically developing employees to address the skills gap in ICT. This is the only way to achieve empowered human capital. CTU Training Solutions is fully accredited by the MICT Seta and the Department of Education as a Private Further Education and Training College, in terms of section 31 (3) of the Further Education and Training Colleges Act, 2006 (Act No. 16 of 2006) and Regulation 15(4)(b) of the Regulations for the Registration of Further Education and Training Institutions.WHAT IS HRD?Human Resource Development (HRD) is a framework for the expansion of human capital within an organization by helpingemployees to develop their personal and organisational skills, knowledge and abilities.HRD is a dynamic, on-going, continuing and empowering process that needs to be assessed periodically to ensure theeffectiveness of the individual, group and organisation. The goal is to improve the organisation’s performance by maximising theefficiency and performance of the people within an organisation.Through HRD, the organisation and the individual employees are developed by the integrated use of training, organisation andcareer development efforts, so that they can accomplish their work goals in service to customers.HRD AT CTUCTU has developed a unique HRD model to address the IT skills GAP at a professional level in a cost effectiveway for companies to continuously develop and introduce new ICT professionals to the industry.To enable companies to become dynamic, (in the Infrastructure Optimization model specifically) in a difficult economicenvironment, efficiency, productivity and innovation is required to enable businesses to cut costs and increase productivity.OUR APPROACHCTU focuses on Life Long Learning and in essence this means that in the ever changing world of ICT, one can never be certifiedenough. As technology develops and changes, it is evident that an IT Professional will need to keep up-skilling and re-skilling.CTU has developed various training interventions, certifications and skills programmes, augmented by RPL’ing as to assist ITProfessionals with Life Long Learning.
  2. 2. Human Resource DevelopmentHOW DOES CTU BRING ICT PROFESSIONALS AND COMPANIES TOGETHER? CTU CAREER STUDENTS INTERNSHIPS RECRUITS The CTU Career Campus offers a An Internship is a programme The CTU Recruits Division offers variety of programmes with National designed to give university and a value added service to both our Qualifications and International technikon graduates an opportunity to corporate clients and graduates alike. Certifications which develop skills and extend their academic qualifciations We supply qualified ICT resources for prepares the graduates for a future with structured workplace exposure vacancies within organisations and have filled with exciting opportunities. and specialised training. The an extensive database to source from Our facilitator-led programmes are MICT SETA utilises the concept on a national basis and across multiple developed and updated regularly of internships to fast track high disciplines. In turn, we focus on finding according to new technological level skills, to offer needed work our students those sought after career developments and market trends. our experience to unemployed graduates developmenet opportunities. We “Workplace experience programme“ and to empower graduates with provide a superior selection process to enables learners to become familiar practical knowledge commensurate employers allowing them to appoint only with the corporate/working with their qualification. those individuals best suited and in line environment through various field trips with required technical skills, as well as and internship programmes hosted by ensuring a culture fit to their culture and participating corporate clients. corporate environments. LEARNERSHIPS UP-SKILLING CAREER CHANGERS A learnership is a work-based route Part-time ICT Development is aimed CTU will assist individuals who want to to a qualification. It is a workplace at currently employed individuals who change their careers - entering the IT education and training programme want to develop and enhance their Industry. Individual consulting is offered, comprising of both structured practical careers as ICT Professionals. Current to assist the best possible learning workplace (on-the-job) experience ICT Professionals can stay ahead by plan. CTU will assist with choosing and structured theoretical training. attending training and completing the correct IT career path and correct The duration of a learnership is international certifications in the latest certification paths. Clients enbables approximately twelve months, and technology. us to assist the career changer with results in a full national qualification. exposure to the IT environment by introducing them to industry and private companies. CONSULTING SERVICES CTU has experienced staff who can assist with the analysis of previous Work Skills Plans. With the assistance of CTU’s consulting services, we can analyse your Workplace Skills Plan. CTU is in the ideal position to assist clients with the analysis, planning and implementation of their Work Skills Plans as our strategic knowledge and training products are in line with the needs of the Skills Development Strategy of South Africa.
  3. 3. National FootprintAuckland Park Forum 1, 2nd Entrance, Braampark, 33 Hoofd Street, Braamfontein, 2001 Tel: 011 403 0781 | Fax: 011 403 0795 | Bloemfontein 1st Floor, Pretty Suites Office Block, Pretty Gardens Lifestyle Centre, Du Plessis Road, Langenhoven Park Tel: 051 451 2210/09 | Fax: 086 572 8205 | Boksburg 36 Edgar Street, Everleigh, Boksburg Tel: 011 918 1176 | Fax: 011 918 1570 | Cape Town First floor, 30 Waterkant Street, Cape Town Tel: 021 418 4902 | Fax: 086 516 9812 | Durban The Square Suite FF03, 250 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban, 4051 Tel: 0861 100 395 | Nelspruit Shop C3, Lower Level, Tarentaal Shopping Centre, Cnr. N4 & Ou Kaapschehoop Rd Tel: 013 741 2352 | Fax: 086 654 2683 | Polokwane 25 Devenish Rd, Polokwane, 0699 Tel: 015 297 7738 | Fax: 015 297 3252 | Elizabeth 77 2nd Avenue, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth Tel: 041 811 5855 | 39 Buskus Street, Baillie Park Tel: 018 290 5340 | Fax: 018 290 7509 | Pretoria Glen Manor Office Park, Block 4, Frikkie de Beer Street, Menlyn Tel: 012 470 9500 | Fax: 012 470 9501 | Randburg U76/77, Brightwater Commons, Republic Road, Randburg Tel: 011 781 0445 | Fax: 011 781 1637 | Roodepoort Shop 59, The Village @ Horizon, Cnr. Sonop & Ontdekkers Road, Horizon Tel: 011 760 4321 | Fax: 011 760 2905 | Stellenbosch First Floor , Anglo African Building Tel: 021 883 9939 | Fax: 021 887 5379 | Vereeniging 140 Genl Hertzog Avenue, Three Rivers Tel: 016 423 7341 | Fax: 016 423 1998 | CTU CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS BLOG FACEBOOK 0861 100 395 or