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  • In doing this, there were five key goals to achieve:Enhance citizen and business participationContribute towards a unique and authentic Cape Town experience for visitorsContribute to a well-organised, efficient, safe and successful event;Enhance business branding and marketing of Cape TownLeave a lasting economic, social and cultural legacyHowever, to sum it up – the most important thing we had to achieve was CITIZEN ACTIVATION.Now, obviously communications to our stakeholders was always going to be an important part of achieving these goals, but originally we thought that, just as important, would be to find ways in which to set up other events in the Central City to run alongside the World Cup, in public spaces, and this became difficult for a number of reasons.
  • Leave a lasting economic, social and cultural legacyFor many, the World Cup was about a period of one month, from 11 June to 11 July. But for those of us at organisation such as the Partnership and a number of our partner agencies, the real work began on 12 July. And the most important thing we can use going forward is the strength of the collaborative working relationships that have been established along the way. Every project we’ve undertaken has not only been a collaborative effort, particularly in knowledge sharing and then the redistribution of that knowledge, and every single one of these now has a template that could be rolled out for al future events or in fact any reason for Citizen activation.What have these projects – and here I mean collectively across all the 2010 Workstreams – achieved? We have the physical legacies – the improvements to our roads, pavements, parks and landscaping, the start of the IRT rollout, the upgrading of public spaces and the creation of new ones. We’ve seen new installations of public art, and new signage all around town. On the more metaphysical side, we’ve developed a mega-event personality and discovered that we have the capability to deliver, that can go out and pitch confidential for other projects. We’ve discovered the strength of collaborative relationships between us and our partners at the City and Province, particularly among those departments dealing with day-to-day service delivery, and in turn we’ve seen the value of collaborative relationships also develop between those departments themselves. We’ve seen a wealth of new talent exposed and discovered – from the visual artists that have put their work on display, much of which continues to stand, and the 600 emerging performing artists that were given a platform during the World Cup, many of whom who have now already moved on to the next level of their career through the exposure they received. We’ve reintroduced thousands of Capetonians to the Central City and have, for example, along the Fan Walk route, created a new avenue for opportunity for existing stakeholders as well as those clever enough to now be viewing that strip. As part of our acknowledgement that the destitute and homeless are an intrinsic part of the fabric of the Central City, we’ve seen once again how and increase in job creation around events benefits them, and we acted on our promise to make them feel part of the World Cup.But above all else, the most important legacy we take forward with us, is that we have learnt to always PLACE the needs, ADDRESS the concerns, and MEET the expectations of our own stakeholders first, before we can expect them in turn to welcome visitors with open arms to our region.
  • CTP AGM Presentation

    1. 1. “Bringing people together” Cape Town Partnership 11th Annual General Meeting
    2. 2. Celebrate CCID 10th anniversary AGM 17h00, November 9, Taj Palace Hotel
    3. 3. Lausanne III
    4. 4. networking and information sharing helps build a proactive creative milieu in the central city with….. Communication Creative Cape Town Clusters, Creative Cape Town E News, Creative CT Annual, E- Social Networking, Cultural Tourism Map, Creative Week Cape Town, Support events and venues, Walking Tours Facilitation World Design Capital Bid, CT Design Network, East City Design Initiative, Imagine City Hall
    5. 5. 60 galleries, 22 live music venues, 9performance venues, 20museums, 2multipurpose venues, 3cinema complexes, heritage sites, a multitude of innovative restaurants, bars, cafés, club venues and accommodation
    6. 6. Company’s Gardens precinct
    7. 7. Five goals for 2010 in the Central City Enhance citizen and business participation Contribute towards a unique and authentic Cape Town experience for visitors Contribute to a well-organised, efficient, safe and successful event Enhance business branding and marketing of Cape Town Leave a lasting economic, social and cultural legacy
    8. 8. Building on the 2010 World Cup economic, social and cultural legacy – who is taking it forward? IRT, CT Station upgrade, collaborative relationships, upgrades of public spaces, CT Stadium, Green Point Park, Fan Walk route, new business opportunities, 600 emerging artists, visual art in public space, social development, job creation, neighbourhood forums, ambassadorial programmes, information gathering, communication strategies, knowledge of mega-events, international profile, returning Capetonians to the Central City, Connected Cape Town, beautification, wrapping the city, walking the city, NMT, Central City Partner’s Forum, etc
    9. 9. Bid to host the 17th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP17) 28 November – 09 December 2011 Cape Town, South Africa
    10. 10. OFFICIAL BID PATRON Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu “In our proposal we have emphasised that this meeting should be a People’s COP”
    11. 11. Proximity, choice, memorable, efficient, reduced costs, low carbon
    13. 13. Public transport: Planned inner city service for end 2011
    14. 14. MyCiTi inner city interim system
    15. 15. C B A C u r r e n t O w n e rs f t h e O v e ra l l S i t eCTICC expansion and Foreshore redevelopment
    16. 16. Implications for our work in the Central City • The Central City needs to be managed as a permanent events arena: venues, public spaces, public art, built and natural heritage, walking and cycling routes, public transport, varied accommodation, entertainment, retail, traders, dressing the city, outdoor advertising, public safety • Reinforces need for Cape Town marketing and branding paradigm shift - from traditional “come to CT and escape into nature/ leisure” to “come to CT to engage with the city and its people” – on the streets, in the public places, in cafes, on sidewalks, on public transport, at events
    17. 17. WDC 2014 campaign strategy • Citywide focus – bringing people together • Educate ourselves about design for city transformation – reimagining the city • Promote design-thinking and innovation • Build a design coalition for economic, social and cultural development • Collate database of citywide design projects for Bid Book • Win the Bid!