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One Cape 2040: From vision to action

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  1. 1. ONECAPE2040From vision to action
  2. 2. One Cape 2040 transition 1 Contextual Report management methodology Legacy: Skills and assets deficits Problem assessment Crisis: Inadequate job growth Creation of Transition Risk: Unsustainable resourceProcesses & tools Arena/ Manager• Data Synergy Project use• Competitiveness Index• Leadership Development 4 EDP as collaborative intermediary cross- 2 Evaluating sector partnership Monitoring Vision facilitating multi- Learning by doing actor transition Transition Agenda System recalibrating arena One Cape 2040: A deliberate attempt to stimulate a transition• Enabling environment towards a more inclusive and 3• Spaces for experimentation resilient economy & innovation Mobilising stakeholders Transition Agenda: Knowledge,• Roles & responsibilities Executing projects and Enterprise, Cultural, Settlement,• Partnership in action experiments Ecological, Institutional
  3. 3. ONECAPE2040 challenge Creating a resilient, inclusive and competitiveWestern Cape with higher rates of employment producing growing incomes, greater equality and an improved quality of life
  4. 4. What is inclusive growth? • Monopoly structure of core economyStructure • Skewed distribution of land and capital • Impacts of migrant labour • Legacy of bantustans and segregated Space towns and cities • Historical inequalities in Skills development of human resources
  5. 5. What is resilient growth?The RCI was developed by the University at Buffalo Regional Institute, State University of New York.
  6. 6. Key transitions 2012-2040 From ToKnowledge Unequal variable quality High quality education for all plustransition education plus limited innovation high innovation capacity(Educating Cape) capacityEconomic access Factor and efficiency driven Innovation driven economy withtransition economy with high barriers to low barriers to entry with high(Working Cape) entry and low productivity and productivity and entrepreneurship entrepreneurship rates ratesEcological Unsustainable carbon-intensive Sustainable low carbon resourcetransition resource use use(Green Cape)Cultural transition Barriers to local and global High level of local connectivity and(Connecting Cape) connectivity (language, identity, global market fluency distance, parochial attitudes)Settlement Unhealthy, low access, often Healthy, accessible, liveable multi-transition alienated, low opportunity opportunity communities(Living Cape) neighbourhoodsInstitutional Defensive, adversarial structures Open, collaborative systemstransition (LeadingCape)
  7. 7. 6 Focus Areas each with foundation and aspirational goals • Every person will be appropriately educated for opportunity Educating Cape • Centres of ecological, creative, science and social innovation • Anyone who wants to be economically active is able to workEnterprising Cape •Entrepreneurial destinations of choice • Water, energy and waste services delivered sustainably Green Cape • Leader in Green Economy • Welcoming, inclusive and integrated communitiesConnecting Cape • Global meeting place and connector with new markets •Liveable, accessible, high-opportunity neighbourhoods & towns Living Cape • Ranked as one of greatest places to live in world • Ambitious socially responsible leadership at all levels Leading Cape • World-class institutions
  8. 8. 6 Focus Areas Levers of change • Working with parents and teachers to improve the learning and Educating Cape development environment of children • Innovation networks linking investors, researchers and entrepreneurs •Intensive subsidised work opportunity creation in public and privateEnterprising Cape sectors • Focus on social enterprise as a vehicle for economic growth and jobs • Energy and water infrastructure and regulation geared to sustainable Green Cape resource use • Innovation and the fast tracking of the green agenda incentivised • Programmes to build inter-community partnerships and cohesionConnecting Cape • Expanded cultural and trade ties with targeted regions in Africa, Latin America and Asia •Shift from subsidised housing to improved household and community Living Cape services including public transport and pedestrian access •Fast, cheap and reliable broadband and a safe living environment • Multi-level collaborations for innovation (EDP eco-system) Leading Cape • Leadership development to cultivate ambition and responsibility at all levels
  9. 9. Importance of leadership“A new social compact and level-headed leadership that’sprepared to debate the hard issues that make up the perfectstorm we now face. We need a clear vision as a nation of wherewe are going and how we are going to get there” – Alistair Smith,NEDLAC CEO“In SA our arguments are so crude, so ideologically driven, thatwe always disagree on the basics and never get down to detail,to the intricacies of the decisions that have to be taken” – JustinBarnes, BMA Analysts Chairman
  10. 10. Roundtable Discussion 1 The Six Transitions of OneCape 2040• Which strategic levers per transition will have the most leverage?• Which indicators will best assess progress on this transition?• Who is doing what now?