Types of Tweets: An Overview


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This table summarizes the types of tweets used on Twitter. It also explains where these tweets appear on Twitter from a sender's and recipient's perspective.

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Types of Tweets: An Overview

  1. 1. Types of TweetsType of Tweet Definition Where it Appears for the Sender Where it Appears for the RecipientNormal tweet Any message with up to 140 On profile page and Home In the Home timeline of anyone characters posted to Twitter. timeline. who is following the sender.Mention A Tweet containing another users On profile page of public Tweets. In the Mentions and Interactions Twitter username, preceded by the tabs (only accessible by recipient),Example: This is very useful "@" symbol. in the Home timeline view (not onadvice on participant recruitment recipient’s profile) if they are@PRSatCTSI following the sender. Note: Anyone on Twitter who is following the sender of a mention will see the Tweet in their Home timeline.@Reply Begins with another users On the profile page. In the Mentions and Interactions username and is in reply to one of tabs, in the recipients HomeExample: @FasterCures "It is no their Tweets. timeline if they are following thelonger sufficient to have a novel sender. Anyone following theproduct that’s safe and effective sender and the recipient of anand gets through @reply will see it in their Home#FDA"#WhoWillPay? timeline.
  2. 2. Direct message A personal message sent directly In the senders direct messages In the direct messages. to someone who follows you or folder (accessible by clicking on sent directly to you from someone the person icon in the top It will disappear if the sender you follow. navigation bar). deletes it. A direct message will disappear completely if either the sender or the recipient deletes it.Retweet (RT) Re-posting of someone elses You can see retweets your On the Home timeline and profile Tweet. They are distinguished by followers have retweeted in your page of anyone who is followingExample: RT @ImSatCTSI: the retweet icon (RT) and the home timeline. the sender.National Assoc. of Public name of the user who retweeted#Hospitals & #HealthSystems the Tweet. If you retweet someone you follow,Annual Meeting San Francisco it will be visible on yourJune 20-22 profile timeline. If you retweet someone you do not follow, it will be visible on bothNote: If another users Tweets your home timeline and profileare protected (lock icon) you will timeline.not be able to retweet theircontent. Your own Tweets that others have retweeted will appear on your “Connect” page (Interactions section) in the top navigation bar.