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Jay Pather presents on Cape Town public art festival Infecting the City


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Jay Pather presents on the Cape Town public art festival, Infecting the City: Public art has always been part of who we are on this continent and in this country. The interconnectedness of the African “us” has often been impeded however, throwing people apart and far away from each other, creating a physical and psychic separation. Infecting the City is a small attempt at igniting this interconnectedness through artistic expression, making public space public.

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Jay Pather presents on Cape Town public art festival Infecting the City

  1. 1. Public ArtInfecting the City Festival Cape Town
  2. 2. • Public Art not new• Interconnectedness amongst people• Art out of galleries and theatres• Audience development• Re-imagining of the city• Extraordinary in the ordinary
  3. 3. Some basic principles• Open call for visual and all performing arts• Matching performance to sites• No set theme• New and restaged works• High Quality Production values• Free of charge• Continuous programmes over a week• Afternoon and evening• Performances follow each other: Routes mapping the city with art
  4. 4. Invigorating the city
  5. 5. Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra
  6. 6. Jazzart Dance Theatre
  7. 7. Diana Page Company
  8. 8. UCT Opera
  9. 9. Cape Town City Ballet
  10. 10. Jacki Job
  11. 11. Justin Krawitz
  12. 12. Flash Mob Choir
  13. 13. Cape Town Youth Orchestra
  14. 14. Lean Coetzer
  15. 15. L
  16. 16. Victorine Muller
  17. 17. Erin Bosenberg
  18. 18. Installations
  19. 19. Social Relevance
  20. 20. LandThe Callings– Nicole Sarmiento, Memory Biwa,and Tazneem Wentzel
  21. 21. Gloria Mbhele
  22. 22. SKIN AND SURFACE: Abdul Rashid Olanyi
  23. 23. SKIN AND SURFACE: Abdul Rashid Olanyi
  24. 24. SKIN AND SURFACE: Abdul Rashid Olanyi
  25. 25. Land• SELLO PESA AND VAUGHN SADIE teka munyika (Tsonga for give and take)
  27. 27. Land• NICOLA HANEKOM LOT
  28. 28. Land• MANDLA MBOTHWE UVUKO! Resurrection
  29. 29. • Athi Patra Ruga: Illulwane
  30. 30. Public Participation
  31. 31. Leonard Shapiro
  32. 32. Isgak Stemmert
  33. 33. Jacques Coetzee
  34. 34. Public Policy Conference
  35. 35. Playfulness and Innovation
  36. 36. PLAY: Lean Coetzer
  37. 37. PLAY: Leila Anderson and Stan Wannett
  38. 38. Owning the city
  39. 39. Value in a nutshell• New Audiences• Interaction – formal/informal• Awareness of city as lived space• Invigorating the Architecture• Appreciation of art• Sense of History, belonging• Sharing Communal experiences
  40. 40. Challenges• Wider Access• Transportation• Public Art Policy• Maintaining Quality• Funding