What's the deal with Google Plus


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Overview of features and best practices on Google Plus

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  • Intro
  • Ghost Town: Survey, how many people are on Google Plus? How many of you use it regularly?
  • Not quite the ghost town everyone says it is eh?
  • Google Plus vs Facebook, Most people start using Google Plus with the same mindset as Facebook, Would you use Twitter like Facebook?
  • Using Plus: Profile Good Profile vs Bad Profile
  • Using Plus: Profile Good Profile vs Bad Profile
  • Circles: Who, What, Why, and How
  • Posting, creating posts for maximum engagement
  • Interaction: One of the most important parts of success on google plus
  • Communities: The driving force for engagement and Brand interaction
  • Communities: The driving force for engagement and Brand interaction
  • SEO: Google Authorship What is it? Why do I need it?
  • SEO: Content Marketing, How can I share my content in a way that helps me generate more SEO?
  • So there are people on Plus, that’s great, but how to I use it? Well that depends on how you want to use it, are you trying to grow your network, increase brand visibility, or generate leads? Well no matter how you would like to use Google Plus its important to start with the very basics.
  • What's the deal with Google Plus

    1. 1. What’s theDeal withGoogle+?Carolyn Capern and GregTrujilloCT Social
    2. 2. Is Google+aGhostTown?
    3. 3. Still thinkit’saghosttown?
    4. 4. Don’t treat GooglePlus like it’sFacebook.• Organize people youfollow in a meaningfulway.On Plus, you can:• Meet new andinteresting people fromfar away, in addition topeople you alreadyknow.• Build face to faceconnections.
    5. 5. Using Google+: TheProfile• No profile photo• No cover photo• No information
    6. 6. Using Google+:The Profile• Use a photothat shows yourface• Original coverphoto• Detailedinformationabout yourself.(Why should Ifollow you?)
    7. 7. Using Google+:Circles• Organize the peopleyou follow into circles• Select which circlessee your content.• Filter content in yournewsfeed by circle.• Share circles withyour followers
    8. 8. Using Google+:Posting• Bold headers• Detailed description• Link to their blog postwith relevantinformation• Hashtags in anunobtrusive location
    9. 9. Using Google+:Interaction• Reply to comments onyour posts• Comment on other’sposts that interest you• Share other’s poststhat are relevant to thetopics you normallyshare• +1 other’s commentsand posts
    10. 10. Using Google+:Communities• Thousands ofcommunities to shareideas with• Topic specificconversations formore direct audiencetargeting• Opportunities for leadgeneration andindustry connections
    11. 11. Using Google+:Hangouts• Conduct face to facemeetings across theworld• Share screens anddocuments• Broadcast yourmessage withHangouts on Air
    12. 12. Google+:Authorship• Improved visibilitythough “Search+”• Increases perceivedcredibility• Valid across manywebsites
    13. 13. Google+: ContentMarketing• Google+ posts have agenerous characterlimit {1000 words}• Wide video/imageformat• Interactive posts
    14. 14. • Grow your network• Increase brandvisibility• Generate leads• Improve SEO• Build web trafficSetting YourGoogle+ GoalsWhat Are YourGoals?
    15. 15. Google+ SuccessStrategy• Social share buttons,including +1 button onwebsite• Choose a communityand actively engagewith others on theirposts• Share your content tocommunities you areactive in
    16. 16. Thank You!Join us on Plus: gplus.to/CTSocial